Sikh pilgrims given visas for Pakistan 



340 Sikh pilgrims given visas for Pakistan  U
The Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi on Friday issued visas to around 340 Sikh pilgrims to visit the Gurdwara Punja Sahib in Hassanabdal in Pakistani Punjab on June 8 to perform rituals.
The high commission, in a statement, said that the 341 Sikh pilgrims are travelling for the Guru Arjun Dev Jee Ajore Mela ritual to be held in Pakistan from June 8 to 17. 


The pilgrims are travelling to Gurdwara Punja Sahib in Hassanabdal on June 8 to perform rituals in connection with the 408th death anniversary of Guru Arjan Dev, the fifth of the 10 Sikh gurus. 

According to Sikhism, the event is called Shaheedi Jor Mela or Shaheedi Purab of Guru Arjan Dev. 


Wang Yi meets Sushma Swaraj 


Chinese FM Wang Yi meets Sushma Swaraj<br />
In the first high-level interaction with the new dispensation in New Delhi, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Sunday held talks with his Indian counterpart Sushma Swaraj and discussed ways to strengthen cooperation in key areas including trade and investment.

Both Wang Yi and Sushma Swaraj were assisted by their delegations which comprised of senior officials from the External Affairs Ministry.Wang, who is special envoy of Chinese President Xi Jinping, arrived in the wee hours to establish political contacts with the new Indian government amid hopes of an upswing in bilateral ties due to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s familiarity with China.

During his two-day visit, he will call on President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang was the first foreign Head of Government to call up Modi after he took over as Prime Minister.

The Chinese Prime Minister had conveyed his government’s desire to establish robust partnership with the new government during a call to Modi, who expressed keenness to work closely to deal with any “outstanding issues”.

During the call, Modi had noted that China was always a “priority” in India’s foreign policy and welcomed greater economic engagement between the two countries.

China has already conveyed its interest in having a top Indian leader attend the 60th anniversary of Panchasheel, the five principles enunciated jointly by former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and his then Chinese counterpart Zhou Enlai in 1954.

China is hosting a function to mark the occasion on June 28 in which a high-level delegation from Myanmar, which too was associated with Panchasheel concept, is expected to participate.

China had already conveyed to India its President Xi Jinping’s wish to visit New Delhi.

Xi and Modi will have an opportunity to meet during the next BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Summit to be held in Brazil in July.

Chinese leadership shared familiarity with Modi as he visited China four times during his long tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat.

His victory in the general elections was widely welcomed in the Chinese official media.


Abdel Fattah el-Sisi sworn in as president


Egyptian strongman Sisi sworn-in as President

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the former Egyptian army chief, has been sworn in as the new president at Cairo’s Constitutional Court amid high security. 

Sisi took the oath of office before the Supreme Constitutional Court in a suburb south of the Egyptian capital, the same venue where deposed President Mohamed Morsi, now on trial for charges that carry the death penalty, was sworn in two years ago.

“I swear by almighty God to preserve the republican system, and to respect the constitution and the law and to care for the interests of the people; and to preserve the independence of the nation and its territorial integrity,” Sisi said.

Sunday was declared a national holiday and tight security was enforced by the police and military throughout Cairo.

“Cairo has announced a state of emergency across its institutions, and no breaks will be taken today and on Sunday,” Ahmed Sakr, the deputy governor of Cairo, said on Saturday. 

Egypt’s former army chief Abdel Fattah el-Sisi was on Sunday sworn-in as the country’s new President after winning by a landslide in May elections, strengthening the military’s grip on power in the deeply polarised nation.

Sisi, 59, was declared the country’s president last week after winning 96.6 per cent of the presidential vote, almost a year since the ouster of Islamist leader Mohamed Morsi last year. 


He took the oath of office for a four-year term at a ceremony held in front of the Supreme Constitutional Court’s General Assembly . 

Later he was given a 21-gun salute followed by the national anthem. He is the seventh president of Egypt. 

Sunday was declared a national holiday. The low-key ceremony was attended by the entire Cabinet of Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab as well as Sisi’s wife and children. 

Sisi, wearing a navy blue western suit, entered the hall walking side by side with the outgoing interim president Adly Mansour. 

The ceremony, telecast live on TV, started with verses from the Quran. 

The inauguration will continue with ceremonies at the Ittihadiya and El-Kobbeh presidential palaces, which will be attended by several foreign representatives. 

Egypt has tightened security across its capital Cairo for his inauguration amid assassination “threats” recently reported by Egyptian media, warning that former army could be a target of planned attacks. 

Sisi, a retired field marshal who deposed Morsi, promised to restore stability and the economy after three years of turmoil. 

Morsi, who became the country’s first democratically- elected president after the ouster of longtime leader Hosni Mubarak, was deposed on July 3, 2013 following massive protests calling for his resignation. 

Sisi, who was army chief at the time, stepped down from his military post this year to run for President. 

In the election, Sisi defeated the only other contender Hamdeen Sabahi.
Political experts warn that if he cannot deliver in the next year or two he could face a mass revolt, like his predecessors.

He inherits a nation that is divided and weary.





Sharapova wins women’s singles final of French open


Maria Sharapova Just now  from Facebook.

Words can’t describe how happy I am to hold this trophy again. Thank you for being part of the journey with me!

Words can't describe how happy I am to hold this trophy again. Thank you for being part of the journey with me!

Maria Sharapova.(AFP Photo / Kenzo Tribouillard)

Maria Sharapova at Roland Garros Stadium in Paris burst into applause as Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova grabbed the top spot in the women’s singles final of the French Open tennis tournament, beating Romania’s Simona Halep.   Russian tennis player Sharapova defeated rising star Halep 6-4, 6-7(5), 6-4.


Campaign to help end rape and sexual violence by the Burmese Army.


[BurmaCampaign] The pressure is working

Anna Roberts

Today at 12:09 PM

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Dear friend


There has just been a success in our campaign to help end rape and sexual violence by the Burmese Army.


The Burmese government has just become the 150th country to sign the Declaration of Commitment to End Sexual Violence in Conflict. The declaration contains practical and political commitments to end impunity, promote accountability, and provide justice and safety for victims of sexual violence in conflicts.


The signing of the declaration comes on the eve of the Global Summit To End Sexual Violence in Conflict, being hosted by the British government and Angelina Jolie.


Together we pressured the British government to do more to help stop rape and sexual violence in Burma. The British government then applied pressure on the Burmese government. Now the Burmese government has signed the declaration. This shows that pressure does work.


However, just because Burma has signed the declaration, it doesn’t mean that they will actually do anything about it. We have seen a great many broken promises by President Thein Sein in the past, including his failure to release all political prisoners by the end of last year, his failure to stop using child soldiers in the Burmese Army, and his failure to stop Burmese Army attacks in Kachin State.


Pressure must be maintained to ensure that President Thein Sein agrees concrete actions within a specific timeframe to actually implement the declaration.


Since Thein Sein became President, the Burmese Army has continued to rape ethnic women and girls, including 8 year olds, and grandmothers. They must be stopped!


Please email Foreign Secretary William Hague to thank him for persuading the Burmese government to sign the declaration, and asking him to keep up the pressure.


Take action here:

Thank you for your continuing support. It means so much to the women of Burma.


Zoya Phan

Burma Campaign UK




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Press Conferences photo frame


I am human, I make mistakes, Yogendra Yadav has the right to point them out,” says Arvind Kejriwal; describes him as an “elder brother”

Kejriwal promises to restructure Aam Aadmi Party, says ‘will try to incorporate people from every section of society’

Belive you when AK is accessible not behave like VIP of AAP.”

Party runs with democratic norms not by self style approach or taking decisions sneakingly

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Congratulations Mumbaikars!! & for your dedication towards developing Maharashtra :

‪#‎MumbaiMetro‬ has started today by Maharashtra CM Prithivraj Chavan. We hope that Mumbai Metro will make your life easy in Mumbai.

Congratulations Mumbaikars!! & Thanks Prithviraj Chavan (CM Maharashtra) for your dedication towards developing Maharashtra :  #MumbaiMetro has started today by Maharashtra CM Prithivraj Chavan. We hope that Mumbai Metro will make your life easy in Mumbai.
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Nidhi Gambhir's photo.


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