Elements of Ms Shallu Jindal’s Kuchipudi performance on Nov 1, 2014



Noted danseuse, Ms Shallu Jindal’s performance on Nov 1, 2014 presented an hour long, scintillating journey into the world of Kuchipudi. Her daughter, Yashasvini, also an upcoming Kuchipudi dancer, was also part of some of the segments of the performance.

The different elements of the classical repertoire, whose theme is to portray Krishna-leela through Kuchipudi, would be:

1)      The solo performance started with an invocation of Lord Venkateswara.


2)      This was followed by a Kuchipudi rendition on Mere Saason ki Maala (a Meera Bai bhajan popularised by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan) fused with sufi and Hindustani music. It was coming together of three different regions. While Kuchipudi is from Andhra Pradesh, Meerabai was from Rajasthan and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is from Pakistan.


3)      Next was be Thillana —  a traditional Kuchipudi Nritya item.


4)      Madhushala: a unique performance on the poem by the famed Late Harivansh Rai Bachchan.


5)      The performance ended with Tarangam in which Ms Jindal performed on the edges of a brass plate in devotion to Lord Krishna. This item displayed an exquisite virtuosity as the dancer executes intricate footwork patterns by dancing on the rim of a brass plate and coordinates them with complicated rhythmic patterns. At the moment, when the dancer is standing on the rims of the brass plate, the dancer’s SOUL loses its contact with the materialist world and is in harmony with the Eternal Power. This is the union of the Atma with the Parmatma.


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