Civil Services Interview

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) that released the list of successful candidates of Civil Services Mains exams 2013 is to hold the Personality Test/Interviews from April 9, 2014.

The first round of personality test/interviews will April 9, 2014 and will end on May 2, 2014 with 1,281 of the total 3,003 candidates scheduled for the interviews. The interview schedule for the remaining candidates will be released shortly.

The interviews will be held in two sessions, reporting time for the forenoon session is 9:00 AM and for the afternoon session is 1:00 PM.


  1. Interview Details Schedule (09.04.2014 to 02.05.2014) -Click HereInterview Details Schedule (05.05.2014 to 05.06.2014) -Click Here
  2. Following Documents to be submitted at the time of PT Board for Civil Services (Main) Examination 2013
  • SC/ST Certificate Proforma, OBC Certificate Proforma, Undertaking, Physically Handicapped Certificate Proforma, Proforma of Halling from Certificate
  • Questionnaire, Attestation Form, TA Form


The candidates are requested to have the following documents before they leave for the interview.

I. Filling of the Questionnaire: The seven page questionnaire is required for the research and analysis section of UPSC and is used for assessing background information of the candidate appearing for the personality test/ interview. The questionnaire is divided into several sections.

  1. Background of the candidate.
  2. Employment status
  3. Previous Civil Services attempts
  4. Competitive exams cleared
  5. Reasons for interest in Civil Services
  6. Education particulars
  7. Background of Parents/Guardian
  8. Source of information for Civil Services
  9. Coaching attended
  10. Optional subject chosen. This questioner has be duly filled and submitted at the time of the interview.


II. Attestation Form: The attestation form has to be filled with required details including residence, nationality education etc and is to be signed by a Gazetted officer before being submitted at the time of the interview.

The Questionnaire, Attestation Form and TA Form are available at:

If you have applied under SC or ST or OBC, or Physically Handicapped category then fill in and submit the respective certificate. The certificate is available for print out at:


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