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  1. Over 14,000 MW hydro power capacity is under execution: Central Electricity Authority
    Over 14,000 MW of hydro power capacity is under execution in the country and would be commissioned in the next 4 years, according to CEA.
  2. Google buys solar-powered drone maker Titan Aerospace
    Acquisition of solar-powered drone maker to help boost Internet access in remote areas
  3. Growth goes beyond a strong coalition
    Weakest coalition since 1989, the United Front govt from 1996-98 delivered faster GDP growth than much stronger govts
  4. Ajai Shukla: Come out of the nuclear closet
    While the ‘no first use’ pledge must quickly be scrapped, the ill-conceived commitment to ‘massive retaliation’ is even more damaging to our nuclear credibility
  5. Rays Power commissions 14 solar power projects in FY’14
    Rays Power is now starting two new parks in Rajasthan for 100 MW of capacity and its solar power capacity is now 85 MW with 56 projects.
  6. Climate change: UN panel’s latest tocsin
    Planned action just not enough, it pleads; new target cuts in emissions and deal to allocate these needed by 2015
  7. Punjab State Power Corporation petitions APTEL about CERC’s compensatory tariff order
    Punjab State Power Corp has petitioned APTEL challenging CERC’s order about compensatory tariff to two Mundra projects of Tata Power and Adani Power.
  8. Parakh set to reignite coal fire
    Former coal secretary Prakash Chandra Parakh is gearing up to put up a strong fight against the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)’s allegations of criminal conspiracy in the coal block allocation scam, with the launch of his book, Crusaders or …
  9. Finance ministry steps in to rescue Dabhol power project
    The project, which was built by Enron Corp, has been in trouble since last year, when dwindling gas supply from Reliance Industries’ KG-D6 block forced it to shut down.
  10. Power demand blackout sparks spot price meltdown
    Dip below NTPC’s average tariff for the first time
  11. Govt receives 36 applications for three coal mines
    Applicants include JSPL and Tata Steel
  12. Solar energy sector sees $7 billion corporate funding in first quarter of 2014
    Besides the number of merger and acquisition deals in the solar sector jumped to 38 in the 2014 first quarter compared to 25 transactions seen in the year-ago period.
  13. NTPC pays dues, ends conflict with Coal India
    NTPC has settled the dues of two Coal India subsidiaries, bringing to a close a protracted tussle over quality of fuel the state-run miner was providing.
  14. Suzlon Energy sells 240 mw Illinois-based wind farm to EverPower
    Suzlon did not disclose the consideration for the sale of the wind farm. The sale may have happened at 50% discount to the original price.
  15. GVK coal mine gets conditional clearance from Australia court
    GVK’s Alpha Coal Mine is located in the Galilee Basin, Australia with the first coal expected to be extracted by 2016
  16. Coal India signs 160 fuel supply deals with power plants
    The company is likely to sign more fuel supply agreements
  17. BLP aims at 1GW power generation capacity in 5 years
    The firm is raising capital and building power plants across the country to augment capacity, says founder Tejpreet Singh Chopra
  18. Adani Power commissions 4th unit of Tiroda power plant in Gujarat
    With that, Adani Power has overtaken Tata Power in total installed power generation capacity
  19. A clarification on why CERC’s compensation to Tata, Adani for high coal prices sets dangerous precedents
    This is with reference to inaccuracies in “Why CERC’s compensation to Tata, Adani for high coal prices sets dangerous precedents and dents competition’” published in ET Magazine, dated March 2, 2014.
  20. Power generation suspended from second unit of Vallur plant
    Power generation has been suspended due to shortage of coal

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A moment of silence for Boston


  Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A moment of silence for Boston

Today, at 2:49 p.m. ET, President Obama will observe a moment of silence to mark the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing.

The President also released a statement this morning on the tragedy:

A year ago, tragedy struck at the 117th Boston Marathon. Four innocent people were killed that week, and hundreds more were wounded. Today, we remember Krystle Campbell, Lingzi Lu, Martin Richard, and Sean Collier. And we send our thoughts and prayers to those still struggling to recover.

We also know that the most vivid images from that day were not of smoke and chaos, but of compassion, kindness and strength: A man in a cowboy hat helping a wounded stranger out of harm’s way; runners embracing loved ones, and each other; an EMT carrying a spectator to safety. Today, we recognize the incredible courage and leadership of so many Bostonians in the wake of unspeakable tragedy. And we offer our deepest gratitude to the courageous firefighters, police officers, medical professionals, runners and spectators who, in an instant, displayed the spirit Boston was built on — perseverance, freedom and love.

Read the statement here, and if you like, join the President for a moment of silence at 2:49 p.m. ET today.

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Failed Weird GUJARAT MODEL is the Real Danger to Indians


April16, 2014

Foreign media has come alive to the rise of Eccentric in Indian
politics not for merit or Gujarat Model which fake – Gujarat
contributed 7% of net GDP of India in 1993, 2004 and 2014 but for his
promotion Select Corporate.

Tax collection in Gujarat is barely Rs.75,000 crores or $12.5b for 62m
population or $200 per capita and borrows $5b to fund Gujarat budget.

Expenditure on Education and Healthcare is not even 0.5% of State GDP
against 5% desired.

Sardar Sarovar Narmada Canal has completely failed due to 4 times over
size than desired and Gujarat wasted $billions on diversion projects –
Sujalam Sufalam, SAUNI and Coastal River Linking projects but water
failed to reach drought prone regions.

Corporate in Gujarat are valued at over $160b as of today but people
of Gujarat have no equity in them – wages are not even 1% of their
turnover – contributes nothing.

Unlike Corporate in West – Cargill or Microsoft for example could
scale any heights but is generally restricted to Food industry and

But Ambani, Adani, Wipro and others EXPAND IN ALL DIRECTIONS IN ALL

[Power, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Textiles, Power, Telecom,
Broadband, DTH, Broadcast, Oil & Gas Exploration to Retail, Retail
Trade, Infrastructure, Films, Food Processing etc. Leaving Nothing For

For example Adani buys Groundnut or Soybean at Rs.35 per kg and
instead of retail vegetable oil at Rs.50-60 per kg, retail vegetable
oils for Rs.90 to Rs.180 per liter.

Profits are not DECLARED – Illegal Financial Dealings are tolerated,
Angadias, Ponzy, Chit Funds, Moneylenders dominate Gujarat economy not
the Regulate Banks.
It is not an issue of Left or Center or Right of Center government of
Gujarat but ally of thugs and criminals.
Ravinder Singh, National General Secretary.
Sabka Bharat Mission 2019
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi -110016
Ph: 9650421857, 9718280435

1.  All Over The World Rooftop Solar is Standard – It was foolish to
install Solar Pannels on Canals and Damaging Lifeline of Gujarat.
Solar Power Cost to Gujarat Consumers is over Rs.20-25 Per Unit –
Rs.100,000 Cr Scam.

2. Oil & Gas prices are High Because of Criminal GSPC & RIL Conspiracy.
Modi owned GSPC and RIL secured over 80 Oil & Gas Blocs, Reported
World Record Discoveries in 2005 and 2002 but there is practically no
production in 15 years. CAG reported RIL is operating in ONGC and GSPC
blocks Illegally.

3.  Gujarat Food Production is Negative, Gujarat rear 27m Animals.
Gujarat produced 3% of Foodgrains in 1998 and 3% presently. Fact is
Irrigation Projects in Gujarat and BJP States HAVE FAILED including MP
and Gujarat agriculture is Vulnerable to Drought. http://goo.gl/Cx2Rvm

    Gujarati Cooking Classes on TV are Missing Butter, Ghee, Lassi, Milk.
    Gujarati sell export over 50% of Milk and 90% Milk Products.
    23m Children Were Malnourished Generation During 19 Years BJP Rule.

4.  Gujarat is OBVIOUSLY Most Corrupt when Corporate Get Land at Rs.1
per square meter forcibly acquired from farmers. Tax Collection in
Gujarat is 11.3% only for 63.3% Tax Rate – India average 17.7%.

5.  Gujarati are No Doubt ENTREPRENEURIAL BUT Only Adani, Ambani,
Tata, Ruchi Soya, etc get all the Bank Credits and Cheap Land and

    Small Industries actually are Financing Corporate at Zero Interest,
are Paid for their products & services in up to Six Months.
    Gujarat Industries Are Low Tech & Highly Polluting.
    Tata Nano had Shut Down – With it Scores of Ancillaries.

6. Education, Healthcare are in Shambles – Less than 0.5% of GDP is
allocated for Education & Healthcare.

7. Over 100 Ministers, Police Officers are Facing Criminal Cases.

8. Gujarat PSU restrict power supply to Consumers & Farmers to Stay Profitable.

9.  BJP Gujarat & MP Governments are NOTORIUOS For Corruption & Loot,
CAG Reported Massive Loot in Narmada Canal and all MP Projects – Costs
have gone up 20-100 Times in all cases. http://goo.gl/Cx2Rvm

10. Gujarat while allocating Land to Corporate it uproots Indians
Settled in Border Area for the protection of Gujarat itself.


NDTV BJP Record 182 Seats Can’t Be 275,


NDTV BJP Record 182 Seats Can’t Be 275, Gujarat Let Down
April15, 2014


Pranab Roy these days outsource Poll Surveys and is not directly
involved is depending on second hand opinion. BJP campaigned has
survived to this day because of Corrupted Corporate owned media. It
requires only 24 hours bursting the fake growth story of Gujarat.

BJP scored 182 seats in both 1998 and 1999 elections when INC was at
its weakest and Vajpayee the moderate face of BJP RSS was leading NDA
with promise not to take up controversial issues and backed by scores
of regional partners. Except UP BJP had alliances in every region, BJP
was though not really a virgin in terms of ruling India but still
viewed as Patriotic and Clean party.

Under Mady BJP is going in to elections with Enemies in every corner
of the country including Gujarat. Mady has made more Enemies than BJP
had allies in 1998 and 1999.

People are very smart – they fully understand the Gujarat Loot &
Exploitation Model that had rendered 99% vulnerable poor hungry &

But worse is his Patronizing Ambani, Adani and corporate. Take out
Rs.10,00,000 crore Corporate Value, Funded By Indian Money and people
of Gujarat has no equity in them  – Gujarat is reduced BIMARU status.

Million lies of Shining are spoiled by just 30 minute exposure of
Arvind Kejriwal. But when 20 important parties repeat it, it is
collapse of the campaign.

He had actually spoiled relations with Regional Super Powers –
Communists, TMC, SP, AIDMK, BJD, JDU, BSP, etc who could have
contributed 80-100 seats post elections.

Opinion polls didn’t take in to account Strategic Voting by voters in
polarized situation like 2014 Lok Sabha Polls.

Even if BJP wins 275 seats with so many Enemies Outside and Inside –
people will not let him become Prime Minister, exactly the same way
Sushma Swaraj prevented Sonia Gandhi from taking over as Prime
Minister of India.

Ravinder Singh, National General Secretary.
Sabka Bharat Mission 2019
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi -110016
Ph: 9650421857, 9718280435

NDTV opinion poll: BJP and allies cross 272 mark
April 15, 2014

NDTV’s latest opinion poll shows the BJP and its allies collecting 275
seats, three more than needed to form the government.

The BJP, led by prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, gets 226
seats, the party’s strongest performance ever and a very long way from
the two it had won in 1984.

With some canny late alliances like the one with the Telugu Desam
Party in Andhra Pradesh, the BJP seems to have gained much ground in
the penultimate lap of the general elections.

If this will be the BJP’s best performance ever, its main rival the
Congress, which has ruled straight for the last 10 years at the head
of the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) registers a low point in its
history. The party has never gone below 100, this time it is likely to
dip to 92, the NDTV opinion poll shows.

Together with its allies, the Congress could touch a meagre 111, three
short of it worst solo performance of 114 seats in 1999.

There is, however, one month and five phases of polling still to go
before votes are counted on May 16, as all parties step up their
campaigns in this crucial final leg of electioneering.

The BJP had so far been projected as heading towards being the single
largest party, but with its national alliance falling short of the
majority mark. It seems to have only got better for the BJP as
elections have neared.

In NDTV’s February opinion poll Mr Modi’s party was projected to get
196 seats, its NDA 230; the March opinion poll showed 214 for the BJP
and 259 for the NDA.

But 275 is tight when a two per cent margin of error is factored in
into the opinion poll’s predictions and the BJP will have to sustain
the pitch of its campaign in the next few days.

The NDA crossing the magic 272 is heavily predicated on the BJP
winning the 51 seats in UP that the latest opinion poll shows it

If the alliance does not reach 272, it will have to seek more allies
from among regional players like J Jayalalithaa, who is expected to
win a tidy number of seats in Tamil Nadu, or even Mamata Banerjee, who
is projected to get a lion’s share of West Bengal’s 42 seats.

Regional heavyweights like these are reportedly eyeing a bargaining
position in government formation at the Centre.



Smriti Z Irani file nomination for Amethi, Sushma Swaraj cancels MP rally


 Main yahan (Amethi) Congress se ladne aayi hoon, Congress ki B-team se ladne nahi, says Smriti Irani on AAP, while filing her nomination. 

Smriti Z Irani tweeted: On my way to file my nomination for Amethi, with the blessings of Durga Ma and enthusisatic support from the constituency residents.Irani is the BJP candidate from Amethi. 

Sushma Swaraj cancels Shivpuri,MP rally after Pawaiya and the party workers were fpund absent : Yesterday, senior BJP leader Sushma Swaraj’s proposed rally in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh in support of the party nominee from Guna seat, Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya ended up in no show today as the local leaders failed to turn up at the helipad to receive her.

There was no BJP leader was present to receive the Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha when her chopper landed at around 1.45 pm, except the media, sources said.

Even no party vehicle was present at the spot except a security vehicle with a tag “Escort”, which Sushma Swaraj thought was due to the Model Code of Conduct which is in force, they said.

When she realised it was an escort vehicle, she asked the driver to stop and returned to the helipad where she found a few local BJP leaders whom she asked about Pawaiya who was reportedly in Ashoknagar town at that time.

When efforts to contact Pawaiya proved futile, Sushma got angry at the “shoddy” arrangements and refused to address the party’s rally in Shivpuri and left for Ashoknagar in the same chopper to address a scheduled public meeting at 2.18 pm, sources added.

During the addressing the rally in Ashoknagar, she publicly scolded Pawaiya who was present at the spot, over the treatment meted out to her at Shivpuri.


Food Tank is honored to be participating in Edible Institute



Dear Naresh,

Edible Communities create community-based, local food publications in culinary regions of the U.S. and Canada–from Baja Arizona to Washington, DC, and the Hawaiian Islands to Omaha, Nebraska. And through stories, news updates, and tastings and dinners, Edible Communities collectively connect consumers to local growers, farmers, fishers, ranchers, and chefs, putting a face and a place to food.
This spring, the Edible community members will be participating inEdible Institute: a two-day celebration in New York City May 10-11, 2014 to discuss where the local food movement is and where it’s headed.

Edible Institute will also bring together leaders in the movement for a better food system, including; Mark Bittman, Jane Black, Paul Greenberg, Brian Halweil, Anna Lappe, Gary Paul Nabhan, Brad Nelson, Tom Philpott, Jeffrey Zurofsky, and others. I’m also excited to be participating in this event!
[NOTE: You can share this newsletter online HERE]

Tickets are still on sale for this annual conference that will gather more than 80 Edible magazine publishers and will feature talks and forums led by farmers, chefs, journalists, and more.

Guests can expect panels to address topics such as:

  • Culture: Can the food revolution cross geographical, cultural, and class boundaries?
  • Technology: The expanding food-tech space and what it means.
  • Business: How to build a sustainable food business in a city (or nearby suburb).
  • Drinks: Why is the good food movement drinking more?
  • Seafood: How will small-scale fishers save East Coast seafood?
  • Food Service: What will it take to bring the good food movement to scale in school cafeterias, hospitals, hotels, and beyond?

Attendees will also enjoy two days of discussions at the New School in Manhattan, food and drink tastings, as well as invitations to selected events during the weekend including walking tours of Brooklyn’s rooftop gardens, bus trips to Hudson Valley wine country, and a live food-tech meet-up.

Food Tank is honored to be participating in Edible Institute and we’re hoping to see many of you there! You can learn more about the event HERE.

We’re also excited to highlight five of the many Edible publications who are a voice for the good food movement and encourage eaters and consumers to join them in cultivating a better food system.
With a growing interest in food over the past 10 years, eaters and consumers in Boston can use Edible Boston as a guide to local products and seasonal food. The community-based publication is a resource guide to what’s new, what’s locally available, and an introduction to local change makers. It connects readers to the farmer at the local farmers market.
Edible Chicago is published seasonally and explores the local and sustainable food movement in the city. With a mission of changing the way people eat—one story and meal at a time—Edible Chicago provides interesting content and photographs connecting readers to the food culture of Chicago. Readers will find suggestions on where to eat, drink, and attend local food events in the area.
Edible Manhattan is a bi-monthly magazine that can be found in both print and online versions. Editor, Gabrielle Langholtz says, “Edible Manhattan pulls back the curtain on our city’s eats to reveal every spellbinding, unctuous tale in town.” This grassroots publication is a guide to eating experiences, where to find the best cookbooks, stories of lovacore legends, and the journey of urban ingredients from fields and farms to plates.
Edible Portland believes “there’s a pleasure in knowing.” The goal of this Edible publication is to be a resource that makes eating, growing, and enjoying local food a daily pleasure. Edible Portland is part of the growing movement to encourage people to eat more locally grown and locally produced foods. And part of this mission is to, as a result, help sustain local family farmers.
Edible Vancouver aims “to transform the way communities shop for, cook, eat, and relate to the food that is grown and produced in their area.” The community-based magazine is published bi-monthly and each issue emphasizes the current food in season in the Vancouver Metro area.
Eaters and consumers can learn more about the Edible Communities by picking up a local publication, starting a new community publication, or attending the Edible Institute in New York City on May 10-11, 2014. For more details, itineraries, and to register, click here.

Food Tank hopes to see you there! Please email me at danielle@foodtank.com with any questions


All The Best,

Danielle Nierenberg
President, Food Tank
Please connect with us on Facebook,  Twitter, and Pinterest


Think Global, Buy Local: A New Study Looks at the Impact of Buying Local Produce on Local Economies

  Think Globally, Act Locally has been a motto of the sustainable food movement – but does it improve local economies? Read more…  

Transforming Political Will into Action for Nutrition

  Fighting malnutrition requires proactively building political will for effective action—a new core challenge for the nutrition community, according to IFPRI. Read more…  
  A YOUng FARMer’s Vision  
  Three young farmers stories are highlighted in A YOUng FARMer’s vision. Read more…  

FarmHer: A Project By Marji Guyler-Alaniz

  FarmHer is a project started by Marji Guyler-Analiz that documents important role that women play in the agricultural system. Read more…  

Japanese Professor Uses Fermentation for Soil Enrichment

  Japanese Professor Teruo Higa is fermenting food waste—and adding it to the garden to boost productivity. Read more…  
  GFAR Launches Platform to Make Agricultural Data More Available  
  Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) and the Coherence in Information for Agricultural Research for Development (CIARD) have collaborated on an effort to increase availability of agriculture information. Read more…  
  IYFF: World Farmers’ Organization Elects New President at General Assembly Meeting  
  The World Farmers’ Organization, at their annual General Assembly meeting, elected Peter Kendall to be the organization’s next President; he replaces Robert Carlson. Read more…  


Vote Quotes of Zee TV Artists




_MG_2374.jpgMohit Malik (Samrat from Doli Armaanon Ki) – I believe it’s a very easy, escapist route that a majority of our youth take when they say they are simply not interested in politics. If you don’t wish to spare the time and participate in getting the right government to power, then you have lost the right to complain about all the things going wrong in India. So, I urge all my fans to take adequate ownership of the running of our democracy and cast a vote to those who are equipped to give us better governance.





Neha Marda as Urmi in Doli Armanon Ki.jpg

Neha Marda (Urmi from Doli Armaanon Ki)– I think, as a woman, I must highlight that one of the biggest issues we face in the country is that of women’s safety. I strongly believe that in addition to justice to victims of crimes against women, we must look at compulsory self defence classes for every woman. We cannot afford to be the weaker gender in times such as these.  My vote will go to the party that can aggressively work towards this goal and make our cities safer places to work and live in.




_MG_5747.JPGRajat Tokas (Jalaluddin Akbar from Jodha Akbar) – Rather than a responsibility, I look at voting as my right to choose the people truly capable of effectively running our democracy. As a citizen, I consider it extremely important to use my intelligence in analysing all the facts at hand and identifying the right party that will make a change for the better for millions of Indians in every respect, be it infrastructure, rising costs, water, quality education, better civic amenities, etc.  Just as I will cast my vote this year, I urge all my fans to also vote and work towards constructively shaping the future of  this country.





Sriti Jha (Pragya from Kumkum Bhagya): Election is celebration of democracy and having said that I feel that the youth needs to have an informed opinion before electing a suitable candidate. They should have an idea of the general manifesto and not just believe all that they have heard from others around them. Have first hand info. I feel sad for not having been able to vote this year since I was registered in Delhi list. I’m trying to go there and vote as I’m tied down shooting for my new show – Kumkum Bhagya. 


Mishkat Varma (Raaj from Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya) : I have seen a lot of people complaining about politicians and the general state of affairs. I believe elections are the only chance we have to choose the right leader and stop complaining. I am registered in the Mumbai list and I will ensure that I go and vote in the first half of the day.






AAP candidates in Mumbai denied permissions to hold rallies, road shows


 AAP candidates in Mumbai are repeatedly being denied permissions to hold rallies, road shows and other events by the local authorities. While the other parties are granted permissions with ease, AAP has been consistently harassed by the authorities and the volunteers seeking permissions are made to run from pillar to post. Unlike other parties which use political clout and connections, AAP is run by an army of volunteers who ensure that every single rule is followed, but we are finding it hard to cope with the growing discomfort caused in seeking permissions. AAP strongly feels that there are political forces trying to show their clout and deny AAP’s right to free and fair campaigning.


South-Central, Mumbai candidate Sundar Balakrishnan was forced to sit on a dharna yesterday as he was denied permission to hold a rally in his constituency. Only much later he was granted permission to hold the rally. In other instances applications for 10am rallies, applied for days in advance are granted at 12 noon on the day of the rally.


We strongly feel that AAP routes are adjusted to accommodate other parties but sometimes a party books a whole area and AAP is denied permission to campaign in those areas. Thirdly, the authorities are persistent about every detail, which they should be but other parties are not asked to furnish particulars of cars, bikes etc.


AAP is proud of the independent and strict conduct of the election commission, but somewhere down the line individuals are perhaps getting compromised by political pressure.


Despite these hurdles AAP will continue the battle and work together with Election Commission to reinforce democracy.


Please find the marathi version of the press note attached.



AAP Media Cell


AAP leader and former journalist, Ashish Khetan’s press conference to reveal his findings of the failures of the BMC and State Govt in providing public services and infrastructure in Mumbai.



16th April, 2014 (Today)



4.30 pm.



Patrakar Bhavan, 

Mahapalika Marg, 

Near Azad Maidan, Fort, 

Azad Maidan, Fort, 

Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001


Contact: 9819014804/9869202157



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