A glorious run of 500 episodes for Sapne Suhaane Ladakpan Ke


In times when shows have a short shelf-life on television and are quickly taken off air on meeting with a lukewarm response, it’s time for a BIG celebration on the sets of ‘Sapne Suhaane Ladakpan Ke’ as the popular primetime drama completes a glorious run of 500 episodes on Zee TV. The show, that captivated audiences with the heartwarming coming-of-age story of two young girls – Gunjan and Rachana, has consistently ruled the viewership charts and emerged to be one of the biggest successes of Indian television in recent times.


It all started with a spirited, young girl Gunjan (Roopal Tyagi) brought up in a metro, losing her mother to Cancer and shifting into her mausi’s house in Benares where she begins to share a room with her over-protected cousin Rachana (Mahima Makwana) – a girl who has been taught to conform to societal norms and never question her parents’ ideologies. The bond that, then, grew between the two sharply contrasting teenagers as they experienced life through each other’s lenses and discovered so much about themselves by exploring each other’s worlds, instantly struck a chord with the audiences. The show has constantly captured the activist streak in Gunjan, who has waged many a war against injustice, be it standing up against undue moral policing in college, issue of women’s safety and other pertinent social issues. The two protagonists have emerged as strong role models for scores of young girls across the country.



Speaking about completing the 500 episode, Namit Sharma, Programming Head, Zee TV said, “Sapne Suhaane Ladakpan Ke is a fine narrative of love, everlasting friendship, the joys of sharing and caring, the fights and the making up between sisters who may not be related by blood but form a special connection that completes the two of them. It’s about self-discovery and coming of age. The show has beautifully depicted the finer nuances of life like hope, aspirations, love, togetherness, emotional turmoil, rebellious feelings, etc. As the show reaches a significant milestone of 500 episodes, we’re certain that its journey ahead will only keep its dedicated fans engrossed with the upcoming twists and turns in the protagonists’ lives and Gunjan-Rachana will continue to inspire thousands of girls across India.”


Producers of the show – Shyamashish Bhattacharya & Neelima Bajpa, Shakuntalam Telefilms said “It’s a proud moment for us to see Sapne Suhane completing 500 episodes and garnering great response from the viewers throughout. The show has touched the hearts of millions of viewers with its relatable characters, realistic scenarios and topical tracks that move people. We are really thankful to the entire cast & crew for their hard work along with our loyal audience for supporting us unconditionally from the last two years. There are more intriguing twists & turns expected in the life of Gunjan & Rachna in the story ahead, so stay glued!”



In the upcoming episodes, even as Gunjan scales unimaginable heights as an active social worker, will she be able to finely balance her roles as Mayank’s wife and the bahu in the Garg family? Even as Rachana and KT grow closer, will Vihan re-enter her life, leaving her in a dilemma of the heart? To find out, stay tuned to Sapne Suhane Ladakpan ke, Monday-Friday at 7:30 PM, only on Zee TV.


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