Dr. Anne Hammerstad Lecturer in International Relations


Centre for Policy Research is delighted to invite you to a talk by 

 Dr. Anne Hammerstad

 Lecturer in International Relations

School of Politics and International Relations

University of Kent


The Rise and Decline of a Global Security Actor: UNHCR, Refugee Protection and Security

On the occasion of the launch of her new book, published by Oxford University Press

 Discussant: Dominik Bartsch,

Chief of Mission, UNHCR New Delhi, India


 Date: Wednesday, 23 April 2014

 Time: 3:00 – 4:30 pm

 Venue: Conference Room, Centre for Policy Research, DharamMarg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110021


Dr Hammerstad presents her new book, which investigates the rise of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) as a global security actor, following the refugee agency through some of the past two decades’ major conflict-induced humanitarian crises, including Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iraq, Kosovo and eastern Zaire/Congo. She analyses UNHCR’s momentous transformation from a small, timid legal protection agency to the world’s foremost humanitarian actor playing a central role in the international response to the many wars of the tumultuous last decade of the 20th century. Then, as the 21st century set in, the agency’s political prominence waned. It remains a major humanitarian actor, but the polarised post-9/11 period and a worsening protection climate for refugees and asylum seekers spurred UNHCR to abandon its claim to be a global security actor and return to a more modest, quietly diplomatic role.

The rise of UNHCR as a global security actor is placed within the context of the dramatic shift in perceptions of national and international security after the end of the Cold War. Prominent among ‘new’ security issues were the perceived threats posed by refugees and asylum seekers to international security, state stability, and societal cohesion. ‘The Rise and Decline of a Global Security Actor’ investigates UNHCR’s response to this new international environment; adopting, adapting and finally abandoning a security discourse on the refugee problem.


In this seminar Dr Hammerstad will draw lines from the findings of her book to discuss some key questions on the future of international humanitarian action in the polarized and dangerous environments of countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Somalia. How can UN agencies and NGOs avoid the stamp of being part of ‘western agendas’? Is principled, neutral, needs-based humanitarian aid in conflict zones possible? How can it best be achieved – or at least approximated?

Speaker’s Biography:

Dr Anne Hammerstad is a lecturer in International Relations at the University of Kent, research associate of the South African Institute of International Affairs, and recent Global Uncertainties Fellow with the British Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). She received her DPhil from Oxford University, MSc from the London School of Economics, and BA from the University of Oslo. Her doctoral thesis won the 2003 thesis prize from the British International Studies Association.

In addition to the book ‘The Rise and Decline of a Global Security Actor: UNHCR, Refugee Protection and Security’ (OUP, 2014), Anne has published on migration, refugees, conflict and security in, among others, Security Dialogue,Review of International Studies, and Conflict, Security and Development, and is a contributing author to the Oxford Handbook on Refugee and Forced Migration Studies (OUP, 2014 forthcoming).

Anne has previously worked as a Senior Researcher at the South African Institute of International Affairs in Johannesburg, a Research and Teaching Fellow at Royal Holloway, University of London, and journalist with the Norwegian newspaper, Dagbladet. 


Kejriwal will campaign for Kumar Vishwas


Aam Aadmi Party national convenor Arvind Kejriwal will campaign for Kumar Vishwas, the party’s candidate from Amethi Lok Sabha constituency from April 20-22.

Campaign schedule for Sunday, April 20:  


8 AM: Tikkar Mafi

9 AM: Ayodhyanagar

10 AM: Durgapur

12:30 PM: Sangrampur

2 PM: Amethi

4:30 PM: Gauriganj


For Enquiry please contact

Pankaj Shukla: 091619 54524



AAP Media Cell


International Home Textiles & Furnishing Gifts & Premium Fair in Hong Kong


Over 150 Companies To participate Handicrafts In Houseware, International Home Textiles & Furnishing Gifts & Premium Fair in Hong Kong from and Tomorrow: EPCH


New Delhi-April 19, 2014 – With Hong Kong emerging as an important destination for aggressive marketing through medium of trade fairs, the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) is organizing the participation of more than 150 Indian handicrafts exporters to showcase their products in the four-day-long Hong Kong Houseware, International Home Textiles & Furnishing to BE held from April 20 – 23, 2014   and BE Gifts & Premium Fair held from April 27 to – 30, 2 014   at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wanchai, hong Kong starting from 20 th April.

Excluding Hong Kong and mainland China, the top other visiting countries and regions are: India, United States, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, Korea, Thailand, Germany, Italy, Philippines, Spain, Brunei, Turkey, Macau, Malaysia, Israel, Singapore etc.  


More than   150    Indian companies will Wide BE A RANGE of showcasing products, An Area of Spread over the 1,500th Sq.meters , which include Gifts, Premium & Corporate Gifts, Fashion Jewellery & Accessories, Picture and Photo Frames & Christmas Decoration, Kids Room Accessories, Candle Holders, Bowl, Vases, Home Furnishing Items, Cushions, Curtains, Apron, Towel, Mats, Handicrafts of Art Metalware, Handicrafts of Woodware, Textile-based Products, Jute, Cotton, Wine, Shopping and Canvas Bags, Baby & Bedroom Textile, Bedroom & Kitchen Textile, Carpet & floor coverings, Upholstery & furnishing Products, Window Accessories in textiles categories and Bar Accessories, Home Living, Furniture, Home Tech, Green Living Health & Wellness, Home Accents, Kitchenware & Gadgets, Outdoor living Paintings, Objects d’Art, Tableware in Houseware categories.


“After detailed analysis and survey of the trade shows of Hong Kong, the Council has been participating on regular and annual basis in these trade fairs covering the entire range of handicrafts sector of India”, according to Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Executive Director of EPCH.


“Handicrafts occupies an important place in the Indian economy and society. This product group is a large foreign exchange earner, employment generator for economically and socially backward classes and promoter of Indian ethnic, cultural heritage worldwide, “the Executive Director of the Council added.

EPCH – an apex body for promotion and export of handicrafts products from India to the world market – has since evolved an integrated and comprehensive policy which revolves around development of new product lines, new designs, improvement in technology and aggressive marketing as well as exploration of new markets.

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Executive Director-EPCH at: +91-9818272171


India is about to become Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease capital


India is about to become Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease capital

By bringing healthy changes in lifestyle and identifying the diseases linked with fatty liver timely, patients could be saved from diseases like cancer

New Delhi, April 19, 2014: Consultant surgeon of surgical gastrology and liver transplantation, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Dr. Abhideep Choudhary told that urbanization and changes linked with it, like sedentary lifestyle, fatty foods, uncontrolled blood sugar level in diabetics, obesity, smoking and high alcohol intake is leading Indians towards higher incidence of fatty liver disease, that is Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. This also increases the risk factor for Non Alcoholic Stato Hepatitis (NASH).

NASH disease could lead to cancer if patients are not treated timely. According to the studies of epidemic science, the prevalence of NADLF among common Indian public is between 9 percent to 32 percent, and this is more commonly found in obese and pre-diabetics.

According to Dr. Choudhary, “Fatty liver and NASH have been found in all age groups, including children, however it is more common between the age group of 40 to 49 years.”

This makes timely diagnosis of disease even more important, otherwise it could develop into cancers, like those of stomach and colorectal.

Elaborating further upon this, in detail, Dr. Abhideep Choudhary says, “If the diseases linked with fatty liver are timely diagnosed then they can be treated with laparoscopy, minimal invasion surgery or robotic surgery. In these surgeries, a small cut is mad on patient’s body, and this is the reason of fast recovery. As compared to conventional surgeries, which are very painful for patients, modern techniques are very easy for them. All which is required is timely detection of disease.”


Thanks & RegardsSmrity Arora
Asst Manager – PRVIA Media Health 


Quakes of high intensity THE SEISMIC EFFECT


The Quakes of high Intensity are making ring on the globe and is sign of important movements in the main techtonic plates which could bring the ring of fire or ring of violent ,wild weather in coming month  with more natural disaster. The spurt in water slush both on the ground  and  rains , untimely rainfalls are signs of disaster to follow! Aligning and realigning or of  disturbing hill lands  visibility and experiencing the underground movement which in turn bring mud sliding and rocks sliding  form a common phenomenon. The report of 13 Guides on expedition to Himalaya has lost their lIfe isto give us an awakening call.

Quakes of lower intensity may not be matter of concern but when the natural process gets to be realigned there has to major shake up down below the habitate plates. There is greater possibility of major natural Disater to take up in near future.  It is matter for the scientist to study the details of the incoming jerks from thE habitable plaes of the earth whose movements needs our special attention.

How to sense incoming immortal abrupt change of Weather effecting climate can be well read by the scientist by reading, monitoring , the temperature of nodal zone which bring the weather movement its cycle and it’s dynamics to play, do the world has observatory, laboratory or the  scientist den the globe lacks at nodal points in varios oceans . Thus this Seismic Effect science which is acutally and factually the convergence science of Geograpghy, Geology, Astronomy with basic science of  physics and chemistry with in built Maths  matrix to get to forecast of quake in near future. Study of temperature is therefore an essential science to read seismic effect.

Naresh Kumar Sagar


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