Much talk of Indian railway to enhance speed trains

Travel to Agra from Delhi in 90 mins by train from November

Indian railway is to enhance speed of various trains to 160Kms per hour but with its load capacity how much speed it enjoys could be less than 150 kms per hour.This speed enhancement entails four stages, introduction of electronic and smart card system in trains for making it water tight  and secondly improving the signals with electronic gadgets , third need  mechanical up gradation of trains of its wheels, springs connecting points of bogies making it aero dynamic with convergence of alloys  and finally of Geological study and structure analyses of the rail track foundations to absorb and sustain the speedy continuous vibrations, jerks due to train running and other structural design to strengthen the rail track from external natural threats of foundation of rail track.
When we are enhancing speed from normal 90Kms per hr to 160 Kmsper hour  doubling  to some extent the strength of  running track needs attention. We need to  be sure of its structural engineering to its core at its best so that too specifically in alluvial formation  where caving and sinking of earth is normal phenomenon and further where runway of water during monsoons may  create fissure could  be of some concern to these rail tracks which need to be weather proof and structurally inbuilt strong, can take load and absorb speedy frictional losses. Magnetic dose to enhance malleability also needs attention all these structural and metallurgical amendments are in public domain thus needs its illustration for common good.
India car industry and motorcycle industry has taken big leap in creating efficient engines,design with special steel to be used in the bodies and structures and electronic to its best and emission under control. Rail sector which is under the public sector where the up gradation,innovation  and other modernization is in dormant state thus depend on foreign cos for the same.Rail sector with two basics the rail track and rail mobility structures needs government attention for which the nation has the skill and resources to take up the various projects of rail corridors. Grossly mechanical rails which runs presently  need to be blended with electronic and aerodynamic design and alloys  for highspeed trains.
Bullet trains with speed reaching more than 300KMph need to be  in new corridors for safety, design, maintenance of higher skill.

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