In Search of Your Inner Voice …

Zee TV’s next weekend fiction show explores what happens when man meets God


1.2 billion people pray to 330 million Gods everyday – Reason being people generally thank or blame God for whatever happens in their lives. There is a perennial search for God. We have all wondered at one point or another … What will happen if we come face to face with God one day? What will we ask of him? And one day, you actually meet God on earth. What if there are no miracles? What if God does not look the way you always imagined him to be? Rather than giving you answers, what if he has more questions for you? Questions that make you introspect and listen to your own inner voice …  How will your life change? These are just some of the questions faced by Bhagwan Das, the protagonist of Zee TV’s next weekend fiction show ‘Neeli Chhatri Wale’ who has the privilege of meeting and befriending God. This show is produced by Ashwini Dhir, the director of successful comedy films such as Son of Sardar, Atithi Tum Kab Jaaoge and One Two Three.


Noted for his critically acclaimed performances and serious roles across Hindi mainstream films, Yashpal Sharma plays  the quintessential common man in ‘Neeli Chhatri Wale’.  In a departure from his usual, dark brooding image, he will be seen as the much harried and hassled Bhagwan Das –  a middle-aged, middle class man based out of Kanpur, constantly torn between his personal and professional life. Forever bullied either by his wife and father at home or his boss in the office, Bhagwan Das is always at the receiving end of flak. His kids are ashamed that he works as a salesman at ‘Titu Underwear and Baniyan’ and his wife constantly compares him to their neighbor who is better off in life. Stuck in a rut, Bhagwan Das vents his anger in a unique and funny manner. He Hangs a picture of whoever has misbehaved with him on any given day on a tree outside his house and pelts stones at it. One day, while he is busy letting out his frustration at the tree, a smartly dressed man carrying a Blue umbrella emerges from within the tree … a man only he can see … a man who embodies God!


Having essayed only a select few roles on the small screen, this will be Yashpal’s third outing on television. The show explores a unique relationship between man and God as his friend. Based on the philosophy of ‘God is within us’, ‘Neeli Chhatri Wale’ is a light-hearted drama highlighting Bhagwan Das and his relationship with Lord Shivaye who emerges in front of him – not as the hallowed, much revered avatar but as a young, smart, contemporary youth wielding a blue umbrella.  Catch Bhagwan Das on a journey of listening to his inner voice through conversations with God. Zee TV’s hunt is on for the perfect actor to essay the critical role of Shivaye and some popular faces have auditioned for the role. Watch out this space for more on what will make this drama even more unique.


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