Emergency response required to avoid power blackout


From: Media Cell AAP <mediacellaap@gmail.com> Thu, 28 Aug ’14 3:56p

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The central government should immediately make public the existing situation of electricity generation in the country, given the reports that severe coal shortage could lead to a power blackout in different parts, including the National Capital Region.

The union power ministry is dutybound to reveal the exact situation and steps being taken by it prevent any disaster on the availability of electricity, since its record in its close to 100-day tenure has been far from satisfactory.

Reports about coal shortage have been in public domain since many days now, but the government response has been found wanting, giving an impression that it is shying away from its responsibility.

Nothing will be more shameful than the country facing a power blackout and the signs are already alarming sine nine big power plants of the country are generating electricity much beyond their capacity.

People of Delhi have already faced a harrowing summer due to unscheduled and unexplained power cuts, particularly in the month of June and reasons for this disaster are still awaited.

Any further inconvenience to the public due to the inefficieny of the central government and Delhi administration will only further expose them.

With the threat of a power blackout in the NCR, including some parts of Delhi looming large, the emergency response must be put in place without any delay and the government should not test the patience of people any further.

With the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) having alerted the government more than a month back, there is no reason for it keep napping even now.


AAP Media Cell


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