J&K Sunk, Dullards in NDMA Failed India Since Founding 2005

Ravinder Singh


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J&K Sunk, Dullards in NDMA Failed India Since Founding 2005
September10, 2014 (C) Ravinder Singh ravinderinvent@gmail.comDopplar Radar were introduced by an EU company 4-5 years ago for Rs.2
million only or $30,000 and every district of India would have cost
only $18m only to cover entire India. But unfortunately BABUS in
Ministry of S&T didn’t want New & Cheap technology.

State with hundreds of lakes have no Hovercraft and Motor Boats, can
we imagine this? I visited Kashmir in 1969 there were motor boats

I have been Campaigning for 200,000 MW Rooftop Solar for two years –
Solar Panels generate some power even in overcast conditions enough to
charge Mobile Phones and Lighting. There was no Disaster Proof Mobile
and Broadband service – at least 10% of Towers should have been
Disaster Proof.

NDMA had solely relied on Army Officers and Air Force transport and
helicopters for rescue and relief operations. Country can’t be
deploying Rs.15,000 crores worth of Air Force aircrafts for few truck
loads of supplies that too largely not reaching the unfortunate

Air Force should have been used to MAP the Flood affected zones as
soon as possible to IDENTIFY Disaster Zone instead of taking VIPs on
disaster tourism.

This is yet another pathetic story of NDMA failing to react in time
and PREVENT disasters like floods. A week after rains and floods
started in J&K reports of 600,000 people trapped are yet to be reached
and just 47,000 rescued is most disgusting when last three days were

IMD warning was MISLEADING – it never gave CLEAR warning. For example
on 5th the Forecast was for more Heavy Rains and Snow when it was
already raining for 3-4 days and J&K was already flooded – (The Met
Department has predicted moderate to heavy rain and snowfall in the
region till Saturday.) IMD also gave Explanation for Heavy Rains of
Past 48 hours separately – (There will be no respite for the people
till September 6 when the weather is expected to improve.) IS THIS

Going by The Tribune Stories it is evident against peak floods
recorded in the past of 65,000 cusecs to 70,000 cusecs and flood this
time is 80,000 cusecs, the designed capacity of the Jhelum River
passing through Srinagar town is barely 17,000 cusecs and that too is
encroached. Multipurpose Storage Dams and adequate Drainage should

In Mumbai Clogged Mithi River caused similar destruction in 2006 but
Eight Years later and over 100 big and small floods – some occurring
repeatedly 2-3 times a year but NDMA with all the authority failed to
de-clog any river.

NDMA failed to ensure River Embankments are in good condition weeks
before monsoon season, inspect vulnerable points etc. Didn’t learn
from Kosi Floods.

Sequence of events clearly indicates there was ZERO preparation even
as PEAK Floods hit J&K 3-4 days after rains started.

Clearly there was no disaster management training – and No Emphasis on
Prevention of Disaster. Even safe hospitals were not identified or
patients moved to SAVE makeshift field hospitals at SAFE locations.

Neither people nor local administration stored adequate amounts of
foods safely for emergency. PDS foods & Medicines etc could have been
moved to safer areas and safe storage and shelters made or safe
building identified with stocks of foods and to accommodate flood
affected people well in time.

Instead of water bottles Water Purifiers & Filters were most
appropriate each Cleaning over a 5000 Liters.

Houses which are Low Lying and of Poor Quality should have been marked
and similarly safer multistory and sturdy buildings should be marked
and stocked with emergency supplies.

Finally people should have been engaged in Disaster Management in all
localities, with Life Jackets, Dry Cell Torches etc (Basically
Trekking Equipments) and PAID for Caring Disaster Affected than
dropping Relief from Air Force Turbo Props and Heavy Lift Choppers.

Thus we could have Entire J&K Population prepared for worst Rains and Floods.

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant,


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