PSU Banks ANTI FARMER Mindset Block Loans in Drought Year

Ravinder Singh
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PSU Banks ANTI FARMER Mindset Block Loans in Drought Year
August09, 2014 (C) Ravinder Singh ravinderinvent@gmail.comIt is Criminal Mindedness of SBI and other PSU banks to expedite

What is most Disgraceful is that Crops Loans are advanced exactly like
MONEYLENDER LOANS – For Rabi season PETTY Loans are advance in
January-March and recovered in May or within 4-5 months. Though
interest rate is 4% but Procedure Costs including Bribes cost say 10%
for 4 months or 30%+ annualized.

When on the one hand just 25% of Farmers get Bank Loans but on the
other Private Companies get Loans from scores of loans from different
banks. Housing Loans are ADVANCED 3-8 YEARS Before Homes are ready for

Private Banks are practically absent in villages and even PSU banks
cover only a fraction of the rural area – Banks Cover only 20% to 25%
farmers – have anti farmer mindset.

Here it is obvious there is acute drought situation in most High
Production Farming states but PSU Banks don’t provide any relief and
even cases of Crop Failure insist on recovery of loans. Punjab and
Haryana received just 12 cm and 11.7 cm of rains when Monsoon is to
withdraw in 5 weeks. Bihar and AP largely rain dependent received just
11.6 cm, 103mm, 124mm, 22mm of rains in four weeks.

Going through the chart for Rainfall all over India of Rainfall from
July12 to August08 was 281.3mm [434.7 – 153.4] against normal for the
same period 255.6 [526.2 – 270.6] – Rainfall Deficiency continues even
though in records it has come down from 43% to 17%,

But what is more astonishing is that though many sub-divisions have
received good Rains – many subdivisions have received SCANTY rains in
last Four Weeks.

Rainfall June01- July12, 2014 & June01 – August08, 2014
SUBDIVISIONS    12thJUL    NORMAL    % DEP.    8th AUG    Normal    % DEP
COASTAL ANDHRA PRADESH    87.7    161.6    -46%    190.6    300.8    -37%
TELANGANA    96.5    219.2    -56%    220.7    430.4    -49%
RAYALASEEMA    110.5    97.5    13%    132.5    185.9    -29%

In above tables for AP over two months there is just 18 centimeter and
even in last Four Weeks when rains deficiency is partly covered but in
Andhra Pradesh actual rains were just 103mm, 124mm, 22mm only.

Ravinder Singh, National General Secretary.
Sabka Bharat Mission 2019
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi -110016
Ph: 9650421857, 9718280435


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