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Ravinder Singh

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 Jun 30 at 7:43 PM

AAP WORLD Party for Arvind Kejriwal – Internal Conflict
June30, 2014

AAP is the only party, thanks to Anna Hazare Movement against
corruption, within weeks registered millions of Workers and Volunteers
across India, was getting funds from all over the world. His
reluctance to contest outside Delhi is surprising.

This was unprecedented response to a newly formed party and securing
11.3m votes in 2014 Lok Sabha election when it had not a single
National Level Leader.
But AAP politics remained localized for Kejriwal and only for
Kejriwal. He called workers and volunteers to support him in Varanasi
neglecting campaigning across India, which he eventually lost was
primarily responsible for poor show.

AAP remained Opportunistic Party exploiting Local Issues than
providing VISION – even Lame Duck vision is better than no vision.

He has not spelt out his ECONOMIC AGENDA to the people.

AAP has not been able to out of initial success when Delhi voters
expressed unprecedented faith in his leadership but he preferred to
stay on streets than work for people and remove corruption from system
and also improve all services.

AAP didn’t win a single seat outside Punjab where it won four seats
and sizeable vote share 24.4% this was next only to Delhi vote share
of 32.9%.

AAP failed because it didn’t have NATIONAL AGENDA and Clear Road Map
to improve Income and Wealth Sharing of Indians and AAP didn’t support
candidates except in few regions.

Polling 4.2% votes or 48,802 votes average per constituency is not bad
for Haryana contesting first time against 4-5 parties already
established for decades.

Reluctance to contest from Haryana primarily Rural Dominated economy
indicates AAP preference for Urban centric policies than Rural Farming
MSME serving majority.

Political fever that helped him get good percentage of votes in
December and April state and national elections is over – it shall be
AAPs third attempt in Delhi and hopefully second in other states going
to polls shortly and he must come up with Concrete Agenda and Vision.

Ravinder Singh, National General Secretary.
Sabka Bharat Mission 2019
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi -110016
Ph: 9650421857, 9718280435


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