Why is BJP govt Shielding Sheila Dikshit ? Why is she not being removed ?

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The attempts by the BJP’s central government to ignore the indictment of the Kerala governor Mrs Sheila Dikshit and the erstwhile ministers of her Delhi cabinet by the CAG in the Rs 3,000 crore unauthorized colonies scam, clearly indicates a deal between the BJP and Congress to protect the corrupt leaders of each other.

It is nothing less than a joke, that the Delhi unit of BJP, whose party is running the central government, is demanding Mrs Dikshit’s resignation giving an impression that some other party is in power at the Centre.

The basic question is when the central government is removing the governors appointed by the UPA on political grounds, then why Mrs Dikshit, against whom there are proven charges of corruption, is not being removed ?

Is it because the CAG report has also highlighted large-scale financial irregularities in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), which is under the BJP control since last seven years ?

Why the BJP’s Delhi unit in place enacting a drama, does not show the CAG and Lokayukta reports exposing the fraud committed by Mrs Dikshit and her cabinet colleagues to the union home ministry ?

Are these reports not sufficient to remove her and take away the constitutional immunity shield under which Mrs Dikshit is hiding to avoid her prosecution ?

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is of the clear view that Mrs Sheila Dikshit has no right to continue as governor, and if she does not resign on her own, the Centre must remove her and a criminal case be registered against her and ministers of her cabinet for having looted the poor people of Delhi and having siphoned off around Rs 3,000 crore.

The CAG reports tabled in the Parliament on Friday have confirmed that the Sheila Dikshit government wasted around Rs 3,000 crore in the name of providing basic services like sewer lines, water lines, roads and drainage to all the 895 unauthorised colonies – which in reality were not provided at all.

The CAG has corroborated the findings of the former Delhi Lokayukta Justice Manmohan Sarin on the issue.

In the CAG reports, there is no department/ministry which has not been found involved in financial irregularities during her tenure.

The AAP Delhi government, had on February 3 this year, recommended to the President strictest possible action against Mrs Dikshit for the fraud committed by her government on the poor people.

The President had sought the state government’s views on the findings of the Lokayukta report, submitted in November 2013.

The then Congress-led UPA’s central government, during its last days in office, shockingly appointed Mrs Dikshit as governor of Kerala, in place of taking action against her for fooling poor people.

The Lokayukta’s findings, now corroborated by the CAG report  on unauthorized colonies have nailed Shiela Dikshit and her ministers beyond doubt. Her government had acted in complete violation of the Supreme Court judgment of 2006, in which it was clearly laid down that no government can regularise unauthorised colonies without providing basic facilities.

Shiela Dikshit government played with the lives of around 40 lakh people residing in such colonies, by cheating them before every assembly election by distributing regularisation certificates which had no legal sanctity. (ENDS)



AAP Media cell


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