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3 foreigners arrested in Iran over suspect trip to Iraq – report

Three foreigners traveling through Iran have been detained under the suspicion of planning to join the extremists Islamic State group in neighboring Iraq, AP said. Iranian border guards stopped several travelers en route to Iraq and had “three cases of arrests,” the Iran daily on Tuesday quoted Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli as saying. Fazli said Afghan and Pakistani nationals were arrested. It was not clear when or where the arrests happened.

Suicide blast kills at least 12 civilians in Somalia

A suicide bomber associated with the Al-Shabab extremist group killed at least 12 people and wounded more than 20 others in Somalia on Monday, Al Jazeera reports. The attack – the most deadly move by the group since American airstrikes killed its leader last week – targeted African Union troops in the region, though it was civilians that were killed in the blast. Among the dead were four Americans.

Flood toll in Kashmir in India, in Pakistan rises to more than 500

The death toll from devastating floods in India and Pakistan rose to 500 on Tuesday,media reported. A rescue effort is underway in the divided mountainous region of Kashmir after monsoon rains submerged hundreds of villages. Rajesh Kumar, police inspector general for the Jammu region on the Indian side, said the toll had risen to around 250. Another 266 people were confirmed dead on the Pakistan side. Hundreds of thousands more are still stranded, some “neck-deep” in water after the deadliest flooding in over half a century, according to authorities.

EU adopts new sanctions against Russia to come into force in ‘next few days’

A new package of sanctions against Russia has been adopted by the EU. Previous reports said the “further restrictive measures” were aimed at targeting three major oil companies, as well as the defense sector.


Fourth Ebola patient to be brought to US for treatment

A fourth person infected with the Ebola virus is to be brought to the US from West Africa for treatment. Emory University Hospital in Atlanta said the patient is expected to arrive Tuesday morning, and will be treated in an isolation unit. “We are bound by patient confidentiality and have no information regarding the status of the incoming patient,”Emory said in a statement. The World Health Organization says the patient is a doctor who has been working in an Ebola treatment center in Sierra Leone. Two aid workers who contracted Ebola while working in Liberia were treated successfully last month at Emory. A third patient is being treated at a Nebraska hospital.

​Explosion injures 8 people in Chile

At least eight people were injured when a bomb exploded next to a fast food restaurant in Santiago, Chile on Monday. The restaurant is adjacent to a metro station. Authorities are investigating the blast, which occurred at around 2 p.m. local time. Two people were seriously injured, while some others suffered hearing loss. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, which the Chilean government has called a “terrorist act.”Police believe that two suspects who planted the device escaped in a car.

EU could postpone new sanctions against Russia

The EU could postpone the introduction of a new package of sanctions against Russia, ITAR-TASS reported, citing a diplomatic source at a mission of one of the West European states. The European Commission earlier said it expected the package of sanctions to get its final approval on Monday. “The package is due to be formally adopted by the member states through written procedure later today,” RIA Novosti quoted Commission spokeswoman Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen as saying.

Arab League countries to combat Islamic State

The Arab League has said its member states have agreed to combat, individually or collectively, the Islamic State group and other militants in the region, AP reported. The group issued a resolution on Monday after late-night meetings a day earlier. The documents do not explicitly back American military action against the militants. However, it said immediate measures to combat the group will be implemented on political, defense, security and legal levels.

Pope Francis accepts resignation of head of Irish church

The resignation of the head of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland has been accepted by Pope Francis, the Vatican said on Monday. Cardinal Sean Brady announced his plan to retire in August, just before he turned 75, at which age all bishops must offer their resignation, Reuters said. Brady became embroiled in a child sex abuse scandal when a BBC television documentary in 2012 said he had failed to warn parents their children were being sexually abused by a priest in 1975. Brady will be succeeded by Monsignor Eamonn Martin, 52. Martin was appointed last year as “coadjutor” archbishop of Armagh, an important diocese in Northern Ireland whose archbishop has the title “Primate of All Ireland.”

3 German men arrested in Frankfurt over Al-Shabaab links

Three German men suspected of being members of the Somalian terrorist organization Al-Shabaab were arrested at Frankfurt Airport, prosecutors said Monday. They attempted to re-enter the country on Saturday, after landing in Frankfurt from Kenya. The men are suspected of membership in a foreign terrorist organization and of preparing an act of violence in connection with their time in Somalia, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office said. However, prosecutors say “there is no evidence the suspects had made any concrete preparations or plans for attacks” in Europe.

Ruling coalition in Poland backs parliament speaker Kopacz for PM – spokeswoman

Both parties in Poland’s governing coalition back parliamentary speaker Ewa Kopacz to be the next prime minister, Reuters quoted an aide to the Polish president as saying on Monday. Janusz Piechocinski, the leader of the junior partner in the coalition, visited President Bronislaw Komorowski earlier on Monday and expressed his support for Kopacz, according to presidential spokeswoman Joanna Trzaska-Wieczorek. Prime Minister Donald Tusk will step down to take up the post of president of the European Council. His Civic Platform party has already backed Kopacz to succeed him.

Suicide bomber kills 16 at Sunni tribal gathering in Iraq

A suicide bomber killed at least 16 people at a meeting between security forces and Sunni militiamen in a small town north of Baghdad on Monday, AP reported, citing Iraqi officials. The bomber drove his explosives-laden Humvee into the gathering of a major Sunni tribe, the Al-Jabour, in Duluiyah, some 80km north of Baghdad. The bombing was followed by clashes with militants who tried to seize the town, which fell to the Islamic State for two days in July.

Islamist rebels in Somalia pledge allegiance to new leader

Militants of the Somali Islamist group Al-Shabaab have pledged allegiance to their new leader after his predecessor was killed. They said the enemies would reap the “bitter fruits” of revenge after Ahmed Godane’s killing, Reuters reported. Al-Shabaab confirmed he was killed by a US airstrike in a raid last Monday. Sheikh Ahmed Umar Abu Ubaida will replace him to head the group, which wants to impose its strict version of Islam on Somalia. The group also reaffirmed its allegiance to Al-Qaeda.

Taliban suicide bomber kills 3 policemen in southern Afghanistan

A Taliban suicide bomber has killed a district police chief and his two guards in southern Kandahar province, AP quoted officials as saying on Monday. The attack took place the previous day at the police headquarters in Arghistan district, according to Samim Khpolwak, spokesman for the provincial governor in Kandahar. The police chief, Abdul Manaf, and two policemen who served as his bodyguards died in the blast. Six other officers were wounded. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, the movement’s spokesman, Qari Yousef Ahmadi, said.

Israel rejects New Zealand envoy, sparks diplomatic row

New Zealand officials say the country’s new ambassador was rejected by Israel because he’s also an envoy to the Palestinian Authority, AP said. Jonathan Curr was due to travel to Israel in the coming days to present his papers. Israel’s embassy in Wellington said Monday that the matter was a “protocol principle” applicable to all ambassadors to Israel. New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said he was gathering “more information on the issue.” New Zealand’s ambassadors in Turkey have been responsible for covering several areas of the Middle East since 2008.

Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan get the party started


Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan get the party started at the music launch of India’s first Disney romance – Khoobsurat!

Mumbai, 6th September: Disney India & Anil Kapoor Film Company launched the high energy music album of the highly anticipated movie Disney’s Khoobsurat, the country’s first modern day romance, starring Disney Girl Sonam Kapoor along with heartthrob Fawad Khan.

A fairytale romance without some great music is incomplete, the music album was launched in the company of some young and the talented musicians in Bollywood who have contributed to the album like, Sneha Khanwalkar who has composed the music for the film, Sunidhi Chauhan, Sona Mohapatra, Jasleen, Badshah and Armaan Mallik who have lent their voices to the songs.

The music launch event held at Royalty Club in Bandra, Mumbai saw the talented bunch give some incredible live performances as Sonam and Fawad joined them and grooved to the tracks, which certainly got the party started!

The album of Khoobsurat is a great mix of a variety of tracks ranging from Folk, rap and romantic numbers. While “Engine Ki Seethi” rendered by Sunidhi Chauhan has found its way to every girl’s locker-room , “Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai” ,composed by UK pop sensation Badshah has become the party anthem of the season, ‘Preet’ sung by India’s got Talent contestant Jasleen is romantic number and with ‘Maa Ka Phone’; which is a fun and melodramatic take on mothers and ‘Bal Khade’ the quirkiest tracks of the season have arrived!

The Khoobsurat team also unveiled a fresh new track ‘Naina’ a soulful number by Sona Mohapatra and Armaan Mallik,composed by Armaan’;s brother Amaal Mallik,with lyrics by Kumaar  which was launched on this occasion.

“The music of Khoobsurat has something in it for everyone, just the like movie which will appeal to all ages. The music helps convey the emotions and situations between the characters and will leave you with a tear, smile, and ample laughs all in true Disney style”, says co-producer Rhea Kapoor.

Disney’s Khoobsurat starring Sonam Kapoor & Fawad Khan along with Ratna Pathak,Kiron Kher and others comes to a theater near you on 19th September 2014.

   ‘राॅयल्टी इमेज फॅार यू’ वेबसाईड लांच 


एंटरटेनमैंट जगत की प्रसिद्व कंपनी ‘एंडिट वन इन्टरनेशनल’ ने अपनी बेवसाइड‘राॅयल्टी इमेज फॅार यू’ लांच की। पश्चिमी दिल्ली के नारायणा स्थित होटल अनिला में आयोजित रंगारंग समारोह में कंपनी के निदेशक पंकज जग्या ने खूबसुरत माॅडलों के बीच इस वेबसाईड को लांच किया गया।
पंकज जग्या ने बताया ‘कि हम सेमिनार व वेबसाईट के माध्यम से फ्रंेचाईजी बनाएंगें और उन्ही के माध्यम माॅडलोें के फोटो शूट किए जाएंगंे ,जो निशुल्क  हैं। जब उस माॅडल की फोटो कोई  कोरर्पाेरेट घरना व उद्योग जगत की कंपनी अपने प्रोडेक्ट के लिए माॅडल कीे फोटो परचेज करेगा या उन्हें काम देगा उसकी राॅयल्टी पूरी उम्र उस माॅडल को चालीस  प्रतिशत उसके बाद उसकी दो पीढी को दी जाएंगीं। जिससे माॅडलों को काम और पैसे के लिए कंपनी के चक्कर नही काटने पडेगें। इसके अलावा जो लोग हमारी कंपनी से बतौर डिस्ट्रब्यूटर जुडेंगें कंपनी उनको बीस प्रतिशत कमीशन देगी।
कंपनी से ंजुडे कोरियोग्राफर फैज़ल ने जानकारी देेते हुए बताया कि ‘माॅडल के शूट आऊटडोर व इन्डोर होंगे, जिसमें कंपनी से जुडे प्रोफेशनल्स उन्हे ट्रैनिंग भी उपलब्ध करायंगे। कंपनी ने आगामी वर्षांे में पच्चीस करोड़ का लक्ष्य रखा है। फैज़ल ने कहा कि ‘हमारा कि हमारा उद्देश्य काम का सही दाम और पारदर्शिता से बिजनिस बढ़ना हंै। जिस मकसद को लेकर हम आगे बढ़ रहे है मुझे लगता है हम अवश्य कामयाब होगे। कार्यक्रम में बैले नृत्य व फैशन शो  का भी आयोजन हुआ
sunita saini

New Initiatives/ Developments of Ministry of Food Processing Industries


 The Ministry of Food Processing Industries is concerned with formulation and implementation of the policies & plans for the food processing industries within the overall national priorities and objectives. A strong and dynamic food processing sector plays a vital role in reduction in the wastage of perishable agricultural produce, enhancing shelf life of food products, ensuring value addition to agricultural produce, diversification &commercialization of agriculture, generation of employment, enhancing income of farmers and creating surplus for the export of agro & processed foods. In the era of economic liberalization, all segments including private, public and co-operative sectors have defined roles to play and the Ministry promotes their active participation.

During the first 100 days of the new government, some of the key initiatives/ achievements/ developments in the Ministry of Food Processing are listed below:-

1.<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>

Guidelines being formulated for setting up of a Special fund of Rs.2,000 crore in NABARD to make available affordable  credit to Agro-processing units being setup in designated Food Parks.2.<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>      Excise duty on machinery for the preparation of meat, poultry, fruits, nuts or vegetables and on presses, crushers and similar machinery used in the manufacture of wine, cider, fruit juices or similar beverages and on packing machinery has been reduced from 10% to 6%.

3.<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>      MOFPI has set up Invest India and part of this initiative and Investors’ guidance Help Desk has become fully operational.  This Help Desk identified food companies in countries such as Japan, Thailand and France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and Poland.

4.<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>      Approval to 3 (three) Mega Food Park Projects (M/s Pristine Mega Food Part, Khagaria, Bihar; M/s Satara Mega Food Park, Satara, Maharashtra and M/s Poliyan Mega Food Park, Una, Himachal Pradesh) sanctioned in the States of Bihar, Maharashtra and Himachal Pradesh.

5.<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>      83 proposals received in response to the invitation of Expression of Interest (EOI) for setting up of 5 Mega Food Park Projects in the country.


6.<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>      3 (three) approved Cold Chain Projects have become operational which were sanctioned by the Ministry under the scheme of Integrated Cold Chain, Value Addition and Preservation Infrastructure Scheme.  These were (i) Shimla Horticulture, Kolkata, (ii) Sharda Agri Foods Pvt. Ltd., Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand, and (iii) Cold Star Logistic Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, Maharashtra.

7.<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>      153 proposals have been received for setting up Cold Chain Projects.  IMAC meeting has been held.  It is expected that 18 projects will be approved shortly.

8.<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>      One abattoir project has become operational at Municipal Corporation, Shimla, under the scheme for Setting up/Modernization of Abattoirs of the Ministry.

9.<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>      Management Information System (MIS) for National Mission on Food Processing (NMFP) – Centrally Sponsored Scheme of 12th Plan was launched, which enables online submission of physical and financial progress reports of various schemes of the mission, by all the State/UT Governments.

10.<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>  Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology (IICPT), an autonomous institution, under the Ministry has obtained approval of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), for its B.Tech Programme.

11.<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>  Skill Development Initiative of the Ministry:  Ministry does not have any specific scheme for Skill Development in the food processing sector.  Accordingly Secretary, Food Processing Industries chaired a meeting on skill development in Food Processing Industries sector and following sub-sectors were identified for mapping of the job roles with an industry partner to lead the process of developing National Occupational Standards (NOS) for the identified job roles as under:


i)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>          Bakery                       -ITC

ii)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>         Dairy                          -Nestle India Ltd.

iii)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>       Grain Processing      -Cargill India Private Ltd.

iv)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>       Poultry                       -Industry partner to be identified by the Sector Skill Council

v)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>        Refrigeration               -Amalgam Frozen Food Private Ltd.

vi)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>       Packaging       -ITC and Indian Instt. Of Packaging, Mumbai

vii)<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>     Quality Control – Shriram Institute of Industrial Research Food Testing


12.<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>  It was decided to target 10,000 persons for training in the next 12 months and the first batch of training to commence in the last week of March, 2015.  NIFTEM in consultation with industry, other technical institutions and NSDC will develop high quality course content in English, Hindi and Regional languages both in print and multi-media for the job roles for each identified sub-sector.  The Ministry has made a provision of Rs.6.00 crore in the BE 2014-15 for this initiative.



13.<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>  A study for Mega Food Park Scheme evaluation was awarded, in pursuance to the directions of Committee on Agriculture on Demand for Grant (2013-14) to “Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations” (ICIER), New Delhi.

14.<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>  Ministry has awarded a study on feasibility for setting up of Solar Driers in Leh and Kargil of Ladakh region of J&K State has been awarded to National Institute of Solar Energy, New Delhi (Autonomous Institute of Ministry of Non Renewable Energy)

15.<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>  “National Cold Chain Summit 2014” was organised at Guwahati.  Hon’ble MOS, DONER, General (Dr.) V.K.Singh was the Chief Guest.  All concerned Principal Secretaries / Secretaries of Food Processing of North Eastern States and promoters of Cold Chain Projects and various Stake holders have participated in the summit,  which was also attended by Secretary, MOFPI, Chairman WDRA, Additional Secretary, MOFPI, CGM, NABARD,  Secretary, APEDA etc.

16.<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>  A seminar for Creating Awareness on Food Processing and about the Ministry’s schemes was held at Srinagar on 10.6.2014.  This was attended by seminar experts of Food Processing for addressing the Stake holders.  The seminar was also attended by Secretary MOFPI and JS MOFPI and other senior officials of the State Govt.

17.<span “times=”” new=”” roman”`=””>  A Special Drive for weeding out of the old files in the Ministry is continuing and so far 2986 files have been identified for destruction.

The Ministry is committed to facilitate and act as a catalyst to attract quality investments from within India and abroad into the Food Processing sector with the aim of making this sector a national initiative.

Minister of Malaysia calls on the Prime Minister Modi


Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Malaysia and President of the Malaysian Indian Congress calls on the Prime Minister.Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi received Datuk Seri G. Palanivel, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Malaysia and the President of the Malaysian Indian Congress.

Prime Minister lauded the over 2 million strong Indian community in Malaysia for enriching the fabric of Malaysia’s pluralist society and for contributing to Malaysia’s economic development. Prime Minister highlighted the importance of close cooperation between India and Malaysia as well as other ASEAN countries in advancing collective regional action for peace, stability and prosperity in the region. Prime Minister also expressed his desire for enhancing trade, investment, tourism, educational and cultural ties between the two countries.

Minister Palanivel sought enhanced cooperation in the areas of conservation of forests, wildlife protection, climate change technology and promotion of people to people contacts.

Minister Palanivel, on behalf of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, extended invitation to the Prime Minister to visit Malaysia. Prime Minister Modi agreed to visit Malaysia at a mutually convenient time.

Arab League set to combat Islamic State militants


The Arab League will take all necessary measures to combat Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, the foreign ministers of the organization agreed at a meeting in Cairo on Sunday. Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi suggested that military action may be conducted under the umbrella of the organization’s joint defense pact. However, it is not clear whether the Arab League’s commitment will include direct military involvement in Iraq and Syria. The foreign ministers also endorsed the UN Security Council’s August resolution which called to suppress the flow of fighters and financing to IS and other extremist groups in the region. In a statement, the Arab League for the first time called on Syrian opposition groups to hold talks with President Bashar Assad’s forces, in an effort to create a reconciliation government.

VISIT FLORIDA launches its Online Specialist program


 VISIT FLORIDA launches its Online Specialist program


~Trade Partners can now be certified travel agents for VISIT FLORIDA~


Mumbai 9th September, 2014 – VISIT FLORIDA recently launched its online specialist program for the Indian market amidst the presence of leading travel agents at a glitzy event in Bangalore. The e-learning has been specially created for the Indian travel agents, in order to aid them to plan better itineraries.


The VISIT FLORIDA Travel Trade specialist program is designed to showcase different aspects of the destination. This course highlights general information as well specific cities that would assist in understanding the major selling segments of Florida such as Attractions, Shopping, Art and Culture, Nightlife, Music and Theatre, Festivals and Events, Accommodations, Beaches and Water Activities, Spas and Golf. The agents will find a wealth of information that will not only provide them with an expert view of one of the hottest tourism destinations in the world, but it will also serve as a go-to resource whenever they are booking a Florida vacation for their client.

The program offers certain benefits and offers on completion. A VISIT FLORIDA Specialist would get priority to be a part of VISIT FLORIDA FAM trips. He/she will receive a VISIT FLORIDA Specialist Certificate along with a VISIT FLORIDA Specialist logo. The agent will have complete access to VISIT FLORIDA’s sales materials and will be eligible to enter VISIT FLORIDA contests, if any.

The networking event was attended by over 120 travel agents & tour operators. To lighten up the evening further, VISIT FLORIDA conducted games, with winners taking away exciting prizes such as a Florida holiday and attractive goodies.


Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Carolyn Jones, International Sales & Marketing Development Manager, VISIT FLORIDA, said, “We are delighted to announce our Online Specialist program for the Indian travel trade. The Indian outbound travel market has been constantly evolving. We have observed that travellers are now looking at moving beyond the usual products and are willing to experiment and try fresh experiences. To cater to this demand, we want to ensure that the agents are better equipped to create customized itineraries.”

One killed in Yemen as police disperse demonstration


A Yemeni man was shot dead and several others wounded as police tried to disperse Shi’ite Muslim Houthi protesters blocking the road between the capital and Sanaa airport, AFP reported, citing demonstrators. Police used tear gas and water cannon against the protesters, who were camped along the road near the interior ministry. The escalation of weeks of protests reportedly came after demonstrators ignored the demand to clear the area, and apparently after some approached a checkpoint leading to the nearby ministry. Tens of thousands of Houthis have been camping around Sanaa demanding the resignation of the government, which they accuse of corruption.

Invite: Yusuf Meherally Memorial Lecture. Sept 23 by Prof Arun Kumar


From: napm india <> Mon, 8 Sep ’14 10:53p
To: napm-india <> and others

युसूफ मेहर अली स्मृति व्याख्यान

Yusuf Meherally Memorial Lecture

प्रोफ. अरुण कुमार, वरिष्ठ अर्थशास्त्री और विचारक

Prof. Arun Kumar, Senior Economist and Thinker

विषय : समता की खोज क्या आज के भारत में अप्रासंगिक है ?

Subject : Has the Quest for Equity Become Irrelevant in India ?

सभा अध्यक्ष : जस्टिस राजिंदर सचर | Justice Rajinder Sachar, Chairperson

२३ सितम्बर, शाम पांच बजे, गाँधी शांति प्रतिष्ठान, नयी दिल्ली

September 23rd, 5 PM, Gandhi Peace Foundation, Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg New Delhi

आप सभी आमंत्रित हैं !

युसूफ मेहर अली सेंटर, तारा, महाराष्ट्र – जन आंदोलनों का राष्ट्रीय समन्वय

संपर्क : गुड्डी 9869050860

Invite : Delhi Samajwadi Samagam Meet Sept 23. 10-4pm at Gandhi PeaceFound Delhi


Invite : Delhi Samajwadi Samagam Mee. September 23. 10-4pm at GPF Delhi
From: napm india <> Mon, 8 Sep ’14 10:51p
To: napm-india <> and others
प्रिय साथियों,
अभी अभी तारापनवेल में आयोजित समाजवादी समागम के प्रस्तावों में यह तय किया गया की हरेक राज्य में भी इस प्रक्रिया की पहल हो ताकि,समाजवादी विचारधारा को आगे बढाया जाए और मजबूती मिले.
इसी क्रम में आगामी २३ सितम्बर को गंधी शांति प्रतिष्ठाननयी दिल्ली में सुबह 10 बजे से बजे तकसमाजवादी समागम का आयोजन किया जा रहा है.
समागम में पनवेल में पारित प्रस्तावों पर चर्चाआज के दौर में समाजवाद और भावी संघर्ष के कार्यक्रम तय किये जायेंगे.
आप सभी सादर आम्नात्रित हैंअवश्य पहुंचे.
मंजू मोहनविजय प्रतापडी के गिरीसुभाष भटनागरजे एस वालियावीरेंदर विद्रोहीजबर सिंहमधुरेश कुमारडॉसुनीलमडॉ प्रेम सिंह


संपर्क : 9910770263, 9958126130, 9810810365, 9971526169

UN Big Data Climate Challenge winners show how big data can drive climate action



Project in Surat is one of the global winners


The United Nations has recently announced the winners of the “Big Data Climate Challenge” as part of the buildup to the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Summit on 23 September at UN Headquarters in New York.


The winners include a monitoring system that provides real-time information on forests, and a tool for farmers in Colombia that promotes climate-smart agriculture. The winners will be invited to attend the Climate Summit.


The Big Data Climate Challenge is a global competition hosted by United Nations Global Pulse, an initiative of the Secretary-General on big data. The Challenge was launched in May 2014 to unearth fresh evidence of the economic dimensions of climate change around the world using data and analytics. Submissions were received from 40 countries, representing more than 20 topics fromforestry, biodiversity and transportation to renewable energy and green data centers.


Two overall Big Data Climate Challenge winners and seven “Projects to Watch” were selected by a high-level Advisory Board and Technical Committee of global experts in climate science, sustainable development and big data. Submissions were evaluated on their use of big data, economic relevance, stakeholder engagement, originality and scalability. The “Projects to Watch” were chosen to highlight particularly innovative uses of big data in emerging topics and geographic regions.


Big Data Climate Challenge Winners:

  • “Global Forest Watch” (GFW) is a dynamic forest monitoring system from the World Resources Institute and partners: GFW empowers people to manage forests by combining satellite imaging, open data and crowdsourcing for open access to timely information about forests by governments, companies, NGOs and the public. (
  • Climate-smart, site-specific agriculture decision-making tool for Colombian rice farmers by the Site-Specific Agriculture Big Data Team at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture(CIAT): Using harvest monitoring data with climate data and seasonal forecasts, farming recommendations for rice growers are generated as a first step toward a system to support decision-making for farmers. (


“Projects to Watch”:

  • Urban services monitoring (UrSMS)” by development consultancy Taru in collaboration with Surat Municipal Corporation and Urban Health Climate Resilience Centre (UHCRC) in India
  • “Big Earth Observation Data for Climate Change Research” by a research team at Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences (
  • “Using Big Data and Google Directions to show CO2 Emissions from Transport” by researchers at University of Skopje Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering and UNDP Macedonia. (
  • “Development under Climate Change (DUCC),” an application of the Systematic Analysis of Climate Resilient Development (SACRED) framework to quantify economic impacts of climate change in South Africa submitted by United Nations University (UNU) WIDER in Finland
  • “SmartSpaces” energy monitoring system in municipal buildings by Bristol City Energy Services in the UK as part of a European initiative implemented in 11 cities. (
  • “Data and Computational Tools to Build Low-Carbon, Sustainable Energy Systems” by a research team at Renewable and Appropriate Energy Lab at University of California Berkeley with projects implemented in United States, South America and Asia. (
  • “Megacities Carbon Project” by a research team from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Arizona State University, Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement (LSCE), Resources for the Future, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), California Institute of Technology, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and the California Air Resources Board (


Representatives from the two winning teams will be invited to the UN Climate Summit, where their research will be shared with Heads of State as well as global business leaders and civil society leaders. Both of the Big Data Climate Challenge winners and “Projects to Watch” will be featured on the UN Climate Summit website.


“Big data helps us more deeply understand how climate change can affect our economies, land, health and issues of inequality—with the ultimate aim of delivering solutions, it can empower individuals, communities and policy-makers to make more informed decisions,” said Tracy Raczek, Senior Policy Advisor on Climate in the Executive Office of the Secretary-General. “In the case of the Big Data Climate Challenge Winner on climate-smart agriculture, big data gives farmers valuable information on planting times which can lead to more productive growing seasons; and to the other winner, Global Forest Watch, provides multiple end-users timely data on deforestation. This can inform actions that affect short term deforestation, local economies, and long term changes to our climate.”


The Big Data Climate Challenge was inspired by the UN Climate Summit, which will convene leaders from Governments as well as public and private sectors to catalyze climate action. A new wave of climate action powered by big data and analytics is emerging. The Big Data Climate Challenge brings together these fields of big data and climate change in preparation for the Climate Summit.


The Big Data Climate Challenge Winners and “Projects to Watch” demonstrate that scalable, data-driven climate solutions exist globally, and such solutions can inspire leaders from all sectors and all parts of the world to galvanize toward a safer, healthier, more equitable and resilient future.


For more information on the UN Climate Summit,


To learn about the Big Data Climate Challenge and UN Global Pulse,


About UN Global Pulse

Global Pulse is an innovation initiative of United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, exploring how new data sources and real-time analytics can help policymakers gain new insights into emerging vulnerabilities and changes in human well-being. Global Pulse is playing a leading role in helping the UN and other development partners adapt the new opportunities created by Big Data to meet the challenges of driving sustainable development. Through public-private partnerships, innovative analysis and open-source technology development, Global Pulse is strengthening public sector capacity to leverage digital big data for development and resilience.  With innovation centers known as Pulse Labs, in New York, Jakarta and Kampala, Global Pulse leverages big data to address topics such as: public health, economic well-being, agriculture & food security, urban resilience and humanitarian action. For more information about Global Pulse,


About the UN Climate Summit

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is hosting the Climate Summit on 23 September 2014 at United Nations Headquarters in New York. The Summit will mark the first time in five years that world leaders will get together to chart a bold, new course of action on climate change. Heads of state and government will join leaders from business and civil society to announce new commitments and practical actions to address climate change. The Summit will consist of an opening ceremony, announcements by heads of state and governments, announcements by the private sector, the launch of new initiatives that address key action areas by coalitions of governments, businesses and civil society organizations. There will also be sessions that focus on critical aspects of climate change, including science, people living on the frontlines of climate change, the societal benefits of action, and the economic case for action on climate change. The Secretary-General will summarize the outcome of the day at the closing ceremony. For more information about the Secretary-General’s 2014 Climate Summit, please

World Economic Forum


World Economic Forum

Has China’s growth spurt only just begun? “Unlike many emerging economies today, and unlike the East Asian Tigers of the past, China has a far more powerful development tool: reforms,” writes Keyu Jin, assistant professor of economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader ‪#‎amnc14‬
Has China's growth spurt only just begun? "Unlike many emerging economies today, and unlike the East Asian Tigers of the past, China has a far more powerful development tool: reforms," writes Keyu Jin, assistant professor of economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader #amnc14</p><br />
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आपको कई बीमारियों से निजात मिलेगी।

अपने अंगूठे से बताये गये बिंदुओं पर 5 सेकेंड तक दबायें और फिर 3 सेकेंड के लिये छोड़ दें। ऐसा लगातार 5 से 10 दिन तक हर रोज 2-3 मिनट तक करें। आपको कई बीमारियों से निजात मिलेगी। </p><br />
<p>इसे शेयर करना न भूलें, हो सकता है आपके किसी मित्र को इससे फायदा हो जाये…” width=”352″ height=”395″ /></div>
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अपने अंगूठे से बताये गये बिंदुओं पर 5 सेकेंड तक दबायें और फिर 3 सेकेंड के लिये छोड़ दें। ऐसा लगातार 5 से 10 दिन तक हर रोज 2-3 मिनट तक करें। आपको कई बीमारियों से निजात मिलेगी।
इसे शेयर करना न भूलें, हो सकता है आपके किसी मित्र को इससे फायदा हो जाये…

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