Cameron to destroy Islamic State group


British Prime Minister David Cameron says his country and the rest of the world must destroy the Islamic State militant group.Cameron delivered a TV speech on Sunday in reaction to a video purporting to show the slaying of British aid worker David Haines. Another British man appears in video whic also shows another man kneeling down. The Islamic State says the man is also British.A militant standing next to the man says that if British Prime Minister David Cameron persists in fighting against the Islamic State, his hands will be stained with blood just like those of US President Barack Obama. United States and Egypt have agreed to work together to form a coalition against the Islamic State militant group.

US Secretary of State John Kerry met with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri in Cairo, Egypt on Saturday.They discussed how to cope with the Sunni extremist group, which is expanding its area of control in Iraq and Syria.In a news conference after the meeting, Kerry indicated the US intends to work more closely with Egypt, which is home to the foremost Sunni Islamic learning institute, Al-Azhar. Kerry said Egypt has a critical role to play in countering the group’s hardline Sunni ideology.He also said nearly every country can play a role in the fight against the Islamic State.At the same news conference, Shukri told reporters Egypt also faces a threat from Islamic extremists.Kerry was touring the Middle East to coordinate efforts to stop the flow of funds to the militants, and deter foreign fighters from joining it.Tony Abbott says his country will send troops to the Middle East in response to a request from US President Barack Obama.Abbott told reporters on Sunday that as many as eight FA-18 combat aircraft and 600 personnel will be sent to the United Arab Emirates.The US government is calling on its Western allies to form a coalition against the Islamic State militant group that is expanding its influence in Iraq and Syria. Obama has said the US will launch airstrikes in Syria.Abbott pointed out that Australian nationals are working with terrorist groups in the Middle East.He said the deployment is a prudent and proportionate action to protect Australia and other nations against the terrorist threat.

Abbott will take part in a summit-level meeting of the UN Security Council later this month. He is expected to urge the international community to take united action to combat the threat from Islamic militant groups.
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