Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan & TV Svengali Simon Cowell join forces for the first-of-its-kind live television extravaganza that will change the face of television and live events in India.
While details of the huge live TV event , remain under wraps, official sources reveal that television moghul Simon Cowell has joined forces with Shah Rukh Khan and close friend Rav Singh of  RFS Entertainment to create a huge live TV event that will be revolutionary in Mumbai.
Says a source, ” It’;s big news when Simon Cowell one of the most powerful and influential names in the world joins forces with Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan, an actor who has a massive fan following both in India and oversees for a live ,first-of-its-kind show with global appeal.This will be one of the most ambitious projects in terms of the capital involved as well as vision in the history of Indian television and this announcement will change the face of TV and live events in India”.
Rav Singh, Director RFS Entertainment confirmed the news, “Simon Cowell and Shah Rukh Khan will be teaming up for a live extravaganza that will redefine Indian television.We are bringing these two global household names together”.

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