UPSC must postpone prelim exams & restore its credibility

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Saturday, July 26

Following its disastrous handling of the ongoing crisis related to the civil services examination, the onus of restoring its credibility in the eyes of the nation lies squarely with the Union Public Service Commission.

The UPSC has mishandled the situation beyond any reasonable understanding and allowed the confusion to prevail for a long time. It must take responsibility for prevailing chaos and the commission needs to break its silence and assure the civil services aspirants that their rights will not be affected.

The UPSC handling and its strange silence, coupled with the lack of sensitivity shown by the BJP’s central government, has made the country witness a rare sight of students preparing for the civil services examination being forced to take to streets at a time which is extremely crucial for their preparation.

The UPSC has itself to blame for allowing its autonomy to be encroached, which will be a severe setback for this constitutional body for all times to come.

The BJP-led NDA government must also take its share of blame for its failure in providing timely and informal advice to the UPSC for dealing with the situation.

The Aam Aadmi Party demands that the UPSC must take the following steps immediately so that the protesting students can be persuaded to end their fast and agitation :

The UPSC must immediately take back the online admit cards for the preliminary civil services examination, which became the latest flashpoint on Thursday.

2)    The UPSC must announce postponement of the prelim exams, which are scheduled to begin from August 24.

3)    The UPSC should invite the protesting students for talks and listen to their grievances and try to sort them out on the spot.

4)    The expert panel set-up to examine the Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT), must be asked to submit its report within 48 hours.

5)    The UPSC must make a public announcement that no discrimination on the basis of language will be allowed in the civil services examination.

In case the UPSC fails to rise to the occasion and fails to sort out the current controversy, it will suffer a huge and irreparable loss to its reputation and the future of the country will be at stake.   (ENDS)


AAP Media Cell


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