How to drive the Circular Economy in the auto sector (September 11, 2014)

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Naresh Kumar Sagar
Today at 7:39 PM
Waste & Recycling
September 11, 2014
This Week´s Featured News Stories
How to drive the Circular Economy in the auto sector
A new set of legislative drivers which use ‘more carrots, less sticks’ is needed if the automotive sector is to deliver greater sustainability within the Circular Economy for recycled plastic content in new vehicles, suggests a leading plastics recycler. Fresh strategies are required, such … » read more
Specialist recycling plant development on the increase, according to AcuComm Waste Futures
Interest in recycling and materials recovery is growing worldwide and increasingly specialist processing plants are releasing valuable by-products with a positive environmental impact. According to an analysis of the Waste Business Finder database in August 2014, published in Waste Industry Sales Monitor … » read more
PTF Häusser GmbH
PTF Häusser GmbH is a dynamic company started to satisfy the needs of a niche market in the environmental industry. We are a German Manufacture of professional bale wrapping technology. Wrapped waste bales you find more and more, because there are plenty advantages with them. The good protection by the stretch film conserves the energy and allows to store the bales outdoor. Transportation of waste bales is no problem anymore. Tight square bales do not demand much space, they do not smell, produce dust, litter or leak. Our product family ROTOWRAP, is the powerful top solution for wrapping square waste bales.
RWM 2014: showcasing debate and innovation
United Kingdom: The UK`s leading show of its type over many decades, the RWM 2014 exhibition will open its doors at the NEC in Birmingham from September … » read more
Advanced Technology Recycling awarded contract for Erie County – New York
B&K Technology Solutions Inc. the parent company of Advanced Technology Recycling, with its corporate headquarters located in Pontiac, IL announced … » read more
Compacted urban soils improved with composts have long-term benefits for tree growth
Composting to compacted urban soils can provide a lasting effect that aids tree growth, new research indicates. Urban soils improved with added organic … » read more
Blackmer Extends XLW Series Sliding Vane Pump Family With 4-Inch XLW4A Model
Blackmer, a global leader in positive displacement and centrifugal pump, and reciprocating compressor technologies, is pleased to announce the availability … » read more
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