Kalachakra in Leh, Ladakh, J&K, India on July 3 to 13:

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June 17, 2014

Kalachakra in Leh, Ladakh, J&K, India on July 3 to 13

By: Mila Tharpa

The Kalachakra initiation by His Holiness the Dalai Lama is considered one the most holy religious sermon among all the Buddhist people in India and the world at large. Such kind of religious sermon is aimed towards world peace, harmony and brining human closer to each other through ancient teachings. The Buddhist people around the world are always eager and seriously make sure to attend the sermon and the majority of the Buddhist community people are of the middle class for which expense matter so much still they tries best to come with their family together. The Kalachakra in Amravati is considered the best ever in arrangement and ease for the pilgrimage people even though it’s a hot and new place for many people. It is all because of the kindness and the futuristic look forward by the Andhra Tourism Ministry in making this religious ceremony successful and comfortable for the devotees. This year July 3 to 13, 2014 Kalachakra in Leh, Ladakh is going to be very blissful and comfortable to people of Ladakh who are religious and practically a Buddhist in their day-to-day life. But the many other devotees coming from every part of India are in shock to see the flight tickets that are going above 20000 just for one way, even though it is just one-hour flight and normally it is being priced between 3500 to 6000/-. It is very sad that Ladakh is being an under developing and a remote part of India, it has no facilities of transportation through train or by road except in summer in that time too by road sometimes a risky travel as it has to bypass some of the highest motorable roads in the world. Many elders are unable to go even though they are so much eager to attend the Kalachakra all because of the greedy corporate and lazy Civil Aviation authority who do not care to supervise and give justice in getting a reasonable fare for the devotees to travel by flight. Recently, a letter dated June 5, 2014 by Sh. Thupstan Chhewang, MP from Ladakh to Sh Ashok Gajapathi Raju, Hon’ble Minister of Civil Aviation of India was was submitted to consider in the unfair fare. “an urgent need for ensuring more and regular flights to Leh with a reasonable ticket price. It is unfair that passengers taking on hour Delhi-Leh flight pay four times more the fare paid by those taking about three hours Delhi-Mumbai flight.” Sh. Thupstan Chhewang, MP It is very sad that even after the request and several meetings of Sh. Chhewang with the concern officers and ministers, the fare are going even higher and more expensive. Such kind of ignorance is intentional and no concern to the Ladakh people and common people at large. This article is a request to the reader to spread this issue in social media, send it to your respective MPs, political leaders and in the media/press to give some attention to this unfair fare difficulties faced by the people of Ladakh and Buddhist devotees at large.

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