Immediately crackdown on playschools not adhering to children safety

From: Media Cell AAP <> Sun, 28 Sep ’14 2:42p

To: You and others

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From: Media Cell AAP <>
Date: Sun, Sep 28, 2014 at 2:41 PM
Subject: Immediately crackdown on playschools not adhering to children safety

The Aam Aadmi Party demands that the Delhi administration should immediately order a mandatory inspection of all play schools in the national capital and those not adhering to safety guidelines for children should be shut down without any delay.

The shocking incidents of sexual abuse of children reported from two playschools in Rohini and Hari Nagar over the past week have exposed the unpardonable negligence of the education department in allowing unauthorised schools to mushroom, which are fast becoming a threat to the society.

A large number of worried parents have been coming to the AAP offices throughout the city, demanding safety of small children in schools, particularly in play schools, and it is a serious matter which can no longer be taken lightly by the Delhi administration.

The education department needs to crack down immediately on such schools, which appear to have been opened with the intention of minting money under fancy names to mislead parents, who fall in the trap of allowing their children to spend some time in these play schools.

It is the duty of education department to ensure that the mushrooming industry of play schools be regulated in accordance with strict guidelines for children safety. Political patronage and corruption cannot be allowed to wreak havoc in the city, particularly when it pertains to children safety.

The AAP demands that the entire area in and around these play schools be brought under Close Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance, a proper security check be carried out before employing teacher and non-teaching staff, full record of private vans and other modes of transport along with their drivers be verified and displayed before children are allowed to use these vehicles.

These minimum standards of children safety be made mandatory for any playschool before it is allowed to admit children and if any school does not fulfil these, it must be shut down without any delay.

The AAP has asked all its assembly incharges in the city to collect information about playschools, which will be provided to the Delhi administration to make it aware about the sorry state of affairs.

The party also appeals to the public to come forward and report in its offices across the city, in case they spot any unauthorised schools operating in their areas, which could pose a threat to children safety. (ENDS)



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