Kejriwal’s letter to Gadkari on e-rickshaws; protest on Oct 8 at Jantar Mantar

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  • ·  E-rickshaw drivers to protest at Jantar Mantar on Oct 8 if demands not met till then
  • ·  Kejriwal reminds Gadkari of his promise about starting e-rickshaws in Delhi by Sept end.


Former Delhi chief minister and AAP convenor Arvind Kejriwal on Monday (Sep 29) reminded the union surface transport minister Mr Nitin Gadkari about his promise to get all the hurdles in the way of plying e-rickshaws in the national capital by the end of this month.

In a letter to the minister (copy attached with this press release), Kejriwal has told Mr Gadkari that his ministry officials say it will take some more time for the notification to be issued.

Poor e-rickshaw drivers are suffering for no fault of theirs and despite Prime Minister’s assertion that red-tapism is being eliminated from the government offices, the reality seems otherwise.

Mr Gadkari himself had made big announcements at the Ramlila Ground on June 17, but later it transpired that his announcements were not found to be legally tenable.

The minister himself told a delegation led by Kejriwal, when he met them on September 16, that the Solicitor General had cited legal hurdles in the implementation of announcements made at the Ramlila Ground.

Does this mean that Mr Gadkari had made the announcements without consulting his ministry officials and law officers of the government to mislead the poor e-rickshaw drivers ?

Since the central government has failed to clear the hurdles in allowing the plying of e-rickshaws on Delhi roads in accordance with rules and regulations, e-rickshaw drivers of Delhi will organize a protest at Jantar Mantar on October 8 in support of their demands, in case the government fails to accept their demands till that date.

Mr Gadkari should remember that his latest announcement on September 15 that e-rickshaws will start plying in Delhi within 10 days is still fresh in the memory of poor e-rickshaw drivers, who have been sitting idle since more than two months and their families are finding it difficult to make two ends meet on a daily basis.


AAP Media Cell.


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