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Kapil Dev launches ‘SloPho’, India’s first social gamified collaboration platform




Kapil Dev launches ‘SloPho’, India’s first social gamified collaboration platform


-1st country-based secure social platform that allows users to express themselves through texts, pictures and videos –

-World’s 1st social platform that facilitates two-way secure communication between consumers and brands-

-Users have potential to win in challenges and contests-

– The 1st social platform allowing businesses to target campaigns by region and language thereby drive greater RoI-

-SloPho plans to enter International markets in a phased manner – two countries in 2015-

-SloPho mobile app available on Android Play Store and will be coming to Apple App Store shortly-


New Delhi, November 12, 2014: SloPho, a ‘Made in India’ social gamified collaboration platform was launched today by Kapil Dev, former Indian cricketer and captain. The unique yet simple social platform engages users by allowing them to win prizes daily by participating in exciting games, contests, polls and quizzes. Participants also earn points that accumulate on a leaderboard and can eventually be redeemed or transferred/gifted as prizes or bartered for advertising space on the platform. The cumulative average daily prize money to be won ranges as much as Rs. 25,000 and will go up significantly during special promotions’ and festivals. Additionally, users have their own page where they can segment their followers into different customisable categories such as friends, family and colleagues among others; to share text, pictures and video. Users can also monetize their page by allowing advertising on it, a first in the world.


SloPho also allows businesses to target campaigns by region and language and drive greater RoI by providing two way communications. Registered businesses (corporate, SME, self-employed entrepreneurs and professionals) will be able to put up gamified promotions directly and engage users around their brand and proposition to build long term communities. The business can either put up contests on the main games feed page or create their own corporate/professional corner, which can be tailored to their specifications and managed directly. This also provides access to data and the benefit of analytics dashboard for their corner to get regular information around their campaigns.


The SloPho mobile application is available for Android users in the Play Store starting today and will be available for Apple users in its App Store shortly. The platform is targeted to all smartphone users across age groups, incomes and literacy levels initially across India. It is currently available in English. Over the next three months, it will be made available in Hindi, Gujarati and Tamil to get on board users from tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well.


Speaking at the launch, Kapil Dev, Co-owner and Promoter said, “With SloPho, we want to give users, corporates and professionals, a social platform that not only fulfils their need to connect and collaborate, but also earn rewards for it in a way that matters most to them.”


He added, “This social platform is truly for everyone and is our contribution to the Prime Minister’s Make in India initiative. Our aim is to take it to every smartphone user, corporate and professional in the country and then internationally by providing ease of use, accessibility on smartphone OS platform as well as availability in different languages. Since mobile is fast becoming the preferred mode of internet access, we built the final product as a mobile application. We believe the mobile application will help us achieve our target of atleast 5-6 million users and 25 large corporates in the first year.”


SloPho is simple to use. It is designed around photo, video and text, things all smartphone users are comfortable with today. Its features include bucketing people into categories and sharing information accordingly; option to follow and unfollow a corporate; and posting information across other social networking sites from their SloPho page among others.


“We created a desktop version to beta test the concept first among evolved Internet users. We tested it for over a year and the results were amazing. The daily average time spent by a user was an hour and 15 minutes. We took it to a few corporates like Airtel Nigeria and Dhampur Sugar that ran promotions and were happy with the results. Today, with the launch of mobile app we believe not only will time spent by users increase significantly but it will also allow corporates and professionals to reach out and engage a much larger connected base of users,” said Aman Sahani, Co-Founder and CEO,


In 2015, SloPho will be launched in more scheduled Indian languages and will also be introduced internationally in United Arab Emirates and Africa. Outside of India, it will launched in partnership with the telecom ecosystem players like operators and handset vendors.


About is based on a concept of secure social gamified collaboration platform. The company Slopho Infotech Private Limited, headquartered in New Delhi was incorporated in February 2013. The initial objectives of the company were to design, create and place before users an easy and simple to use engagement platform. In addition, it was the desire of the promoters to come up with the first “Made in India” social platform like no other in the world.


For more information contact:

Sayanti Ganguli / Ridhima Sahani / Vilsha Kapoor

Six Degrees PR   / /

9811819469                                         / 9810289995                      / 9910050066DSCN3440

RBI issues revised Regulatory Framework for NBFCs




Regulatory framework aims to address risks wherever they exist; address regulatory gaps and arbitrage arising from differential regulations, both within the sector as well as vis-a-vis other financial institutions; harmonise and simplify regulations to facilitate a smoother compliance culture among NBFCs; and strengthen governance standards)

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued the revised Regulatory Framework for Non-banking Finance Companies (NBFCs), with an objective to streamline the regulations for the sector. Accordingly, it has revoked, with immediate effect, its temporary suspension on issuance of Certificate of Registration (CoR) to companies proposing to conduct business of non-banking financial institution (NBFI). (The Reserve Bank had temporarily suspended issuance of Certificate of Registration on April 1, 2014 pending revision in the framework for NBFCs.)
RBI mentioned that, “a lighter regulatory framework has been placed on NBFCs other than for those with large asset sizes and deposit accepting. For NBFCs with large asset sizes, and for all deposit accepting NBFCs, regulations have been harmonised across NBFCs, and to some extent, with banks. The intent is to create a level playing field that does not unduly favour or disfavour any institution.” It further stated that in limited areas where harmonisation has resulted in strengthening the regulations, generally adequate time has been given to manage the transition. The regulator will then focus on the most important and systemic risks.
Certain important recommendations made by the working group on issues and concerns in the NBFC Sector and the committee on comprehensive financial services for small businesses and low income households have been drawn upon. The changes now introduced to the regulatory framework are mentioned below.Requirement of Minimum NOF of Rs. 200 lakh – Given the need for strengthening the financial sector and technology adoption, and in view of the increasing complexities of services offered by NBFCs, it shall be mandatory for all NBFCs to attain a minimum NOF of Rs. 200 lakh by the end of March 2017.The limit for acceptance of deposits across the NBFC sector has been harmonised by reducing the same for rated asset finance companies(AFC) from four times to 1.5 times of NOF, with immediate effect.Systemic Significance – In view of the overall increase in the growth of the NBFC sector, the threshold for defining systemic significance for NBFCs-Non-Deposit taking-Systemically Important (NBFC-ND-SI) has been revised to Rs. 500 crore from Rs. 100 crore.

Enhanced prudential regulations shall be made applicable to NBFCs wherever public funds are accepted and conduct of business regulations will be made applicable wherever customer interface is involved.NBFCs-ND, with assets less than Rs. 500 crore, including investment companies, shall henceforth be required to submit only a simplified Annual Return.


A detailed note on revised Regulatory Framework for Non-banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) has been furnished in the Annexure enclosed for your reference.



Lubna Mukhi


‘Lubna Mukhi’
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SpOT C Invitation: Paola Huijding, November 16


SpOT C Invitation: Paola Huijding, November 16

arch i




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