Sonia slams Samajwadi govt of UP

Sonia slams Samajwadi govt of UP; Modi attacks Rahul,calls him an oblivious Shehzada</p> <p> 
Attacking the Samajwadi Party-led UP government, she said the Centre made abundant funds available to the state for enhancing its power supply but it has failed to provide electricity available in villages.

Terming the Lok Sabha elections as a battle between two completely different ideologies, Sonia Gandhi today alleged that BJP was dancing to the tune of RSS whose “parochial and extremist” thought was aimed at dividing the society.She said the Congress government has taken “historical” measures like carving out a separate ministry for the welfare of minorities and launching National Wakf Development Corporation while putting a special emphasis on empowering women from the community.

One one hand, the Congress President said at an election rally, Congress which has been led by the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Maulana Azad and other such greats whose sacrifices are there for people to see.

“There is another ideology which dances to the tune of an organisation whose parochial and extremist ideas spread division in the society. It breaks values and customs which we have preserved for centuries…. I am sure you won’t be misled by them and hand them over a resounding defeat,” she said.

Congress, she said while quoting from its manifesto, would provide free health care to people and provide vocational training to youths so that they could easily get employment.

On the 123rd birth anniversary of architect of the Indian Constitution Ambedkar, the BJP leader Modi slammed Congress for “insulting him” and ignoring the plight of Dalits and backwards in the country.

Rahul asks electorate to vote out BJD govt in Odisha

Jagtsinghpur Asking the electorate to vote out the BJD government led by Naveen Patnaik, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today said despite maximum fund allocation by the UPA government to the state, money could not reach the people.

“The UPA government has plans to set up a manufacturing corridor through which lakhs of people can be provided jobs,” he said, accusing the BJD government of rendering thousands jobless.

“This is the time for change, give rest to the present government in Odisha and bring back Congress to power to witness real development,” Gandhi said at a public meeting at Nabakrushna Choudhury Stadium in Jagtsinghpur in Orrisa.

He said though Odisha is rich in resoures in terms of minerals, the Raghuram Rajan Committee report puts the state at bottom of the list of backward places.

“We want people’s money should go back to the pockets of the people and not to the select industrial houses,” he said.

“Now-a-days, one can find ‘Made in China’ in most of the products. Don’t you want to see products having stickers like ‘Made in Odisha’ and ‘Made in India’,” he asked.

Gandhi, who undertook his second visit to Odisha in a fortnight, claimed that though the UPA government had allocated maximum funds to the state government, development could not reach the poor and needy people.

“The Odisha government wanted to favour only three/four industries to reap benefits from state’s wealth while Congress worked for the betterment of all,” Gandhi said.


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