Former presidential candidate launches Singaporeans First new party


Tan Jee Say, a former candidate who competed in the last presidential election in 2011, announced on Sunday that he is forming a new political party called Singaporeans First.

The party has 11 founding members, including architects, a retired army colonel and other professionals. Psychiatrist Ang Yong Guan, who contested the general election with Tan representing the Singapore Democratic Party, is also a founding member.

Tan, 60, unveiled the new party and its logo at a press conference on Sunday. He said the party will try to recruit more members before the next general election in Singapore.

He said that the party will champion policies to build a fair society, strong families and an esteemed people, to create a “new narrative” for Singapore that focuses on not treating citizens as economic digits and offers a lot more social support and safety nets.

The party outlined some of these new policies in its manifesto, including having a more progressive tax system, removing the consumption tax completely and giving more support to local enterprises to grow, especially in the healthcare and education sectors


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