BJP’s central govt sounding hollow on corruption



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Disturbing developments concerning multiple ministries raise serious doubts on the BJP central government’s stand on corruption, the very plank on which it had attacked the previous UPA government and promised ache din to the people of the country.

Following up its u-turn on the much hyped election promise of bringing back the black money stashed away in foreign banks within 150 days of coming to power, the BJP government is now looking for unjustified excuses for not revealing the names of illicit foreign bank account holders.

Last week it informed the Supreme Court that international treaties prevent disclosure of names, and now the finance minister said today (Tuesday) that the Congress party will be embarrassed when names of black money account holders will be revealed.

Could this be the reason behind BJP-led NDA government’s u-turn before the Supreme Court ?

Is this a matter between the BJP and the Congress ? Do the people of the country not have a right to know who looted them ?

Finance minister Mr Arun Jaitley is misleading the country by stating that the Double Tax Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) signed with Germany in 1995 is the obstacle in making public the names of illicit bank account holders.

The same argument was given by the UPA government before the Supreme Court in 2011, but it outrightly rejected it in its July 4, 2011 judgment in its para 56, stating :“We have perused the said agreement with Germany. We are convinced that the said agreement, by itself, does not proscribe the disclosure of the relevant documents and details of the same, including the names of various bank account holders in Liechtenstein.”

Apart from black money, the latest revelations about a defence contractor allegedly close to union minister General (retired) VK Singh being under the CBI lens, require a clarification from the minister on the issue.

The central government and the BJP, both, need to come clean on whether the former army chief is above doubt in murky dealings pointed out by the R&AW.

Somebody who has claimed to have fought against corruption throughout his career cannot remain quiet when skeletons seem to be tumbling out.

Adding to the ruling party’s discomfiture is the Karnatka High Court’s order stating that probe into land deals against BJP national vice-president Mr BS Yeddyurappa must continue.

All the above mentioned developments put a big questionmark on the BJP claims of providing a corruption free regime. (ENDS)



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