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June 30, 2014

A Publication of the Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO)

Issue: XIII-5 June 30, 2014
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GOPIO is a community supported non-profit organization taking up issues of the Indian Diaspora and attempting to unifying the community in its common causes. Support GOPIO by becoming a Life Member or chapter member. Once can become Life Member online by visiting


The Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO International) has concluded its 25th Anniversary (Jubilee) Convention 2014 in Port of Spain in Trinidad & Tobago, with a memorable and successful celebration from 27th May through 30th May, 2014 coinciding with the 169th anniversary of Indian Arrival Day commemoration in Trinidad & Tobago. The convention theme was “Indian Diaspora Today & Tomorrow”.


GOPIO Jubilee Convention 2014 - Souvenir Brochure

The convention was a historic event in the Indian Diaspora, attended by delegates from several countries where GOPIO is prominent – where persons of Indian origin reside in substantial numbers, and many from countries with fewer than 10% of the population. Countries include: Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Malaysia, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, India, Reunion Island, Mauritius, South Africa, Netherlands and other countries of the European Union (EU), United Kingdom, Canada, USA, the Caribbean region: Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname, Belize, St. Vincent, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Jamaica, Grenada and St Lucia.


Among the many events of the convention, some of the notable highlights include: A notable welcome reception at the Diplomatic Centre residence of Trinidad & Tobago Prime Minsiter Kamla Persad-Bissessar; GOPIO’s elections for new officers; GOPIO International Council Meetings; an all-day academic conference based on the convention theme of “Indian Diaspora Today & Tomorrow”; GOPIO delegates as special guests at cultural performances held at National Cultural of Indian Culture (NCIC); and unveiling of a historic arrival monument at Waterloo-by-the-Sea marking the first arrivals of indentured Indian laborers in Trinidad on 30th May 1845.


GOPIO 25th Anniversary Convention Team


The convention team organized around the GOPIO chapter in Trinidad & Tobago, worked diligently with dedicated and focused efforts to plan, coordinate and hold a magnificent GOPIO milestone convention in a country distant from the other regular venues which GOPIO has used over the years for its major events. Members of the convention team:  Ena Maraj, (Convention Co-Convener, president of GOPIO International chapter of Trinidad & Tobago); Dr. Arnold Thomas, (General Convener & Conference Co-Coordinator,  GOPIO International Coordinator Caribbean (St Vincent); other convention team members: Ramdai Sookdeo (Convention Secretary); Mahadaye Ramlagan (Registration & Assistant Treasurer); Seeta Sahatoo (Assistant Convention Secretary; Shalima Mohammed (Public Relations Coordinator, (Indian Arrival Monument Co-Coordinator); Navin Rampersad (Treasurer); Geeta Sahatoo (Hospitality Coordinator); Karran Nancoo (Legal Advisor); Dr. Kumar Mahabir (Conference Co-Coordinator); Ramnarine Bissoon (Arrival Project Liaison, Community Coordinator, Conference Site Co-Coordinator); Dr. Indrani Rampersad (Conference Co-Coordinator); Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh (Conference Co-Coordinator); Dr. Visham Bhimull (Youth Program Coordinator); Marilyn Hosein (Events Coordinator & Transportation Coordinator); Molly Mangray, Amanda Gangaram, Rowena Singh and Vanita Rampersad (Administrative and Support Coordinators); Deo Gosine (Grand Patron, Special Projects Coordination and Support); Aleem Mohammed (Community Liaison); Don Khan (Indian Arrival Monument Facilities & Hospitality Coordinator); Ramesh Kalicharan (Souvenir Brochure); Netram Rambudhan (Convention Assistant Treasurer & GOPIO International Treasurer); Seeta Sahatoo & Mahadaye Ramlagan (Delegates’ Souvenir Welcome Kit);Nohar Singh (Delegates’ Travel & Holiday Packages); Munish Gupta (Conference Site Co-Coordinator & GOPIO Jubilee & Life Membership Recognition).


GOPIOP JUbilee Convention 2014 Team

 Photo above: Some of the members of the Convention team with GOPIO Officials


Convention Advisors: Sunny Kulathakal; Munish Gupta; Dr. Piyush Agrawa; Umesh Chandra; Dr. Thomas Abraham; Dr. Sai Giridhar; J. Nami Kaur; Amb. R. Dayakar; Netram Rambudhan; Rajindre Tewari; Dr Jagat Motwani; Loshni Naidoo; Dr. Sushila Gidwani-Buschi; Dr. Renuka Misra; Sudha Acharya; Prof. Clem Sankat; Ramesh Kalicharan; Prof. Brindsley Samaroo; Balkrishna Naipaul; Prof. Mahin Gosine; Anita Bhat; Alkesh Sharma; Mahavir Arya; several council chairpersons and co-chairpersons; life members and chapter members.


Grand Patrons & Advisors:

Surichange Bank NV, Suriname (Dr C. Baidjnath Misier, founder & chairman)

Labidco Port Services Ltd – Trinidad & Tobago (Deo Gosine, founder & chairman)


GOPIO International Council Meetings


GOPIO International Council convened at the Radisson Hotel in Port of Spain shortly after the conclusion of GOPIO’ Executive Council meeting on 28th May, 2014. After opening remarks, President Ramsaran reported major activities of GOPIO in his terms which was followed by financial report by Treasurer Netram Rambudhan. GOPIO Foundation report was presented by Executive Trustee Dr. Thomas Abraham which was followed by GOPIO International Coordinators reporting their activities for the regions.
GOPIO's outgoing Executive Council team  Photo above: GOPIO’s outgoing Executive Council Team

GOPIO Executive Council Elections & New Team

Nominating Committee headed by Rajindre Tewari conducted the election for the 2014 to 2015 for the various positions in the Executive Council of GOPIO International. The following officials were elected by unanimous vote:


  • o    President – Ashook Ramsaran
  • o    Executive Vice President – Sunny Kulathakal
  • o    Senior Vice President – Dr. Piyush Agrawal
  • o    International Coordinator North America – Dr. Renuka Misra
  • o    International Coordinator Caribbean. – Dr. Arnold Thomas
  • o    Chairman GOPIO International, Inder Singh, was elected for another term.


GOPIO Elected Officials for 2014-2015.

Photo Above: GOPIO Elected Officials for 2014-2015. GOPIO Chairman Inder Singh, President Ashook Ramsaran, Executive Vice President Sunny Kulathakal, Senior Vice President Dr. Piyush Agrawal, International Coordinator North America, Dr. Renuka Misra, and International Coordinator Caribbean, Dr. Arnold Thomas.


All previously appointed positions expired on May 28, 2014 with the end of the previous term and new appointments of suitably qualified candidates will be announced shortly after GOPIO’ Executive Council approval.


GOPIO By-Laws Updates approved:

No changes except corrections of errors, omissions, spelling and nomenclature mistakes –

Per list circulated previously and read by Chairman Inder Singh.

GOPIO International Council circulated 30 days in advance to general membership and life members.

GOPIO to organize membership feedback and commentary via website.

Chapter delegates eligible for voting to be further clarified and defined relative to membership.

GOPIO has not conformed to its mandate in accordance with Clause 1 – Name and Purpose: The Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (abbreviated as GOPIO) is a secular, nonpartisan, non-sectarian, not-for-profit global organization engaged in prompting the well being of non resident Indians and people of Indian origin, enhancing interaction and communication between these groups living in different countries and in furthering their linkages with India.


Reception at Prime Minister’s Residence


Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar SpeakingA highlight of GOPIO’s 25th Anniversary Jubilee Convention 2014 was the special welcome reception of all GOPIO delegates at the Diplomatic Centre residence of the Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar on 28th May. The reception was hosted by Ministry of National Diversity and Social Integration with Minister Dr Roger Samuel making the initial remarks after a welcome prayer by Brother Harripersad Maharaj, followed by remarks by GOPIO International president Ashook Ramsaran and presentation of gifts. Prime Minister Bissessar formally welcomed GOPIO’s delegates, recounted GOPIO’s special reception/dinner during the visit to the Kolkata Memorial on 12th January, 2012 and thanked GOPIO for “holding its 25th Anniversary Jubilee Convention in the twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago”.


GOPIO made presentations of gifts and books to Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar: Special Kashmiri shawl by Kedar N. Gupta (India); GOPIO 25th Anniversary Jubilee Souvenir Brochure by Ramesh Kalicharan, editor (USA); portrait and tribute to late Nelson Mandela by Rita Abraham (South Africa); books by Dr. Mahin Gosine (USA); Dr Jagat Motwani (USA); Balkrishna Naipaul (Canada); GOPIO 1st convention stamp by Dr. Thomas Abraham (USA); and book presentation by Dr C. Baidjnath Misier (Netherlands).


T&T Officials at the receiving line at the reception by Prime Minister Bissessar







 Photo: T&T officials in the receiving line to welcome GOPIO delegates







Business-to-Business Seminar


On 28th May, a Business-to-Business seminar featuring prominent scholars and business leaders was held at the Radisson Hotel. It was sponsored by Trinidad & Tobago’s Ministry of Trade & Investment with focus tohighlight the many economic opportunities of the Caribbean region at this convention.


Sessions included:

  • o    Investment & Trade Opportunities in Trinidad & Tobago;
  • o    Investment & Trade Opportunities in St Vincent & Grenadines;
  • o    Investment & Trade Opportunities in Guyana;
  • o    Success Stories of Doing Business in the Caribbean;
  • o    Free Enterprise, Market Economy and Business Successes;
  • o    The Growth of Education and Medical Services for Bi-Lateral Trade;
  • o    Media as Marketing Tool in Emerging Economies


Speakers and presenters were: Dr. Chan Misier (Chairman, Surichange Bank NV, Netherlands & Suriname); Dr Yesu Persaud, Chairman Demerara Bank, Demerara Distilleries (Guyana); Deo Gosine (Founder & President of Labidco Port Services, Trinidad & Tobago), Dr. Sid Gautam (Center for Entrepreneurship, USA), Ishwar Ramlutchman (Founder & Chairman, AC Industrial, South Africa); Ashok Motwani (DNN News, India).


Romanee Kalicharran (USA) made a special film presentation of “The Voyage”.



Academic Conference: “Indian Diaspora Today and Tomorrow”

The Academic Conference segment of the convention was a full 1-day event held on 29th May at the Radisson Hotel. There were several sessions designed round the convention theme of “Indian Diaspora Today & Tomorrow” The chief guest at the Inaugural Session was Indian High Commissioner HE Gauri Gupta and the keynote speaker Dr Mahin Gosine, Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at State University of New York, USA. Dr. Kumar Mahabir, Assistant Professor at University of Trinidad and Tobago, concluded the session.


Conference Sessions:

Inaugural Session I: Indian Diaspora Today & Tomorrow

Session II: The Indian Diaspora: Issues, Challenges & Opportunities

Session III: Global & Regional Diaspora Investments & Economic Opportunities

Session IV: Diaspora’s Youth, Children, Gender & Inter-Generational Issues

Session V:  Multi-Cultural Diversity & Inter-Ethnic Cooperation in the Indian Diaspora

Session VI:  Education, Science & Technology as Significant Assets in the Indian Diaspora

Session VII: Health, Wellness, Lifestyle & Nutritional Factors in the Indian Diaspora

Session VIII: GOPIO’s 25th Anniversary Resolutions

Session IX: Wrap-up & Conclusion


Inaugural Session I: Indian Diaspora Today & Tomorrow

Session Chairperson: Dr. Arnold Thomas (St Vincent)

Session Co-Chairperson: Dr. Kumar Mahabir (Trinidad and Tobago)


  • o    Introductory Remarks: Dr. Arnold Thomas (St Vincent)
  • o    Welcome: Ena Maraj (Convener, Trinidad and Tobago)
  • o    Remarks: Inder Singh (Chairman, GOPIO International, USA)
  • o    Remarks: Ashook Ramsaran (President, GOPIO International, USA)
  • o    Remarks: Dr. Jagat Motwani (Founding Life Member, GOPIO International, USA)
  • o    Introduction of Keynote Speaker: Deo Gosine (GOPIO Life Member, TnT)
  • o    Keynote Speaker: Dr Mahin Gosine, Prof of Sociology and Anthropology at SUNY, USA
    • Focusing on the Indian Diaspora and the story of “From Scars to Stars”
  • o    Introduction of Indian High Comm.: Ms. Mahadaye Ramlagan (GOPIO Chapter TnT)
  • o    Remarks by Indian High Commissioner Gauri S. Gupta
    • Focusing on the progress of the Indian Diaspora in the Caribbean Region
  • o    Presentation of Tokens: Ms. Shalima Mohammed (GOPIO Chapter Trinidad and Tobago)
  • o    Book Releases (Listed above): Moderator:  J. Nami Kaur (Secretary, GOPIO Int’l, USA)
  • o    Conclusion: Dr. Kumar Mahabir (Co-Chairperson, Trinidad and Tobago)
  • o    Thanks & Appreciation: Dr. Arnold Thomas (Chairperson, St Vincent)

GOPIO Officials with High Commissioner Gauri S. Gupta Photo above: GOPIO Officials with Indian High Commissioner Gupta


Session II: The Indian Diaspora: Issues, Challenges & Opportunities

Session Chairperson: Umesh Chandra (International Coordinator, Oceania – Australia)

Session Co-Chairperson: T. Ramappa (GOPIO Chapter of Bangalore, India)

Speakers & Program:

  • o    Dr. Winston Tolan (Jamaica, West indies)
  • o    Dr. Kumar Mahabir (Trinidad and Tobago)
  • o    Prof. Parmatma Saran (USA)
  • o    Q/A: Moderator – Umesh Chandra (Session Chairperson, Australia)
  • o    Conclusion: T. Ramappa (Session Co-Chairperson, GOPIO of Bangalore, India)
  • o    Presentation of Tokens: Ms. Nadira Narine & Ms. Camelia Singh (GOPIO of Guyana)


Session III: Global & Regional Diaspora Investments & Economic Opportunities

Session Chairperson: Jeevan Zutshi (GOPIO Regional Coordinator, USA)

Session Co-Chairperson: Gem Madhoo-Nascimento (GOPIO of Guyana)

Speakers & Program:

  • o    Dr. Sid Gautam (USA)
  • o    Mr. Munish Gupta (USA/India)
  • o    Dr. Yesu Persaud (Guyana)
  • o    Conclusion:  Ms. Gem Madhoo-Nascimento (Session Co-Chairperson, Guyana)
  • o    Presentation of Tokens: Lucienne Sacarbany (GOPIO Martinique)
  • o    Thanks & Appreciation: Marilyn Hosein (GOPIO chapter of TnT)


Session IV: Diaspora’s Youth, Children, Gender & Inter-Generational Issues

Session Chairperson: Ishwar Ramlutchman (South Africa)

Session Co-Chairperson: Jagdish Lodhia (GOPIO chapter Sydney NW, Australia)

Speakers & Program:

  • o    Dr. Kamla Tewarie (Trinidad and Tobago)
  • o    Rita Abraham (GOPIO’s Women’s Council, South Africa)
  • o    Sudha Acharya (SACSS, USA)
  • o    Tivesh Nair (Youth – GOPIO Cape Town, South Africa)
  • o    Uresha Moodley (Youth – GOPIO Cape Town, South Africa)
  • o    Dr. Bisham Bhimull (GOPIO Trinidad and Tobago)
  • o    Conclusion:  Jagdish Lodhia (Session Co-Chairperson, Australia)
  • o    Presentation of Tokens: Tara Gosine (USA/Trinidad and Tobago)

Conf. Panel Family and Youth - Jagdish Lodhia Speaking Photo above: Conf. Panel Family and Youth – Jagdish Lodhia concluding the session



Session V:  Multi-Cultural Diversity & Inter-Ethnic Cooperation in the Indian Diaspora

Session Chairperson: Krishen D. Needar (Trinidad and Tobago)

Session Co-Chairperson: Romanee Kalicharran (USA)

Speakers & Program:

  • o    Balkrishna Naipaul (Canada)
  • o    Dr. Arnold Thomas (St Vincent)
  • o    Keith Compton (St Lucia)
  • o    Romanee Kalicharran – A special presentation of “The Voyage”
  • o    Shadel Nyack Compton (Grenada)
  • o    Conclusion:  Romanee Kalicharran (Session Co-Chairperson, USA)
  • o    Presentation of Tokens: Elie Shitlou, Claude Sheikboudhou  (Guadeloupe)

Multi-Cultural Diversity & Inter-Ethnic Cooperation in the Indian Diaspora Photo above: Conference panel on Multi-Cultural Diversity & Inter-ethnic Cooperation in the Indian Diaspora


Session VI:  Education, Science & Technology as Significant Assets in the Indian Diaspora

Session Chairperson: Ashok Motwani (India)

Session Co-Chairperson: Deo Gosine (Trinidad and Tobago)

Speakers & Program:

  • o    Dr. Thomas Abraham (USA)
  • o    Dr. Clem Sankat (University of West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago)
  • o    Dr. Gary Brar (AUB, Barbados)
  • o    Ashok Motwani (India)
  • o    Kewal Kanda (USA)
  • o    Conclusion:  Deo Gosine (Session Co-Chairperson, Trinidad and Tobago)
  • o    Presentation of Tokens: Inder Singh (USA)

Conf. Panel Science and Tech Panel - Dr. Thomas Abraham Speaking Photo above: Conf. Panel Science and Tech Panel – Dr. Thomas Abraham Speaking

Session VII: Health, Wellness, Lifestyle & Nutritional Factors in the Indian Diaspora

Session Chairperson: Dr. Renuka Misra (USA)

Session Co-Chairperson: Dr. Ramesh Pandey (USA)

Speakers & Program:

  • o    Dr. Vivian Rambihar (Canada)
  • o    Swami Chidananda (India)
  • o    Dr. C. Baidjnath Misier (Netherlands)
  • o    Dr. Rini Johar (USA)
  • o    Conclusion:  Dr. Ramesh Pandey (Session Co-Chairperson, USA)
  • o    Presentation of Tokens: Sylvia Perez (Belize); Yamonee Barbaro (USA)
Conference session on Health, Wellness, Lifestyle & Nutritional Factors in the Indian Diaspora
Photo above: Conference session on Health, Wellness, Lifestyle & Nutritional Factors in the Indian Diaspora. Dr. Renu Misra chairing the session,


Session VIII: GOPIO’s 25th Anniversary Resolutions


Session Chairperson: Dr. Piyush Agrawal (USA)

Session Co-Chairperson: Harbachan Singh (USA)

Thanks & Appreciation: Farouk Samaroo (USA)


Session IX: Wrap-up & Conclusion

Session Chairperson: Dr. Arnold Thomas (St Vincent)

Speaker: Ashook Ramsaran (USA)

Thanks & Appreciation: Ena Maraj (Trinidad and Tobago)





On 28th May at Session VII “GOPIO Resolutions- GOPIO’s 25th Anniversary Jubilee Convention 2014″, chaired by Dr. Piyush Agrawal, the following resolutions were adopted for action by GOPIO and advisory/notification to respective government and agencies:


  • o    Salutations to Indian Democracy & Fair General Elections in India
  • o    Enhancing the Relationship between India & its Diaspora
  • o    Streamlining the process of Indian Consular Services
  • o    Review of OCI/PIO/OIC Policies Needed
  • o    Proposal for International Indian Emigration Day
  • o    India’s Opportunity to Engage the Diaspora
  • o    GOPIO’s Continuing Efforts at Outreach to the Diaspora
  • o    Limitations on Import/Export of Indian Currency on NRIs/PIOs
  • o    Towards a More Peaceful Co-Existence of PIOs in Multi-Ethnic Societies
  • o    Indian Visas On Arrival Program
  • o    Addressing Human Rights Violations in the Diaspora


These resolutions titled “GOPIO’s 25th Anniversary Jubilee Convention 2014″ are posted on GOPIO’s website


Book Releases


At the conclusion of Inaugural Session I: “Indian Diaspora Today & Tomorrow”, the following books were released:


Balkrishna Naipaul (Canada): Sangam: The Jhansi Legacy

Indina High Commissioner Gauri Shanker Gupta: Unraveling Mysteries of Life

Dr. Yesu Persaud (Guyana): Reaching for the Stars – An Autobiography

Dr. Jagat Motwani (USA): India Reborn: Bharat Mahan as Perceived by Westerners

Dr. Mahin Gosine (USA): Eight Great Virtues of Leadership

Dr. Kumar Mahabir (Trinidad & Tobago): Indian Diaspora in the Caribbean

Dr. Chan Misier (Netherlands): Spiritual Management and Road to Eternity

Ramesh Kalicharan, Editor (USA): GOPIO 25th Anniversary Jubilee Convention Souvenir Brochure


The Moderator of the “Book Releases” segment was J. Nami Kaur, Secretary of GOPIO International


Release of books at the GOPIO Jubilee Convention 2014 in Trinidad and TobagoPhoto above: Book Release – GOPIO International Coordinator Caribbean, Dr. Arnold Thomas (St Vincent); Balkrishna Naipaul (founding Life Member, Canada); Dr. Yesu Persaud (founding Life Member, Guyana); Dr Kumar Mahabir (Co-Chair, GOPIO Academic Council, Trinidad & Tobago); Dr. Jagat Motwani (founding Life Member, USA); Shri Gauri Gupta, Indian High Commissioner to Trinidad & Tobago); Dr. Mahin Gosine (Co-Chair, GOPIO Academic Council, USA); J. Nami Kaur (Secretary, GOPIO International, USA)


Jubilee Recognition Awards Gala


The Jubilee Recognition Gala was another highlight of GOPIO’s 25th Anniversary (Jubilee) Convention 2014, held on 29th May, 2014 in the Grand Ballroom at the Radisson Hotel in Port of Spain. In attendance was Indian High Commissioner to Trinidad & Tobago, Shri Gauri Gupta; Trinidad & Tobago’s Minister of Trade & Investment, Dr. Vasant Bharath; and Min. Ramona Ramdial, Minister in the Ministry of Environment & Water Resources. The event was emceed by prominent radio and television host Zelisa Boodoosingh and was broadcast live courtesy of Dr Hans Hanoomansingh (Heritage Radio).

GOPIO Jubilee Recognition Awardees with Dignitaries and GOPIO Officials

Photo above: GOPIO Jubilee Recognition Awardees with Minister Dr. Vasant Bharath, Min Ramona Ramdial, Indian High Commissioner Shri Gauri Gupta and GOPIO Officials


GOPIO’s Jubilee Recognition for outstanding achievements in selected categories were accorded to several persons “who contributed to the betterment of people of the Indian Diaspora. The Jubilee Recognition recipients achieved significant and prominent levels of stature and recognition in their respective fields of endeavor and have served interests of people in their respective countries of domicile and others as well, in addition to generating pride and respect among the Indian Diaspora and others in country of birth or domicile”. Each GOPIO’s Jubilee Recognition awardee (or representative for posthumous recognition) was presented with a GOPIO Jubilee award.


Posthumous Recognition:Henri Sidambaron (Guadeloupe); Dr. Najma Sultana (USA); Baleshwar Agrawal (India); Lall Paladee (Trinidad & Tobago); Dr Cheddi Jagan (Guyana).

Friends of GOPIO: HE Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister of St. Vincent & Grenadines; Hon Albert Ramdin, Deputy Secretary General of Organization of American States (USA); Hon. Chandrikapersad Santokhi Chairman of Progressive Reform Party (Suriname).

Professional, Civic, Culture, Entrepreneurship, Media, Philanthropy: National Indian Cultural Centre – NCIC (Trinidad & Tobago); John Barath (Trinidad & Tobago); Brenda Gopeesingh (Trinidad & Tobago); Dr. Hans Hanoomansingh (Trinidad & Tobago); Sattaur Gafoor (Guyana); Dr Yesu Persaud (Guyana); Chancellor of Judiciary & Chief Justice Carl Singh (Guyana); Dr C. Baidjnath Misier (Netherlands); Dr. Lakshmi Persaud (United Kingdom); Ishwar Ramlutchman (South Africa); Nicole Vaitylingon (Guadeloupe); Kamaludin Mohammed (Trinidad & Tobago); Dr. Vivian Rambihar (Canada); Ashok Motwani (India); Dr. Parmatma Saran (USA); Dr. Sudhir Parikh (USA); TV Asia H R Shah (USA); India Abroad (USA); Kedar N. Gupta (India); Israel Khan (Trinidad & Tobago).


In addition to recognition of those who contributed to GOPIO’s formation in 1989. The First Convention Convener Dr. Thomas Abraham introduced co-conveners Sudha Acharya and Dr. Jagat Motwani and other founding life members and invited them to the stage.

GOPIO Life Members at Inception in 1989 Present at the T& Jubilee ConventionPhoto above: Some GOPIO Founding Life Members at GOPIO inception in 1989 who were present at the Jubilee Convention


GOPIO also recognized the newest life members since 6th January, 2014 in attendance, with plaques and new life membership lapel pins: They included Yamonee Barbaro (USA); Balkrishna Naipaul (Canada); Deo Gosine (Trinidad & Tobago); Sasenarine Sankar (Guyana); Claude Sheikboudhou (Guadeloupe); Elie Shitalou (Guadeloupe); Shaji SM Alex (India); Shaji Baby John (India).


GOPIO Life Members in 2014 Photo above: GOPIO Life Members in 2014

Special recognition was accorded to GOPIO’s 25th Anniversary (Jubilee) Convention 2014 grand patrons: Surichange Bank NV (Dr C. Baidjnath Misier, Netherlands) and

UK Science

Issue 70

Dear Mr Naresh Sagar, Orange
Welcome to the June Edition of the UK Science and Innovation Network in India’s Newsletter.

Top Story

Recently, Vijay spent two days with nuclear scientists from the UK and India in Oxford. The meeting, facilitated by RCUK India and co-organised by the EPSRC and Department of Atomic Energy, was held to outline proposals for joint research projects under the Phase III programme of UK-India collaboration in civil nuclear research. Read more …»

Funding Opportunities fund

 Proposals for  research programmes in mathematical sciences | Closing date – July 31, 2014  FLexible Interchange Programme (FLIP) BBSRC |Closing date – July 16, 2014

 ESPRC (UK) – DST (India) Initiative – Workshop Grant  | Closing date – July 31, 2014

Upcoming events events

Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing International Conference

Date:  7th – Friday 11th July, 2014 | Venue: Nottingham
Date: 17-21st August 2014| Venue: Durban, South Africa

Spotlight on… Prizes spotlight

14th July 2014 is the deadline for nominations for this year’s Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering. India is well represented in the Prize architecture – Narayana Murthy is on the judging panel and Dr Baldev Raj is on the search group. You can read about Dr Baldev thoughts on engineering in a recent interview about the prize. The 2013 winners were rewarded for the creation of the World Wide Web.


June also saw Antimicrobial Resistance announced as the chosen challenge for the recently reanimated £10m Longitude Prize. It was originally established in 1714 to reward the invention of a simple way of measuring longitude and awarded to John Harrison some 50 years later. This time around the British public were invited to vote for their favoured challenge, the prize criteria will now be refined in order to reward the creation of a cost-effective, accurate, rapid and easy-to-use test for bacterial infections.

Reports reports

Each month, we want to help you understand research and innovation in the UK and India better. Where could you visit, what has happened, what’s been published?

Visits and profiles


Sugar technology research at Vasantdada Sugar Institute – Vishakha’s visit report

Recent Events

Recent Publications

News from the web news
Thanks for reading! Best wishes,

FICCI Invitation: i-Bharat “Capturing the Domestic ICT Potential –

FICCI Invitation: i-Bharat “Capturing the Domestic ICT Potential – Unleashing the Next Wave” 1st Aug 2014, FICCI, New Delhi (FREE REGISTRATION)

To Me
Today at 11:48 AM


June 30, 2014
Dear Mr Sagar,
It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that FICCI, in partnership with the Department of Electronics & IT, Government of India, has undertaken an ambitious new initiative in the ICT domain – “i-Bharat Conference”. Through a series of annual conferences, i-Bharat will engage Industry, Government, Academia and other stakeholders of ICT, to deliberate upon transformation of key sectors in India through effectual implementation of ICT.
Given the importance of technology in nation building, we believe it is of utmost urgency to have a potent platform that fosters industry and Government dialogue and partnership aimed at enabling the realization of the India potential.
The first edition of i-Bharat, in its inaugural theme “Capturing the Domestic ICT Potential – Unleashing the Next Wave”, is being organized on 1st August 2014 at FICCI, New Delhi. The conference will delve into solutions and measures that can transform key sectors through effective technology implementation. In each session, outcome oriented action plans will be discussed to drive deployment and strengthen the public-private partnership, key to transformation.
We believe this is the right opportunity to present an action plan to the government and help enable the drafting of the right policies for successful implementation. i-Bharat 2014 will be one of the first large scale discussion platforms involving the new government.
A FICCI-Ernst Young report titled “i-Nagar”, containing recommendations to the new government on effective ICT implementation in transforming India’s cities, will also be released.
In view of importance of the event, we take great pleasure to invite you to attend the conference. The registration is free of cost and is on first come first serve basis (click here to download programme).
Since we have limited seating we request you to confirm your participation at the earliest. You may register yourself through the online form (Click here) or fill-up the attached registration form (click here to download) and e-mail it to us to reserve your seat.
In case of any query you may please contact my colleague Mr Sudhir Malik at phone: 91-11-23487217 (D), 23738760-70 Ext. 217/491/434 or E-Mail at:
Look forward to your confirmation.
With best regards,
Sarika Gulyani
Joint Director &
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61st National Film Festival from 29th June to 2nd July 2014



Dear Sir/Madam,

The Directorate of Film Festivals of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting is organizing the 61st National Film Festival from 29th June to 2nd July 2014 at the Siri Fort Auditoriums, New Delhi. The Inauguration function would be held in the presence of Dr. Mohan Agashe, Sumitra Bhave, Sunil Sukthankar, Amruta Subhash and Pranjal Dua. The details of the inauguration function are stated below:





June 29th 2014



5:15 p.m.



Siri Fort Auditorium II,  New Delhi

LG Pushes Delhi govt

NDA govt/LG pushing Delhi towards chaos

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Sunday, June 29


The BJP-led NDA’s central government and the Lieutenant Governor, through whom it is controlling Delhi, both need to tell the people of the national capital, with whom does the buck stop for the current chaotic situation in the city which has virtually thrown life out of gear.

People are being subjected to endless harassment in all spheres of life – ranging from rapidly deteriorating law and order situation reflected in the alleged rape of two foreign nationals, widespread confusion in admission to various colleges of the Delhi University, complete failure of the corrupt and inefficient Municipal Corporations of Delhi in saving innocent lives due to collapse of unsafe buildings and the inability of the union power ministry and city authorities in ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply in this torrid heat.

The absence of an elected government in Delhi is being used as an excuse by the BJP-led government to run it without any accountability and through the LG, the central government is trying mindless experiments to play with lives of the people.

The Aam Aadmi Party questions the mysterious silence of the Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, his cabinet colleagues, MPs of his party representing Delhi in Parliament and the LG on the current sorry state of affairs in the national capital.


The latest shameful incident of the alleged rape of two foreign nationals from the African continent in South Delhi raises serious questions on the law and order situation in the capital. The union home ministry, which controls Delhi Police cannot escape the responsibility on why such horrific incidents repeatedly take place.

Prime Minister Modi, who had made women safety as one of his key election promises during the Lok Sabha campaign cannot look the other way now when such incidents are taking place right under his nose.

The endless hoardings with Mr Modi’s photograph prominently displaying the slogan – Bahut hua naari par atyachar, abki baar Modi sarkar – are still fresh in public memory.

The AAP would like to remind Mr Modi about the speech he gave at Meerut on February 2, during his election campaign. Mr Modi had said :“Delhi needs to be seen as a global city but in the last few days, the kind of language and actions that are being seen, our head is bowed in shame. A few days ago women from Africa were ill treated. This is condemnable.”

What does Mr Modi have to say now, when his government is responsible for the national capital ? Not only Mr Modi, his cabinet colleagues who used to proactively blog about all the issues, seem to have suddenly gone silent.


The way the entire issue of rolling back the Four Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP) has been handled by the DU authorities and the University Grants Commission, shows there was no application of mind in dealing with the situation.

The students have gone through a nightmare and it is shameful that they had to adopt the path of protests to get every single issue sorted out, including their latest demand of continuation of the courses.

Not only did the DU and UGC expose their unprofessional functioning, but the human resources development ministry must also own up its share of blame for its poor approach in dealing with the situation.

The DU vice-chancellor and the UGC chairman must immediately step down from the positions owning moral responsibility for the mess created by them and in case they do not do so, the Chancellor and the Visitor must intervene to show them the door for allowing political interference and undermining the autonomy of their institutions.


The NDA government behaved almost identically to its predecessor the UPA, in dealing with the UPSC aspirants, peacefully protesting for their demand of the scrapping of the civil service aptitude test, which in their view discriminates against students from Hindi medium.

It was extremely shocking that the government allowed four metro stations of central Delhi to be shut, instead of calling the students for talks.

The AAP demands that the growing unrest among the students about the linguistic barriers needs constructive reforms on an urgent basis. The value of Hindi and other Indian languages as medium of UPSC examination cannot be simply eliminated.


Even six months after the Arvind Kejriwal government had ordered the CAG audit of private power distribution companies (discoms), the three discoms are denying access of their account books to the CAG, despite the fact that all their desperate attempts so far to stall the audit have been completely unsuccessful.

It is a matter of shame that now the CAG has been forced to ask the Delhi administration (particularly the LG) to be proactive in ensuring that the discoms do not create any further hurdle in their audit.

The reluctance of the former Shiela Dikshit government in ordering the CAG audit of discoms was understandable, since her Congress government was a partner in the loot done by these discoms.

Her government allowed the discoms to raise electricity tarrifs repeatedly and gave away the government resources to them at throwaway prices.

What is shocking is the behaviour of the union power minister Mr Piyush Goyal. Not only his government miserably failed in ending the long power cuts in the peak summer season, but his entire thrust seems to be on saving the interests of discoms at the cost of common people.

The AAP would like to tell the union power minister Mr Piyush Goyal that the discoms are not providing any charity service to the people of Delhi and they need not be treated with kid gloves.

The role of the central government and the LG is not merely advisory in this matter and the AAP demands that in accordance with the provisions of the existing law, they need to deal sternly with the erring discoms.

It is the right of the people to know the results of the audit, which will result in electricity tariffs coming down in Delhi, and the central government and the LG should not fail in their constitutional duty.


The collapse of an old building in Inderlok (North Delhi) on Saturday is a gross example of the state of affairs in the BJP ruled Municipal Corporations. Not only are these corporations a den of corruption, but their nexus with builders mafia is common knowledge.

The silence of the BJP on the loss of innocent lives due to the collapse of this dilapidated structure is only a reflection of the insensitivity of this party towards the issues facing the people of the city.

The AAP demands a judicial probe into how the building collapse took place to find out the reality and fix responsibility by ensuring exemplary punishment for those guilty of lapses that led to this unpardonable incident.

The inquiry announced by the North Delhi Municipal Corporation is meaningless and will serve no purpose since the corporation which is itself responsible for the safety of buildings in its jurisdiction cannot be expected to come out with a fair and impartial finding.


AAP Media Cell

Li and U Thein stands for cooperation

29 06 2014


China and Myanmar has vow to co-operate in trade, energy and infrastructure as per the agreement reached between the two countries.Cooperation agreement reached between the two countries on visit of President of Myanmar state visit from 27 June to 30 June at the invitation of Chinese premier.
Furthe Li said China will work to build economy corridor with relevant countries China, Bangladesh Myanmar,,India to strengthen economic. trade under One belt One road.Silk route of ages is new reality.
Silk road Economic belt Are the concept put forth by Chinese President.

Saina Nehwal wins Australian Super Series

29 06 2014

Saina Nehwal wins Australian Super Series
Ace Indian shuttler Saina Nehwal produced a dominating performance to lift her second title of the season, winning the USD 750,000 Star Australian Super Series after beating Spain’s Carolina Marin in the summit clash in Sydney on Sunday.

The sixth seeded Indian, who had won the India Open Grand Prix Gold earlier this year, prevailed 21-18 21-11 in a 43-minute contest which left her richer by USD 56,000.

The 24-year-old Saina, who enjoyed a 1-0 head-to-head record against Marin going into Sunday’s match, logged the first point and displayed some deft net play against her rival, stroking in some delectably timed volleys to take a 5-2 lead in the opening game.

But the 21-year-old Marin was not the one to give up easily and showed just why she is considered one of the most feisty players on the circuit.

She narrowed the gap to 6-8 but seemed distinctly out of her comfort zone every time Saina dragged her towards the net.

Also, Marin didn’t help her cause by committing a service error to gift an easy point to Saina, who went into the interval leading 11-7 after an intriguing rally which ended with the Spaniard smashing the shuttle wide.

Marin raised her game and the decibel levels after the break but Saina was quick to counter-attack and returned her rival’s attempted smashes with quiet intensity.

In between, Marin played some fine strokes but they never came consistently enough as Saina made it 17-12.

Marin’s dogged determination was there to be seen in every point she played for but that alone was never going to be enough to upstage a composed Saina.

The Indian, who didn’t seem affected at all by Marin’s aggressive outpouring of emotions after every claimed point, sealed the opening game 21-18 after her world number 11 rival smashed one into the net 23 minutes into the match.

In the second game, Marin’s determination helped her take a 3-1 lead to start with but it was not too long before Saina came back into the fray, this time on the back of some well-placed strokes from the baseline.

Perhaps taking a cue from Marin, Saina too let some emotion show as she clenched her fist and shouted ‘come on’ after every clinched point.

But one of her screams came about in the middle of a rally, prompting Marin to complain to the chair umpire, who merely asked her to continue.

The distraction didn’t do any good to Marin as Saina raced to a 11-4 lead against the Spaniard, who looked to be in disarray.

After the interval, Saina kept up the pressure, regularly inducing errors from Marin, who struggled to maintain the intensity she displayed in the opening game.

Dominating the proceedings, Saina produced some of her trademark smashes to further demoralise her rival, whose shoulders had dropped by that stage.

But there was to be some moments of drama before the win came about. Leading 19-9, Saina challenged a line call that went against her but replays showed that the shuttle had in fact landed wide.

The Indian made another mistake while playing the very next point as she buried an attempted smash into the net.

But Saina made amends quite quickly and clinched the title after Marin lobbed a shuttle wide.

Colombia beat Uruguay 2-0

29 06 2014

Uruguay proud despite Colombia defeat


Colombia beat Uruguay 2-0 at the Maracana

FIFA WC: Colombia beat Uruguay 2-0 to reach quarterfinals for 1st time
James Rodriguez hero of Colombia beat Uruguay 2-0 at the Maracana on Saturday to reach the World Cup.This is first quarter-finals for Colombia where they will face Brazil. Rodriguez broke the deadlock shortly before the half hour with a breath-taking strike, chesting the ball down and volleying home from 25 yards. The 22-year-old Monaco playmaker added a second early in the second half, sending him to the top of the scorers chart with five goals and confirming his emergence as one of the players of the tournament.

His goals took Colombia into the quarter-finals for the first time, meaning the northern Brazilian city of Fortaleza will turn completely yellow when Jose Pekerman’s side play the hosts on July 4.

Uruguay’s fans sported Suarez masks and brandished banners in support of their wayward star, who flew home to Montevideo on Friday, while his shirt was hung up in the Uruguay changing room.
Rodriguez top scorer of the World Cup scoring charts on five goals and many of Europe´s biggest clubs are looking to sign emerging star. First goal of the tournament as he took the ball down on his chest with his back to goal, make move hitting to goal post. Second was a simple tap in after Juan Cuadrado headed Pablo Armero´s deep cross back into the danger zone.

Colombia will next play Brazil in Fortaleza on Friday in the last eight

Brazil plays Chile Lose in penality shoots

29 06 2014


Brazil through as Chile pay the penalty


Brazil have squeezed through to the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup™ on penalties after a tense, thrilling 1-1 draw with Chile at the Estadio Mineirao in Belo Horizonte. Gonzalo Jara hit the post with the decisive kick, while Julio Cesar saved two, to give Brazil a 3-2 win in the shootout and send the valiant Chileans home.

Chile had only made it this far at the World Cup on three previous occasions and, having been beaten by Brazil on each of those, knew that the odds and omens were heavily stacked against them. The early stages of the match suggested that this one, too, would closely follow that historical pattern, with Marcelo snatching on an early half-cleared corner to curl in a powerful left-foot shot that flashed just wide of the left-hand post.

It was a signal of intent from the hosts and, after seeing penalty appeals turned down at both ends, the Mineirao crowd were able to cheer a Seleção opener after 18 minutes. Neymar was its architect, curling in an inswinging corner from the left that was bundled home from close range by David Luiz – with a little help from Jara – after Thiago Silva had won the initial near-post header.

Brazil were in the ascendancy and, with the fans buoyant, Neymar almost doubled their lead on 26 minutes, outpacing Gary Medel on a surge into the box only to drag his left-foot shot wide of the far post. All that positive work was soon to be undone, though, with Chile levelling six minutes later due to a moment of defensive slackness.

Hulk and Marcelo were the guilty parties, with their poorly executed throw-in routine near the byline allowing Eduardo Vargas to steal in and square for Alexis Sanchez. Unmarked and scarcely able to believe his luck, the Barcelona winger had time and space to pick his spot and duly measured a low-right foot shot into the far corner of the net from 12 yards.

Moments of hesitancy at the back continued to plague Luiz Felipe Scolari’s side, but they remained the game’s most positive attacking force and came close to re-establishing their lead on three more occasions prior to the break. First, after good play down the right by Dani Alves and Oscar, Neymar saw his goal-bound header deflected wide, then Fred shot over from close range and a 30-yard Alves effort forced a fine tip-over from Claudio Bravo.

The Seleção fans continued to roar their heroes forward, but while they were cheering again nine minutes into the second half, Hulk’s effort was ruled out for use of the arm in the build-up to him scuffing the ball home. At the other end, Brazil were indebted to goalkeeper Cesar for a wonderful reflex save, somehow diverting behind a Charles Aranguiz effort that seemed destined for the back of the net.

Chile continued to make life difficult for their hosts and opportunities began to dry up, with Bravo saving well from Neymar and Hulk on the occasions when they did break through. Extra time was therefore called upon to settle the outcome, but after Bravo again denied Hulk and substitute Mauricio Pinilla struck the bar, the stalemate remained.

That left penalties to decide this enthralling contest, and even that was impossible to predict, with Jara ultimately the fall guy after Luiz, Marcelo and Neymar had all found the net for Brazil.

David  Luiz put Brazil ahead by putting the Goal  onto ball from corner from Neymer at eighteen minutes of the game.

Sanchez does equalizer for Chile.

half time both team scoring each goal are in state of stalemate.

Both team playing with great energy and the skill of team shall help team to gain.

Brazilian Hulk get yellow card as ball touches his ball which gets in goal post.

Both Brazil and Chile quick to get possession of the ball making it speedy action oriented game a treat to watch players clashing and colliding.

Stalemate continues in second half and further thirty nib uses game  extended but the two teams played wonderful  game and could not get to the result favoring either  of the two in extended 30minutes.

PenAlity shoots to get the results  began.

David score first goal  for Brazil in penaLity kick shot.

Second turn of Chile goalless.

Brazil missed third chance.

Chile Sanchuz  unable as goalkeeper saves..

Brazil score gaol.

Chile  score the gaol.


Brazil unable to score.

Chiles score gaol.

Brazil Neymer score.  goal.


Brazil won by penaLity shoot out and moves in quarter finals. Brazil three penaLity to Chile two penaLity shoots gave Brazil win.


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Any Changes in the new Land Acquisition Act is UNACCEPTABLE to People’;s Movements and will Face Stiff RESISTANCE

Consent and SIA Provisions are the Most Important Features of the Act

NDA Government Should Ensure Strict Implementation of the New Act

Ministry of Environment must Back Off from making amendments to the FC and EC Processes

Environment and Development are Matters of Livelihood and Basic Survival

New Delhi, June 28, 2014 : The news that two of the key provisions, ‘;consent’; and ‘;Social Impact Assessment’; of the Right to Fair Compensation, Transparency in Land Acquisition, resettlement and Rehabilitation Act, 2013 is to be amended by the NDA government is completely unacceptable to the people’;s movements and will face tough opposition across the country. It may well be reminded that the new Act was framed in the wake of protests across the nation at places like Nandigram, Singur, Kalinganagar, Kakrapalli, Bhatta Parsaul, where many people died and years of struggle by Narmada Bachao Andolan, Niyamgiri Suraksha Parishad and Anti SEZ protests in Raigarh, Jhajhar for repeal of the colonial act and enactment of a new development planning act marking people’;s participation and provisions for livelihood based  R&R.

The consent and SIA provision was introduced to do away with the anomalies in the colonial act, since farmers and those dependent on the land were never consulted or made a participant in the process of development planning. Huge tracts of fertile land were acquired at throw away prices and given to private and public corporations in the name of public purpose and industrialization.  The stiff opposition to the land grab has led in past to cancellation of numerous SEZs and other projects and any discussion on the question of land for industrialization has to take in account.

Ministry of Rural Development should work on implementing the Act by drafting the rules for its implementation and get States to do the same. It is shocking that most of these states demanding an amendment have not even bothered to frame the rules for the new Act. As of now, Karnataka and Maharashtra are the only two states who have framed draft rules for the same, how can they demand an amendment?

It will be a retrograde step if we were to go to back to the colonial process of forced land acquisition and no regard for impact of land acquisition on the people, environment and democratic institutions which need to be consulted and their consent taken in the process of SIA. If any amendment has to be made to the act then it needs to be made more stringent in following terms :

1. Consent for the public purpose projects to be mandatory for the government projects too.

2. Limited definition of the ‘;Public Purpose’;. Infrastructure doesn’;t equal development. We have seen how Reliance has been creating infrastructure for nation, they work for profit alone and in the process loot the citizens and arm-twist the government, prime example being Delhi and Mumbai Metro and KG Basin Gas projects  ?

3. Mandatory SIA provisions for the irrigation projects as well, given the huge displacement, in case of Sardar Sarovar dam the sword of displacement is hanging on 2.5 lakh people even after three decades.

4. Urgently establish a National resettlement and Rehabilitation Commission to deal with the grievances of 10 crores of people who have sacrificed their land and livelihood in the process of development.

Since, the time NDA government has come to power a slew of changes have been proposed to the existing provisions of environment and forest clearances, as if Ministry of Environment and Forests sole job was to clear projects and allow destruction of forests, wildlife, rivers and so on in the name of development. The government seems to be in a hurry but this mandate from people need not be confused as a license to trample upon the rights of the people and tinker with the existing laws which are to protect life, livelihood and environment. 

NAPM calls upon progressive forces, people’;s movements and political parties to join this fight against corporate loot of the natural resources at the cost of livelihood of the millions. The corporate designs of loot of the natural resources will not be allowed to succeed by the people’;s movements and every move will be resisted by the farmers, workers, fisherfolks, forest dwellers, adivasis, urban poor of this country. The NDA government will do itself good to remember that the power of people have forced radical changes and overthrown parties from power in past, the good days will not last forever!


Medha Patkar – Narmada Bachao Andolan – National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM); Prafulla Samantara – Lok Shakti Abhiyan, Lingraj Azad – Niyamgiri Suraksha Parishad, NAPM, Odisha; Dr. Sunilam, Aradhna Bhargava – Kisan Sangharsh Samiti, NAPM, MP; Gautam Bandopadhyay – Nadi Ghati Morcha, NAPM, Chhattisgarh; Suniti SR, Suhas Kolhekar, Prasad Bagwe – NAPM, Maharashtra; Gabriel Dietrich, Geetha Ramakrishnan – Unorganised Sector Workers Federation, NAPM, TN; C R Neelakandan – NAPM Kerala; Saraswati Kavula, P Chennaiah – NAPM Andhra Pradesh,  B S Rawat – Jan Sangharsh Vahini, Rajendra Ravi, Sunita Rani, Madhuresh Kumar, Seela M – NAPM, Delhi; Arundhati Dhuru, Richa Singh, Nandlal Master – NAPM, UP; Sister Celia – Domestic Workers Union, Maj. Gen (Retd) Sudhir Vombatkere – NAPM, Karnataka; Sumit Wanjale – Ghar Bachao, Ghar Banao Andolan, NAPM, Mumbai; Manish Gupta – Jan Kalyan Upbhokta Samiti, NAPM, UP; Vimal Bhai – Matu Jan sangathan, NAPM, Uttarakhand; Vilas Bhongade – Gosikhurd Prakalpgrast Sangharsh Samiti, NAPM, Maharashtra; Ramashray Singh – Ghatwar Adivasi Mahasabha, Jharkhand; Anand Mazhgaonkar, Krishnakant – Paryavaran Suraksh Samiti, NAPM Gujarat; Kamayani Swami, Ashish Ranjan – Jan Jagran Shakti Sangathan, NAPM Bihar; Mahendra Yadav – Kosi Navnirman Manch, NAPM Bihar

 For details contact : 9818905316 | email :