Javadekar:Broadcast of DD, AIR: onto FM soon


Broadcast frequency change underway for DD, AIR: Javadekar


An ambitious project to switch Doordarshan and All India Radio (AIR) broadcasts from medium wave frequency to ‘FM’ will soon be completed to enhance the audio quality, Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar said in Pune on Saturday.

“Work is underway and will be completed soon,” he said, talking to reporters here.The ministry undertook this project as the use of cell-phones is affecting the medium wave broadcasts, he said.

The minister also said that new recruitment will made at the Prasar Bharati without undermining its autonomy.

Javadekar was on Saturday felicitated by the city-headquartered Bank of Maharashtra, where he had once worked for a decade.

Modi: PM Najib outrage is justifiable


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In a letter to Mohammad Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak, Modi expressed his condolences on the loss of lives on board MH17.

Modi said there is “justifiable outrage across the world and India fully supports efforts for an investigation that can help establish the exact circumstances” in which the incident took place, a PMO statement said.

The aircraft was shot down while flying over Ukraine two days back, killing all 298 people on board and triggering a blame-game between Russia and the West.

Modi also referred to the tragedy that befell Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 some months ago, saying there is “still no closure” on that incident.

The aircraft MH370 disappeared during a flight and there is still no concrete information about its whereabouts.

Delhi Crime rising 70k cases June 30 



Delhi Diaries: Crime rising in capital; over 70k cases till June 30

Registering a phenomenal surge, Delhi police recorded over 70,000 cases under IPC laws in the national capital till June 30 this year, up from the 80,000 cases reported in the entire last year.

The rise has been attributed to various factors like rapid urbanisation, socio-economic imbalances and especially increased awareness among the public.

According to Delhi police, the special measures taken by them and the government asking people to come forward and lodge their complaints freely has yielded significant results.

As per the statistics prepared by Delhi Police, the total number of IPC cases reported in Delhi till June 30 this year is 71,523.

In 2013, a total of 80,184 cases were reported in the national capital under various sections of the IPC in the entire span of 12 months.

The number stood at 54,287 in 2012 while in 2011 it was 53,353, and in 2010, 51,292.

The major sections in which rise has been seen is in dacoity, robbery, motor vehicle theft, snatching and other theft.

Forty four cases of dacoity were reported till June 30 this year as against 33 incidents in 2013.

More than double the cases of robbery have been reported in the first six months of 2014 i.e. 2,678, as against 1,245 in the entire span of 12 months in 2013.

According to police, rapid urbanisation, very large floating population, socio-economic imbalances and easily accessible escape routes to neighbouring states for criminal elements has been the factors contributing to the rise of crime in the national capital.

The number of rape cases reported have also increased from 1,636 in entire 2013 to 984 in the first six months this year in the national capital which has been under increased spotlight over crimes against women after the December 16, 2012, bus gangrape of a student.

As many as 1,980 cases of molestation have been reported till June 30 this year as against a total of 3,515 such cases in 2013.

Delhi Police Commissioner B S Bassi had recently said that “truthful” recording of cases of crime against women has caused a 500 per cent rise in such cases.

GBGB-NAPM Welcomes Maharashtra Government’;s Decision to Revise the Cut-off Date for Urban Poor in Mumbai to 2000




Mumbai / New Delhi, July 19 : It is due to long struggle by the slum dwellers in Mumbai that finally the Congress – NCP govt. of Maharashtra has brought out, with Governor’s consent, the GR for changed policy and amendment in the enactment (Slum Act 1971). The new cut-off date for slum dwellers protection is now January 1, 2000. This means that now the structures which are built before January 1, 2000 in any slum in Maharashtra will have to be protected and cannot be demolished, families therein cannot be evicted without an alternative shelter & consent of the family. The earlier cut-off date of January 1, 1995 stipulated in the Slum Act now stands changed to January 1, 2000.Although the Amendment was notified on May 2, 2014 to keep the electoral promise, it took continued continued struggle and follow up by us to get the GR out, as eviction and demolition of pre-2000 houses continued.

The decisions, no doubt, is a part victory of the long struggle and perseverance by the slum dwellers, since 2004 when GBGB (Ghar Banao-Ghar Bachao) Andolan was formed. The slum dwellers including women in thousands have been coming on the streets and carrying on strong mass agitations. Our assertion has always been for ‘;Right toHousing‘;, which includes not only shelter but access and provisions for basic amenities, and nothing less than that. We demand availability of land adequately for the poor who can build their own houses. However, the Govt. can facilitate with community amenities and implement the housing schemes providing houses with people’s contribution. It is for the later that the Govt. may have a cut-off date & provide housing to the categories of slum dwelling families in phases. We therefore accept this partial increase in the cut-off date which will give protection to additional lakhs of slum dwellers.

We are yet to see the rules and criteria mentioned in new G.R that is signed by the Governor of Maharashtra on July 18, but we believe and demand that the procedure for the submission of the proof about the structures should be simplified as these are the basis for the poor people attaining their entitlement under the new policy.

This is certainly not to happen so easily without our struggle and hence we continue with the same.


The Govt. too has no full field survey & data of the protected houses and families with January 1, 2000 being the cut-off date. It is unfortunate that the slum dwelling families will have to show the proof of 1999 and not 2000. It is therefore,possible and necessary that GOM will have to accept the survey undertaken in 1999 although the survey receipts then were issued in mid July 2000 & after.


The GBGB Andolan – NAPM with all our supporters now demand that the new GR should be supplied to at least those families in slums which were evicted or demolished during last one year and especially even after the promise of new date during Lok Sabha eletions. The houses demolished in Ambedkar nagar, Mulund, who waged the battle for changing the cut-off date have no doubt contributed to this success. They should now be rehabilitated with dignity & respect. They should be accommodated in the housing scheme that is to come up on the land which they are staying on since years, and was later allotted to some co-operative society. This process must now be hastened to ensure justice, even though delayed.

We expect that the Principal Secretary – Housing, Additional Collector – North East, Collector – Mumbai, CEO – Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA), officials and the concerned Minister, Mr Sachin Ahire, take up this cause further with full participation of activists of GBGB & slum dwellers.

NAPM, it may be noted, is also before the Supreme Court demanding the directives towards upholding “Right to Housing” to every citizen including the poor as part of Right to Life under Article 21 of the Constitution. We hope that the Apex court will uphold this right as it has done in the case of “Right to Food”.


Our struggle continues with the unity of the Urban poor and their organisations across the country. NAPM has challenged the scams & scandals in housing including Adarsh Housing Society, Hiranandani, Lavasa, Shivalik and other builder’s projects in Mumbai and elsewhere while it also is continuing the struggle for the rights of the Mumbai’s poor to water, sanitation, rationing & electricity. It has put the demand for self reliant housing under the RAJIV AWAS YOJNA (RAY) provided it excludes the builders and includes the poor as participants and partners. With the pilot project for the Mandala community in Mankhurd, GBGB Andolan and NAPM will continue to struggle for stopping brutal demolitions and attaining the houses for lakhs of people who themselves are construction workers & other category of unprotected labourers, living in the slum from Malad to Mankhurd. We express our determination to continue with the same & expect support from all the sensitive citizens, groups, organizations as well as the political parties.

Medha Patkar Poonam Kanojiya Umar Bhai Sumit Wajale Jameel Bhai Prerna Gaikwad Uday Mohite

Contact : 9892727063

Worst Drought July15, High Floods Last 4-5 Days


Worst Drought July15, High Floods Last 4-5 Days

Ravinder Singh

To Ajit Jhaamitabhth@yahoo.comAnand Ganesh and 352 More…

Today at 11:18 AM

Worst Drought July15, High Floods Last 4-5 Days
July20, 2014 

It is appalling BP Ydav Director of IMD – top level IMD Officer issues
Misleading Statements – as of today Rainfall Deficit all over India is
32% but he reported 15% contrary to the daily reporting. Some times he
also comments on Agriculture – Mostly Stupid. As IMD Definition
Deficient 20% to 59% RED in picture is deficient regions and 60% plus
deficient is Scanty YELLOW. Almost Entire India was RED and YELLOW.

50% RAINS 12-07-2014 To 19-07-2014

We can see rainfall upto July12, 2014 was 153.4mm than on July19, 2014
was 230.7mm or 50% rains this season up to July19, 2014 fell last

Deficiency as on July19, 2014 was 32% not 15% reported by him.

Earlier it was 43% on July10 and 40% on July15 – Heavy Rains in last
four days had reduced deficit to 32%.

Severe Drought to High Rainfall has not improved agriculture – FARMERS
WATERLOGGING. Heavy Rains also washes away fertilizer already applied,
crops stored and dry fodder are also damaged.

Irrigated areas are immune to Drought.

Ravinder Singh, National General Secretary.
Sabka Bharat Mission 2019
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi -110016
Ph: 9650421857, 9718280435

Indian Economy in Pits – Singapore Richer By $50K to $200K


Ravinder Singh 

To and 35 More…

Today at 12:25 PM

Indian Economy in Pits – Singapore Richer By $50K to $200K
July19, 2014 (C) Ravinder Singh, 

When Singapore per capita GDP is already $55,000, India per capita GDP
is barely $1500 so India is already $50,000 that by 2040 shall expand
to $200,000 by 2040. Singapore has no natural resources, doesn’t have
even water – imports from Malaysia. Economies of BRIC nations [RED]
are al in Fast Lane – only India has not come out dirt track.

India $4,000 To Singapore $2,14,757 – 2040

Indian Judiciary, Legislature, Executive, Industry, Agriculture,
Services are in deep crisis.

India, Mexico, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore and USA in 1960 were $84,
$340, $299, $479, $395 and $2881 that have now in 2014 progressed to
$1584, $10,737, $11,397, $38,142, $55.568 and $43,830 respectively.

Table of 10 Wealthiest Economies points to only one thing – Richest
nations are racing ahead in progress and Developing Countries are
lagging Far Behind. Per capita GDP gap between India and Singapore
that was $311 in 1960, is around $55,000 already shall widen to
$150,000 by 2030 and over $200,000 by 2040.
Top 10 wealthiest economies in the world
Rank    Country    2030    Country    2040
1    Singapore    155,232    Singapore    214,757
2    Norway    143,511    Norway    202,492
3    Switzerland    120,664    Switzerland    173,423
4    Canada    110,918    Canada    166,403
5    Australia    100,995    Sweden    145,793
6    Sweden    99,764    South Korea    145,321
7    United States    95,686    Australia    144,941
8    Netherlands    95,233    Netherlands    137,728
9    South Korea    88,959    United States    135,144
10    Hong Kong    86,967    United Kingdom    130,062

Ravinder Singh, National General Secretary.
Sabka Bharat Mission 2019
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi -110016
Ph: 9650421857, 9718280435

Country’s Health System Continues To Face Many Challenges – NATHEALTH


 Healthcare industry leaders met at its Governing Council Meeting


New Delhi, July 19, 2014


With an aim to be a credible and unified voice in improving access and quality of healthcare in India, India’s apex healthcare sector body NATHEALTH, organized its Governing Council meeting in New Delhi.


Speaking on the union budget 2014-15, Anjan Bose, Secretary General, NATHEALTH said that though the government has taken promising initiatives focusing on research and development, there is still lot more to be done to make quality healthcare accessible to the masses.


Mr. Bose emphasizes, “The biggest challenge of all remains the substantial gap in accessing healthcare. Healthcare infrastructure gaps remain substantial, with only around1.3 beds per 1,000 population, significantly lower than the other BRIC economies and the WHO guideline of 3.5 beds per 1,000 population.  Government needs to provide healthcare priority status and focus on improving healthcare infrastructure.


Shivinder Mohan Singh, President, NATHEALTH said that the government should create incentives for individuals taking health insurances, as increasing the insurance coverage is an important step in achieving Universal Health Coverage.


Mr. Singh further stressed “In order to enhance geographical access to quality healthcare there is a need to create an environment for private investors to create healthcare infrastructure. Given the reality that the cost of setting up hospitals has more than doubled in the last five years, the government should seriously consider enhancing the tax holiday period for establishing hospitals from five years to ten years in non-metro towns.”


“Innovation is the way forward for the industry hence setting up a healthcare infrastructure fund and a medical innovation fund is the need of the hour” stressed Mr. Singh.


Mr. Anjan Bose emphasized that it is imperative to lower the cost of setting and running facilities to enable bridging the accessibility, quality and affordability gap.  He said domestic production in India should be encouraged by creating significant incentives to innovate and produce in India and export medical technology.


Mr. Bose said that there is an emergent need to revisit the classification of life-saving equipment and provide import duty relief to other lifesaving equipment, not manufactured in India that includes Pace Makers, Dialysis Machines and Vascular stents among others.


Creation of medical technology parks and allowing and incentivizing the setting up of private medical colleges are two strategic areas that will help better quality and access, said Mr. Bose


To combat the onslaught of NCDs, infectious diseases, malnutrition and improve public health Government can also consider according priority to preventive care, said Mr Anjan Bose.


Further Mr. Shivinder Mohan Singh emphasized “In order to meet the vision 2020 goal of 2.0 beds per 1,000 we require not just the availability of healthcare infrastructure, but also parallel progress in universal healthcare coverage. India needs to invest in skill development, talent generation, innovation, technology and preventive health strategies to ensure the quality of care given to every citizen.”



NATHEALTH has been created with the vision to “Be the credible and unified voice in improving access and quality of healthcare”. Leading healthcare service providers, medical technology providers (devices and equipments), diagnostic service providers, health insurance companies, health education institutions, healthcare publishers and other stakeholders have come together to build NATHEALTH as a common platform to power the next wave of progress in Indian healthcare. NATHEALTH is an inclusive institution that has representation of small and medium hospitals and nursing homes. NATHEALTH is committed to work on its mission to encourage innovation, help bridge the skill and capacity gap, help shape policy and regulations and enable the environment to fund long-term growth. NATHEALTH aims to help build a better and healthier future for both rural and urban India.



Sujoy Kumar Chowdhury

 False cases can’t cow down AAP



From: AAP Maharashtra News <> Sat, 19 Jul ’14 8:59p

To: Preeti Sharma Menon <>

Saturday, July 19
The BJP has been shamelessly trying to form a government in Delhi through horsetrading since past many weeks and the Aam Aadmi Party by exposing the BJP’s unholy attempts has foiled its designs.

This has frustrated the BJP beyond any limit and the first clear sign of BJP’s frustration was its defamation notice to the AAP national convenor Arvind Kejriwal. (The BJP has never sent a defamation notice to Congress, which indulges in political mudslinging with it on a daily basis).

The BJP has followed it up by misusing the Delhi Police for implicating AAP leaders and volunteers in false cases. Three days back, two AAP volunteers Gaurav and Abid were picked up and brutally beaten by the Police, and they were asked to take names of senior party leaders.

On Friday, Police summoned two AAP employees Ram and Javed to Jamia Nagar Police station. Party’s Delhi unit secretary and spokesperson, Dilip Pandey was also summoned and all of them were made to sit in the Police Station throughout the day and their arrest was shown late at night.

Not only this, the Police has entered AAP offices without any search warrant and confiscated many laptops.

The Police charge is that these persons have been arrested because they are responsible for posters in some parts of the city which may disturb peace and harmony.
The AAP outrightly rejects the allegation and would like to set the record straight, which is as follows :

A resident of Okhla, Amanatullah, has given a written statement to the Police. In this statement, he has pointed out that through media reports he came to know some Congress MLAs, including three Muslim MLAs were going to support the BJP in government formation.

Amanatullah has stated that he is responsible for these posters and that he took help of some AAP volunteers in designing posters and got them pasted in the constituencies of these three MLAs. He has further stated the in the posters it was written that these MLAs have been offered Rs 20 crore each to support the BJP and therefore, people are requested to gherao their houses.

The Police found these posters to be provocative and which could disturb peace. Using this as an excuse, the Police has started detaining many AAP volunteers.
The AAP wants to make it clear that the party was not in any manner linked to these posters and does not approve of the language used in these posters. The Police is mischievously trying to drag the party’s name in this controversy and is forcing the arrested volunteers by beating them to take names of party leaders.

When Amantullah has owned the responsibility for these posters, why have Dilip Pandey and other volunteers been booked on flimsy grounds ? It appears to be the first case in the country, where somebody has been arrested since he was marked Cc in a mail.

The AAP will not be cowed down by such attempts and will continue to expose the BJP’s deeds.  Misuse of Police and framing of AAP activists in false cases will not help the BJP at all, since the people will see through its tactics to divert attention from the failures of its government, which has resulted in the rise of prices of essential commodities and corruption.
(Pls find attached the Hindi Press release)







AAP Media Cell

Reputed No.1 AD-Agency Hiring



From: Usha Placements <> Sat, 19 Jul ’14 7:30p


Show full Headers

Greetings from Usha Placements!


Like many organizations and corporations/companies worldwide, you or your company too may be seeking a universal recruitment consulting company in India.


If that’;s the case, Usha Placements would like to offer itself as being worth a closer look. Usha Consulting is one of a small handful of long-established offshore staffing solutions company in India, with experience spanning diverse domains of business and public life.


A reputed No.1 AD-Agency based in Mumbai wish to recruit following candidates on urgent basis. You may forward CV of interested candidate from your known friend circle at this email ID.


1)Studio Manager

2)Sr./Jr Visualiser. (2 openings)

3)Jr. CS

4)Group account manager

5)Client Services Director

6 ) Jr.Copy Writer

7) Proof reader

8)Social Media executive

9)Marketing manager

10)Research executive


We also wish to place below candidates in a reputed advertising agency.


1) Email Marketer (Experience: 15 Years)

2) Web Developer (BE, Computer Science-Fresher)


We can also help you in recruiting candidates from all over world for your vacant advertised positions. (Fresher hardware/software engineers, Engineers, Software Engineers, CA’;s CS’;s, MBA’;s, VP’;s, CEO’;s, CFO’;s).


We can advertise your vacant positions by way of email campaign and get you CV’;s of interested candidates.

Please do reply if you find this worthy of further discussion.


Thanks and regards,
Amar Chand
Usha Placements
Phone: +91-9819414721
Mumbai – 401107


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