AAP asks BJP Where is government?

After onion, it’;s tomato and potato to follow: Where is government?
# Tomato prices touch 100 rupees per kg
# Potato prices also skyrocket
#Government steps wholly inadequate

Two months after assuming office, the Modi Government still seems to be groping in dark on how to tackle the rising prices of essential commodities.

The way prices of essential commodities have gone up in recent past, it shows the government has completely lost control over the state apparatus and is still looking for a policy direction vis-a-vis price rise and inflation.

While tomato prices are touching Rs 100 per kg, particularly in and around the National Capital Region, potato prices are also skyrocketing. Potato prices have touched 45 rupees per kg in Bangalore
On the one hand, the government cannot figure out why tomato supplies have suddenly dwindled and how to clear supply bottlenecks, on the other hand it has completely failed to notice the mindless export of potatoes to Pakistan and announce measures to strike a price balance by announcing import duty on potato.
Pakistan has announced duty free import of potatoes till November 15 and has set an import target of one lakh metric tonne. It is bound to create an acute scarcity of potatoes in the country, which will further shoot up the already skyrocketing prices.
After tall promises and rhetorical speeches of Mr. Narendra Modi in run up to elections had given hope to the common man that if brought to power, the BJP would get them rid of inflation and price rise. Sensing the public mood, the BJP had mentioned price rise and inflation as the first focus point of its election manifesto. The BJP had said in its manifesto,”Our immediate task will be to rein in inflation by several steps.”
Finance minister Arun Jaitley had spoken of many steps in the meeting with state governments on how the Centre proposes to rein in the rising prices of eatebles, earlier this month.
All these tall claims appear to be confined to government files, the Aam Aadmi Party demands that the central government should immediately take urgent action to translate its words into action and provide relief to the common man.


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