Demand Letter seeking effective curbs on crimes against women and burgeoning illegal trade of drugs and vulgarity; and invitation for an Open Debate at Constitution Club, New Delhi

You must be aware that illegal/legal trade of different addictions (drugs, liquor, tobacco and others) and vulgarity or nudity through films, electronic and print media or websites is taking place (or being calculatedly run) by Indian or foreign individuals/organisations in our country. The trade has assumed the gigantic form. It is no more a secrete now that a number of market forces are calculatedly trying to damage the intelligence of your youth, family institution and the social fabric. This is a deep-rooted conspiracy causing huge damage to the nation. During the last a few years not only different Commissions, Committees or social organisations, but also the Supreme Court has advised to curb all those who are running or expanding this illegal trade. The efforts in this direction on the part of the government are almost nil and the society is fast degrading.

Armed with the research and studies conducted by Maulik Bharat Trust and hundreds of our associated organisations we jointly place the following demands before the government:

  1. The production and sell of any kinds of drug should be made fully transparent and the transaction should be allowed only through debit/credit cards.
  2. An effective mechanism for putting a control/ban on addictions should be ensured by bringing all the laws related to different addictions in the Concurrent List.
  3. An effective mechanism with exemplary action should be evolved and implemented punishing all those who are involved in production or trade of different illegal drugs.
  4. An extensive campaign be conducted in all educational and health institutions to educate the people about the harms of the drugs.
  5. All Ministries in coordination with other ministries should formulate and implement a collective action plan so that the Indian and Constitutional values could be saved.
  6. A campaign should be launched to identity and take strict action against all those government officials who due to any reason ignore the activities of the people involved in illegal trade of production, distribution or sell of the drugs.
  7. The vulgar material damaging the Indian cultural ethos through films, advertisements, television, print media and any other medium of communication should be banned forthwith. Definition of vulgarity should be made clear. Apart from it, the producers, directors, photographers and artists involved in any kind of nude/vulgar scene, photo, painting or business should be banned and action should be taken against them.
  8. The porn websites being made available in India through foreign websites should be blocked immediately as has been done by China. All internet service providers should be forced to set up their servers in our country.
  9. India should withdraw its permission granted through the United Nations Organisations to allow porn sites in India.
  10. All steps, which protect the dignity of women and provide healthy atmosphere to children and adolescents for development should be taken.

In order to understand the policies and intention of the government in this regard Maulik Bharat has decided to organise on Open Debate at Constitution Club, Rafi Marg, New Delhi, on September 27 at 10 am. You are requested to kindly attend the function and provide your valuable suggestions.

Please provide your written consent to support our initiative and sanction for attending the function so that we can make proper arrangements.


Waiting for positive action

All members of the Maulik Bharat Trust and associated organisations


Dated: September 7, 2014

(Jaladhikar Sangathan, National Youth Party, Hindu Jagriti Manch, Jaihind Manch, Sanskar Bharati, Vishwa Hindu Mahasangh, Muslim Ekta Manch, Bharat Swabhiman, Ramanuja Mission Trust and hundreds of other organisation)


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