Is Jaitley call to States to crack down on hoarders a hoax?

States asked to crack down on hoarders: Jaitley
Updated 128 June 10;06 AM
With new government at Centro is it acting as their predecessor their diction same as old. Thus the promises of Good days ahead is being banged as hoax by various e channels and Qs their intentions.
Is fiscal lawlessness, nation wide policy on public distribution food for all is state subject or federal subject. Making black money vide hoarding of essential food item,articles thus is national subject
must be dealt severely.
Government with such qualified majority is competent to act fast and not linger for two years and allow the devils to go for killing thus allow damaging nation economy.
The spiraling inflation can only be fixed if the traders with nexus of bigwigs think for the welfare of nation. Even  containment of prices can be achieved with continuity chain  order of public distribution.
Further the “Efficiency Mantras’ of injecting the efficiency at all levels with dose of  transparency dissolved with technology to  which Modi went Gaga appears to be only to impress the intellect of this country  but no plan in reality but give loose chord to traders and businessmen thus to dilute his building global image.
Let PM remember arise,awake till goal is reached was also his sermon on his 480 nation wide electoral appearances  further his promise to last person gets his due needs to be revisited. .
 IB national agency to look after national interest  report to which e channels has purposeful leak to build government good intention bring IB at threshold of blaming one side on pretext of fiscal borrowing which is matter of Finance ministry and Environment ministry which need to wok collectively in faster mood  on their big infra to take care of the environment and people welfare. These immediate plan can’t be put on back burners. Moot question here arise did government full filed its preliminary duties of allotting land to landless on Q of big projects did they got their dues, did police and war widows get their dues from the government.
What is the IB  doing for corrupt offices to enliven the system which is in deep slumber  embedded with corruption and this was raised by our popular leader Modi too. Nation health can not be  retrieved to its best order as we  play blame game but contrary punish the guilty allow honest and merit to rule,to curb nepotism to be at its naught.
There is common perception that two brands of political outfit BJP and Congress compromise where there is ample opportunity to earn and buries the national issue like black money, fiscal embezzlement thus sharing nation wide scheme of people welfare to its gain this perception made non-entity like Arvind came to forefront without any vision and with his arrogant self certify honest party convener.
With prices of essential food items shooting up, the Centre on Tuesday unveiled measures to tame inflation by asking state governments to crack down on hoarders and delist items such as onions and potato on which a minimum export price was slapped to discourage exports

The steps were disclosed by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley after a high-level meeting in which Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh, Food Minister Ramvilas Paswan, Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and top officials including Nripendra Misra, Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, were present.Maintaining that only four or five commodities have witnessed a spike in prices, the Finance Minister said states have been asked to crack down on hoarders who are trying to exploit apprehensions of a weak monsoon.
He said the states have been asked to delist certain items, which are usually procured through Agriculture Produce Marketing Committees, so that they come into the open market.
About 50 lakh tonnes of rice will be released in the open market through state governments to cool prices.
While a USD 300 per tonne minimum export price on onion has already been imposed, a similar levy on potatoes will be decided by the Commerce Ministry to discourage exports and boost their domestic availability and control prices, he said.
With regard to pulses and edible oil, states will be given a line of credit to directly import them to meet local demand, Jaitley said.
Jaitley said Delhi Lt Governor Najeeb Jung has been asked to procure onions and potatoes from the open market and flood the market through Mother Dairy retail outlets.
He has also been asked to delist all food items in the capital, a move that will enable farmers to sell their produce directly to the market.
The government, he said, was closely monitoring prices of 22 commodities and will take steps to curb volatility.
Rising prices of essential food items such as vegetables, fruits and cereals pushed up inflation to a five-month high of 6.01 per cent in May.
The likelihood of a sub-normal monsoon and the fallout of violence in Iraq on commodity and oil markets may further worsen the price situation.
Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan said the central bank will be focused on controlling inflation over the next few months.


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