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95% Civil Servants, Politicians and NGOs Grossly Incompetent


Ravinder Singh

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95% Civil Servants, Politicians and NGOs Grossly Incompetent
July17, 2014 (C)Yes its true 95% of Indian Civil Servants, Politicians and NGOs are
grossly incompetent. I can cite thousands of cases.

On Lunatic River Linking, soon after President Kalam left Vigyan
Bhawan after promoting River Linking in 2003 I asked ‘The idea of
Linking Rivers is on for 40 years – Why can’t we grow foods required
by South in Most Fertile Ganga Basin and Transport 30 million tones of
Foods to South than 50,000 Million Tones of water – most of it shall
be lost in canal system?’

Even after 100 letters and petitions to Kalam on my regular mailing
list – he again favored idea of River Linking and Jairam Ramesh fake
Einstein was also commenting on a huge Lame Duck POLAVARAM dam in AP,
over four times larger in submergence than Bhakra producing little
power and even lesser irrigation which is part of River Link therefore
not serving the region essentially because it is located at the tail
end of Godavari River.

It is horrible Uma Bharti believes she understands rivers more than
all world’s Engineers. I asked ‘Madam Ganga Basin has 100,000 MW of
Hydro Power Potential, Need Flood Protection to 25 million hectare and
Irrigation and Clean Water Supply in Ganga Basin – Are working on
these programs also?’ – She told us you are Wrong – ‘Ganga River has
only 20,000 MW of power potential’ had no idea that India Ganga River
Hydro Potential in Nepal etc.

There is Big GULF between Bill Gates owned Microsoft employing 60,000
Engineers and Narayan Murthy’s INFOSYS in caliber and skills at very
top but political parties in UP and Bihar are promoting DISENT against
UPSC selection process which is Complicated and Flawed – selecting
Civil Servants for Lifetime – and few Privileged Well Beyond age of
retirement even as they actually fail in almost all assignments.

For example which I have reported regularly – Why can’t we Equitably
Distribute Power to all? Some privileged class get 100 KW connection
to run any number of air-conditioners and half of India populations is
denied any power and 600m are told to buy Rs.6000 worth of Solar
Lantern. Jyotiraditya M. Scindia or Piyush Goyal don’t understand such

Obviously it shall be better if below Class I level selections are
made through State Service Commissions and UPSC is required to SELECT
officers who are Experienced and Skilled and Specialists than
believing in Lifelong Civil Service Personnel.

India Patent Office is Most Corrupt and Worst in performance even as
Civil Servants as appointed as its Controller who have no idea of

Importantly GS Jaiya, IAS, WIPO Director advising World on
Intellectual Property and SMEs for 25 years – India has neither
Globally Competitive Industry nor Creating Intellectual property for
the world market.

Ravinder Singh, National General Secretary.
Sabka Bharat Mission 2019
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi -110016
Ph: 9650421857, 9718280435


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