Can you make a quick phone call for minorities in Burma?



 Today at 7:03 PM

Dear friend


If you live in the UK, then this week you have a rare opportunity to pressure the British government to do more to help Burma’s persecuted minorities.


On Wednesday morning there will be a debate in the British Parliament entitled: ‘Situation in Burma and the persecution of the Rohingya and other minorities’.

David Ward MP has secured the time for this debate, which will last one and a half hours.


A minister from the Foreign Office will have to come to Parliament to answer MPs’ questions and defend government policy. We need as many MPs as possible to attend the debate and challenge the current government policy on Burma, which prioritises trade instead of human rights.


Can you call your MP and ask them to attend the debate?  It will only take a few minutes, and could make a real difference. We don’t have time for letters or emails, as the advance notice for this debate was so short.


Just call 020 7219 3000 and ask for the office of your MP. If your MP isn’t available, you can leave a message with your MP’s assistant or researcher.


If you don’t know who your MP is, just enter your postcode on this website


Key points to make to your MP:


The debate is called: Situation in Burma and the persecution of the Rohingya and other minorities.


The debate takes place at 9.30am in Westminster Hall on Wednesday 25th June.


Despite reforms in Burma, ethnic minorities continue to be persecuted. The UN Human Rights expert on Burma has stated there is evidence of crimes against humanity against the Rohingya.


The British government has switched to a very soft policy on Burma, despite ongoing human rights abuses, and the policy isn’t working. The number of political prisoners in Burma has doubled so far this year.


If they want more information ask them to contact Burma Campaign UK.


We don’t normally ask you to call your MP, but this is too good an opportunity to miss, so please do take five minutes to call your MP.


Thank you



Burma Campaign UK


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