EUBIQ INDIA need distributors for EUBIQ POWER TRACK SYSTEM×90&pl=below&ch=row×90&pl=below&ch=news


Eubiq Track base System is the world’s first-of-its-kind electrical power outlet system that is practical, safe, and simply beautiful!

NOW Directly Present In Indian MARKET Through a regional Office & Assembly Unit.


Brought By GoSave


Our innovative track capable system allows you to add, remove and reposition power outlets anytime anywhere – by just a simple twist. This unique engineering, not found in any other systems, protects one from potential electrical shock. It effectively grounds all conductive objects that come into contact with the power track, making it exceptionally safe.

A MUST For Conference & Meeting Tables×90&pl=below&ch=row×90&pl=below&ch=news

A MUST For Modern Kitchen 

A MUST For a TV Console

A MUST For a TV Console

A MUST For a Modern Hospitals (BED HEAD PANELs)

Distributorship enquiry solicited :Email : , | Phone : 022 400 3233 7 | Toll Free : 1800 102 4032 


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