India ranks 135th on Human Development Index: UNDP



The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in its recent publication ‘The 2014 Human Development Report’ ranked India at 135th position for the year 2013 and categorizing the country amongst the medium human development category. India ’s HDI value is reported at 0.586 which is a marginal increase from 0.583 registered in 2012, leaving India ’s rank unchanged from the previous year. While, between 2000-2013 HDI value for India increased from 0.483 to 0.586 posted an annual average growth rate of 1.49%.

The sub-index called Multidimensional Poverty Index, which considers health, education and living standards reported an index value of 0.282 down from 0.283 in 2010. The poverty index further enumerated that 32.86% of people in India lived on US$ 1.25 a day. On Gender inequality index, India is ranked at 127th position with an index value of 0.563.  In education, India registered a literacy rate of 62.8% in adults and 81.1% in youth. While the percentage of GDP as expenditure on education was 3.3%. The report also highlighted the social competencies wherein it posted 9.3% for unemployment rate, 10.7% for youth unemployment and 11.8% for child labour.

At global level, top five countries on HDI were Norway at HDI 0.944, Australia at 0.933, Switzerland at 0.917, Netherlands at0.915 and US at 0.914.  While the lowest ranked nations on HDI were Sierra Leone at 0.374, Chad at 0.372, Africa at 0.341, Congo DR at 0.338 and Niger at 0.337. Amongst BRICS nations China was ranked at the top at 15th rank with HDI value of 0.891 followed by Russian Federation at 57th for HDI value of 0.778, Brazil at 79thrank for HDI value of 0.744 and South Africa at 118th rank for HDI value of 0.658.

Overall, the report said that despite recent progress in poverty reduction, more than 2.2 billion people are either near or living in multidimensional poverty. That means more than 15% of the world’s people remain vulnerable to multidimensional poverty. At the same time, nearly 80% of the global population lack comprehensive social protection. About 12% (842 million) suffer from chronic hunger, and nearly half of all workers more than 1.5 billion are in informal or precarious employment. In addition, the 2013 HDR revealed that more than 40 developing countries with the majority of the world’s population had greater gains on the Human Development Index than would have been predicted given their situation in 1990.

Warm regards,

Dr. S P Sharma

Chief Economist

AAP National Executive meet



Three-dayAam Aadmi Party National Executive meeting will be held at Sunam (Sangrur district), Punjab, between July 25-27.

The agenda for the meeting includes discussion on the current political situation of the country, organisational planning and ways of implementing Mission Vistaar.

AAP condemns BJP statement on Sania Mirza :

The Aam Aadmi Party strongly condemns the remarks made by a BJP leader from Telangana about Tennis player Sania Mirza. The BJP should apologise to the country for such an unacceptable utterance of its leader.

Such statements are not expected from a ruling party of the country, but the reluctance of the BJP to rein in its leaders and discourage them from making such reprehensible statements, shows that this party is returning to its core divisive agenda.

The remarks clearly smack of parochialism with clear communal overtones.

The AAP is of the clear view that a player who was born and brought up in India and still continues to represent the country, cannot be hurt merely on grounds of her marriage.

Statements from some Congress leaders, echoing the sentiments of BJP also deserve to be condemned.

The Telangana Chief Minister is right in calling Sania “a true Hyderabadi” and any attempts to spread misinformation in this regard, need to be strongly curbed.


AAP Media Cell

Monday 28th – Launch of “Intensified Diarrhoea Control Fortnight”


Monday 28th – Launch of “Intensified Diarrhoea Control Fortnight” by Hon’ble Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare Dr. Harsh Vardhan on Monday, July 28, 2014

From: Sonia Sarkar <> Fri, 25 Jul ’14 10:17a

To: <recipients undisclosed>

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Dear Editor,


Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India cordially invites you to the launch of “Intensified Diarrhoea Control Fortnight” by Hon’ble Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare Dr. Harsh Vardhan on Monday, July 28, 2014 at 8:30 AM at Jacaranda, India Habitat Center, New Delhi.


Please refer to the attached Invitation.


Look forward.


Kind regards


Sonia Sarkar

Communication Officer (Media) , UNICEF India

Tel (+91) 9810170289,9891861445;



United Nations Children’s Fund

UNICEF House, 73 Lodi Estate, New Delhi,

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2014 की चुनावी कमाई से अगले साल भी अच्



To Me
Jul 24 at 6:06 PM
Thursday 24 July 2014
2014 की चुनावी कमाई से अगले साल भी अच्छा प्रदर्शन करेंगे न्यूज चैनल
चुनाव की अवधि प्रसारण क्षेत्र के लिए विज्ञापन की दृष्टि से काफी मुफीद रही है। वित्तीय वर्ष 2014-15 की पहली तिमाही के परिणाम से यह झलकता है…

न्यूज 24 में अजीत अंजुम की जगह लेंगे संदीप चौधरी…!
कौन लेगा न्यूज 24 में अजीत अंजुम की जगह, नोएडा फिल्म सिटी की गलियों में चाय की दुकानों पर ये चर्चा और कयास आम हैं…

सहाराश्री की खबर को राष्ट्रीय सहारा में ही नहीं मिली जगह
सहारा समूह के अभिभावक सुब्रत रॉय सहारा की अंतरिम जमानत या पैरोल से संबंधित सुप्रीम कोर्ट की खबर को समूह के ही समाचार पत्र में जगह नहीं मिली है…

भ्रामक विज्ञापन दिखाने वाले विज्ञापनदाताओं को भरना पड़ेगा जुर्माना

भ्रामक विज्ञापन का मसला गरमाने और विज्ञापनदाताओं के आत्म नियमन पर उठ रहे सवालों के बीच सरकार इस मुद्दे को सुलझाने के लिए रोकथाम और सुधार के उपाय पर जोर दे रही…

महाराष्ट्र सदन विवाद: वाह रे मीडिया, अब तो हद कर दी आपने…
रेटिंग की दौड़ में तिल का तार बनाना तो आम बात हो गई है…

‘टॉप 30 अंडर 30’ के प्रतिभाशाली युवाओं को सम्मानित करेगी ‘इंपैक्ट’ मैगजीन
आखिरकार विज्ञापन और मीडिया क्षेत्र में सफलता पाने वाले…

डॉ. वैदिक बोले, कुछ अनैतिक टीवी चैनलों के कुप्रचार के शिकार बन गए हमारे नेतागण…
हाल ही में भारत के लिए सबसे वांछित आतंकवादी…

‘द हिंदू और जनसत्ता ने तो मोदी को वोट न देने की अपील भी छापी थी’
दिल्ली स्थित कंस्टीट्यूशन क्लब के डिप्टी स्पीकर हॉल में 19 जुलाई 2014 को एक सेमिनार का आयोजन किया गया…

आज मीडिया जिस संकट के दौर से गुजर रहा है इससे पहले कभी नहीं देखा गया…

प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी और भारतीय मीडिया के बीच बढ़ती दूरियां इसलिए अचरज का विषय है…

Onus on India : BRICS members should have equal say in Development Bank


Onus on India : BRICS members should have equal say in Development Bank


BRICS have laid the foundation for a New Development Bank at its sixth Summit at Fortaleza. But let’s not forget that it needs much to be done by India in the long run to derive benefits from the proposals and position itself as a leader of hope for the developing and emerging economies.

The proposal stipulates setting up of the bank at Shanghai, placing China at a more advantageous position. After getting the approval for BRICS Development Bank at Shanghai, China has another plan to push for hosting a separate multilateral bank – Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). With these two projects, China intends to spread its economic clout not only in Asia but also among the developing world.

It is proposed that the BRICS Bank will have an initial authorised capital of $100 billion and the initial subscribed capital will be $50 billion, equally shared among the five founding members – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Thus meaning equal voting rights for all the five members, though the Fortaleza Declaration has not stated this in specific terms. Perhaps it has been left to Charter of the bank to define this aspect.

BRICS has also set up a $100 billion Contingent Reserve Arrangement to forestall short-term liquidity pressures through currency swaps and a MoU has been signed among BRICS Export Credit Guarantees Agencies to improve support environment for increasing trade opportunities.

However, analysts and think tank in China think in a different way. Professor Zhu Ning at the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance has raised the issue of coordination problem if the five founding members have equal share and say in the bank. Chinese think tanks have favoured more countries joining the bank and China contributing more to be in a dominant position. They feel that with the BRICS Bank and the proposed AIIB, China will be able to extend its sway over Asia and the developing world.

The AIIB was first announced in October last year when President Xi Jinping was on a tour to Southeast Asia, offering billions of dollars in trade deals and extending hope for a maritime silk route to link China with Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean region apart from a silk route connecting Central Asia.

While the BRICS Bank stipulates “mobilizing resources for infrastructure and sustainable development projects in BRICS countries and other emerging and developing economies,” the AIIB is being proposed to solely finance infrastructure projects and not prioritise poverty reduction as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank do.

What is the intention of China to host these two banks? A deeper study is necessary to unveil Chinese intention. It was India in 2012 New Delhi Summit who proposed setting up of the BRICS Bank. However, India failed to get the proposal for setting up of this bank in New Delhi at the 6th BRICS Summit at Fortaleza.

China cleverly played its diplomatic cards to get the bank set up at Shanghai. China extended olive branch to India by inviting Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the APEC meeting which it is hosting in November. But November is a busy moth for the prime minister with G 20 Summit in Brisbane and SAARC Summit in Kathmandu already scheduled. India has long being yearning for membership of APEC.

Modi’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping initially scheduled for 40 minutes lasted for 80 minutes, practically leaving no time for his meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Jinping, however, made no firm commitment to Modi for China’s support to India’s candidature for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council or for the full membership of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) which India is long aspiring. Jinping just said that he looked forward to India working more deeply with the SCO. India currently enjoys Observer status at SCO.

Had Modi discussed the issue of location of BRICS Bank more extensively with the Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, South African President Jacob Zuma and Russian President Vladimir Putin the outcome could have been different.

However, the first presidency of the BRICS Bank has gone to India for a period of six years, taking into account that two years will be needed to set up the bank. The first chair of the Board of Governors will be from Russia and the first chair of the Board of Directors will be from Brazil. All these posts are however, on rotation basis.

India which will hold the presidency of the bank for six years has the onus overseeing how the Charter of bank would be drafted so that it can present itself as an alternative global financial architecture to the Bretton Woods – the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Whether the five founding members will have an equal say in the bank or China have a monopoly say? Whether the bank will in real sense be able to meet the needs of the emerging and developing economies?

For India, China is a hard nut to crack. It all depends upon the government of Narendrabhai Damodardass Modi to deal with the Chinese diplomacy in the near future. Xi Jinping has assured Modi to rectify India’s trade deficit through Chinese investments in India and encouraging Chinese tourist flows. Modi had pressed for more exports of software and pharma from India.

However, the both the leaders expressed their desire to work for resolving the contentious boundary issue. India had well defined boundary with China, when the erstwhile British colonial rulers left. India’s boundary was defined by MacMahon Line in the eastern sector and Johnson Line in the northern sector, but China contests both these lines. The Chinese have forcibly occupied thousands of kilometers of Indian territory in the northern and eastern sectors, including 5,800 sq km of Gilgit-Baltistan illegally ceded by Pakistan. In total China occupies more than 20,000 sq km of Gilgit-Baltistan covering Shaksgam, Raskam and Aghil valleys, apart from a large chunk in Ladakh.  China claims 35,000 sq miles in the eastern sector and occupies 38,000 sq km of Aksai Chin.

India has a lot to do to get the BRICS bank going in a transparent and equitable manner and not unfavourable to its interests. It should be careful that it does not result in monopoly say of China. We had the bitter experience of China striking down the proposal of ADB loan to Arunachal Pradesh. Modi Government should wake up to this realty and act.

(*The writer is a senior journalist on strategic and policy issues. His article has appeared in Millennium Post and The Diplomatist. He can be reached His mobile phone no 09810902204)

Puneri Paltan Gears Up for this Season’s Pro Kabaddi Campaign



Over 20 Arjuna and Shiv Chhatrapati Awardees from Pune bless the team

Pune, July 24, 2014: Puneri Paltan, the Pune franchise of the Pro Kabaddi League, hosted an ‘Aashirwad’ ceremony for its players today. Inspired by the rich Indian tradition of seeking blessings from elders, the ceremony marks the initiation of the team’s campaign. Over 20 veterans, who are also Arjuna and Shiv ChhatrapatiAwardees, graced the event to bless the team.

Sumanlal Shah, Director, Insurekot Sports Pvt. Ltd., said, “We are delighted to have legendary Arjuna and Shiv Chhatrapati Awardees bless the team today. We acknowledge these veterans for supporting our team and players as they gear up for our very first year in the league.”

Karthi Marshan, Director, Insurekot Sports Pvt. Ltd., said,Kabaddi  being a traditional heritage sport, an ‘Aashirwad’ceremony befits the occasion as we kick off this season. We look forward to an action-packed season and putting up a good show.”

Wazir Singh, Captain, Puneri Paltan, said, “Our preparations are in full swing for the first season. Our interaction with legendary Kabaddi players today has boosted our confidence level and charged up the entire team.”

Shantaram Jadhav, an Arjuna Awardee from Pune, said, “I thank Puneri Paltanon behalf of all Arjuna and Shiv Chhatrapati Awardees present here today. It is a nostalgic moment for us as the event has brought back several memories from our younger days. We are honoured to be associated with the team and Pro KabaddiLeague, which have taken steps to reignite the fire for the sport in the country.”

Legendary Kabaddi players and Arjuna Awardees Ashok Shinde, Shantaram Jadhav and Shakuntala Khatawkar blessed the team. Shiv Chhatrapati Awardees Ashok Kondhare, Asha Gaikwad, Anita Parawe, Deepika Joseph, Manik Bhogade, Manisha Kondhalkar, Manjushri Date-Bhave, Mohini Chapekar, Neeta Pawar, Nitin Ghule, Raju Ghule, Sadhana Dharia, Sangeeta Deshmukh, Sangeeta Sonawane, Shankar Kate, Sheetal Marne, Shobha Bhagat, Sumati Poojari and Suryakant Patil were also present on the occasion.

Puneri Paltan will be playing its first Pro Kabaddi League match against Bengaluru Bulls n Mumbai on 27 July, 2014.

About Puneri Paltan

Puneri Paltan is the Pune franchise of Pro Kabaddi League 2014, owned and managed by Insurekot Sports Pvt. Ltd. It combines the magnificence of Maharashtra’s cultural capital with true flavours of this indigenous sport. Recreating the glory of the game’s rich history in India, Puneri Paltan unleashes the energy and fortitude of Kabaddi in its modern day version. The team plays its home matches at Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Balewadi in Pune, and is currently led by Wazir Singh and coached by Ramphal Kaushik.

About Insurekot Sports Pvt. Ltd.

Insurekot Sports Pvt. Ltd., a Mumbai-based firm, has recently ventured into theKabaddi arena with the purchase of the ProKabaddi League’s Pune franchise – Puneri Paltan.

Insurekot Sports Pvt. Ltd. is passionate about Kabaddi and committed to promoting the sport. The firm looks forward to creating awareness around Kabaddi’s rich heritage in the country.

Kabaddi, being the national sport of India, deserves illustrious reverence and respect. Its long history in India can be traced from the times of Gautama Buddha, and is a testimony to the game’s core values of strength, valour and spirit. The discipline of the game is inspirational and offers lessons not only in the field of sports but also in other walks of life.

Israel-Palestine: end the nightmare


Alice Jay – Avaaz. org

To Me
Jul 24 at 7:18 PM
Dear friends,

As a new round of violence kicks off in Israel-Palestine and more children are killed, it’s time to takedefinitive non-violent action to end this nightmare.Our governments and companies have continued to aid, trade and invest in the violence, but we can help stop it if we call on key banks, pension funds and businesses to pull outtheir investments — add your voice now:


As the horror in Gaza escalates, India just voted for an inquiry and companies are also starting to respond to what looks like the largest non-violent campaign ever to put an end to this nightmare. Join the call below.

As a new round of violence kicks off in Israel-Palestine and more children are killed, it’s not enough just to call for another ceasefire. It’s time to take definitive non-violent action to end this decades long nightmare.

Our governments have failed — while they have talked peace and passed UN resolutions, they and our companies have continued to aid, trade and invest in the violence. The only way to stop this hellish cycle of Israel confiscating Palestinian lands, daily collective punishment of innocent Palestinian families, Hamas firing rockets, and Israel bombing Gaza is to make the economic cost of this conflict too high to bear.

We know it works — when EU countries issued guidelines not to fund the illegal Israeli settlements it caused an earthquake in the cabinet, and when citizens successfully persuaded a Dutch pension fund, PGGM, to withdraw, it created a political storm.

This may not feel like a direct way to stop the current killing, but history tells us that raising the financial cost of oppression can pave a path to peace. Click to call on 6 key banks, pension funds and businesses to pull out — If we all take smart action now and turn up the heat, they could withdraw, the Israeli economy will take a hit, and we can turn the calculation of the extremists politically profiting from this hell upside down:

In the last six weeks three Israeli teenagers were murdered in the West Bank, a Palestinian boy was burnt alive, an American kid was brutally beaten up by Israeli police, and now almost 100 Gazan kids have died in Israeli air strikes. This is not the “Middle East conflict”, it’s a war on children. And we are becoming numb to this global shame.

The media makes out like this is an intractable conflict between two equal warring parties, but it is not. Palestinian extremists’ attacks on innocent civilians are never justified and Hamas’ anti-semitism is disgusting. But these extremists claim legitimacy by fighting the grotesque, decades-long oppression by the Israeli state.  Israel currently occupies, colonises, bombs, raids, and controls the water, trade and the borders of a legally free nation that has been recognised by the United Nations. In Gaza, Israel has created the largest open-air prison in the world, and then blockaded it. Now as bombs fall, the families literally have no way to get out.

These are war crimes and we wouldn’t accept that anywhere else: why accept it in Palestine? Half a century ago Israel and its Arab neighbours went to war and Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza. Occupying territory after war happens all the time. But no military occupation should turn into a decades-long oppression which only fuels and benefits extremists who use terror to target the innocent. And who suffers? The majority of loving families on both sides that just want freedom and peace.

To many, particularly in Europe and North America, calling for companies to withdraw investments from financing or taking part in Israel’s occupation of Palestine sounds completely biased. But this campaign is not anti-Israel – this is the most potent non-violent strategy to end the ritual violence, ensure Israelis’ security and achieve Palestinian freedom. Although Hamas deserves much pressure too, it is already under crippling sanctions and facing every kind of pressure. Israel’s power and wealth dwarfs Palestine, and if it refuses to end its illegal occupation, the world must act to make the cost unbearable.

Dutch pension fund ABP invests in Israeli banks that help fund the colonisation of Palestine. Massive banks like Barclays invest in suppliers of Israeli arms and other occupation businesses. Computer giant Hewlett-Packard supplies sophisticated surveillance to control the movement of Palestinians. And Caterpillar provides bulldozers that are used to demolish Palestinian homes and farms. If we can create the biggest global call ever to get these companies to pull out, we will show clearly that the world will no longer be complicit in this bloodshed. The Palestinian people are calling on the world to support this path and progressive Israelis support it too. Let’s join them:

Our community has worked to bring peace, hope, and change to some of the world’s toughest conflicts, and often that means taking difficult positions to address the root cause. For years our community has looked for a political solution to this nightmare, but with this new round of horror unfolding in Gaza, the time has come to turn to sanctions and disinvestment to finally help end the horror for Israelis and Palestinians.

With hope and determination,

Alice, Fadi, Ben, Laila, Anna, Ricken, Jo, Nell, Mais and the entire Avaaz team

PS: For further questions check out the Q&A page, and some sources below.


UN independent expert calls for boycott of businesses profiting from Israeli settlements (UN)

12 more EU countries warn against trade with Israeli settlements (Haaretz)

Israelis, Palestinians Pro Peace Process, but Not Hopeful (Gallup)

Under pressure, a strong EU-Israel relationship faces uncertain future (Middle East Monitor)…

Israel Launches a Ground Invasion of Gaza. No One Knows How It Will End (TIME)

Israel-Gaza conflict: 80 per cent of Palestinians killed by Israeli strikes are civilians, UN report says (The Independent)

Rule 156. Definition of War Crimes (ICRC)

Palestinians: Most Gaza dead are children, women, elderly (Haaretz)

Caught on Tape: US Teen Allegedly Beaten by Israeli Police (ABC News)

A policy of displacement (Visualizing Palestine)

Exposing the Israeli Occupation Industry

Additional sources for this campaign:

Support the Avaaz Community!
We’re entirely funded by donations and receive no money from governments or corporations. Our dedicated team ensures even the smallest contributions go a long way.



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