“Boxing is not just a competitive sport; it is an art that entertains as it trains” Nick Rattenni
Sugar Ray Leonard, the renowned retired professional American boxing champion once said “Boxing is not just a sport, but it’s also entertainment. I wanted to transcend the sport and be considered just not as a fighter or a champion, but someone very special”.
Nick Rattenni clearly followed the same philosophy when he established the Guilty Boxing Incjust over a decade ago in Las Vegas in Nevada. Rattenni firmly believed Guilty Boxing Inc would add an element of change and competition through a unique combination of production, sales promotion and marketing professionals dedicated towards a new genre of boxing.
In India Guilty Boxing India Pvt. Ltd. shall be looked after by its CEO Mr. Puneet Dureja who over sees owns and operates a variety of businesses; he is expanding his portfolio that currently includes Nihali Commodities, Nihali Resorts & Casinos, Ltd, Nihali Entertainment, and other ventures. 
Now, this famous brand which has already created waves in the United States and other countries is making its mark in India by helping to groom the best talent in boxing in this country. The company will have its India Launch on Thursday, 24th July 2014 at 7 PM at the India Habitat Centre.
The Guilty Programme has two big advantages: firstly it promises to be “all action” since each match will only be for five 3-minute rounds.  This assures the viewing public and audience attending the event a boxing match that promises to be plenty of action.  Secondly, the ten-country “Olympic Style” tournament matches has countries that already have a built-in “competitive” demand to watch their best fighters fight with the best fighters from their counterpart countries.
This is why countries like India and Pakistan, China and Japan, the United States and Mexico, Russia and Germany and the United Kingdom and Australia are part of the programme. For the first time, boxing fans and fans who like “action” sports from all over the world will be able to see the boxing matches they most want to see.  The Guilty Boxing Plan ensures that the 10 countries get to participate every month and the whole programme lasts for 12 consecutive months.
In 2005, Guilty Boxing signed agreements granting America One, Fox Sports International, BEN Television, Urban American Television, Urban American Television and other cable outlets telecast rights to Guilty Boxing’s weekly boxing series, “Guilty Fight Night”. This is a weekly boxing series that provides a minimum of 48 episodes a year to a continually expanding broadcast carriage of more than 60 million households all over the world.
Here is an overview of some of these businesses where Mr. Puneet Dureja is associated with:
NIHALI COMMODITIES – By having a direct relationship with Commodity refineries, Nihali Commodities offers its clients unique opportunities to purchase several commodities.  
NIHALI RESORTS & CASINOS, LTD – primary objective is to build a super luxury hotel – resort – casino complex that is second to none anywhere in the world partnering with major casino operators to build a world class VIP CASINO AND RESORT in the Grand Bahamas.
NIHALIENTERTAINMENT – will produce 3 to 5 films a year with an average budget of 10 to 20 Million Dollars. It is anticipated that Nihali will produce larger films with greater budgets forselect situations. Nihali will focus on producing high quality movies that have wide appeal, and the movies will generate box office grosses relative to their production budgets.
CENTAUR DISTRIBUTION, NEWYORK,N.Y. founded in 1965 the company has produced and distributed animated cartoons based on the internationally famous Marvel Super Hero characters, including “Spider Man”, “CaptainAmerica”, “Incredible Hulk”, “Sub-Mariner”, “IronMan” and  “MightyThor.” The series have been dubbed in several languages – with assets valued at an estimated $75Milliondollars
PG ENTERTAINMENT – a film distribution company, were his earlier ventures.
                           For more information, please contact:
 Ankit Nagpal                                                                                  
Director, Bang on Target PR & Media Solutions                                                                                  
 E: bangontargetpr@gmail.com       Mobile: 9810542096  
Ambika Asthana: 9953695531
Kamini Gupta: 8755586181

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