Delhi Dialogue for a better Delhi kicks off on Saturday, Nov 15


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  • AAP Delhi Dialogue kicks off on Saturday at Jantar Mantar
  • Over the next 45 days, AAP teams will deliberate with different sections of society
  • Party aims to work for making a better Delhi for its citizens.
  • Governance must be honest, accountable and responsive to deliver actionables for citizens

Delhi Dialogue is a unique model of collaborative development by the Aam Aadmi Party to forge a partnership between the government and the citizens of Delhi.

People’s power and an honest government lead to hyper development. A dishonest government works behind closed doors with a small clique of bureaucrats, ministers and power brokers. This is the exactly what we have seen over the last two decades of the Congress and BJP misrule because of which the most fundamental needs of the people of Delhi like clean drinking water, electricity, affordable housing, sanitation, employment and others, have remain unaddressed and unsolved.

An honest, accountable and responsive government seeks out people’s participation, tapping into their immense potential in the issues of governance. Through Delhi Dialogue, the Aam Aadmi Party will obliterate the walls between the government and the people. Delhi Dialogue is a policy level intervention in which we are  engaging academicians, businesses, bureaucrats, elected officials, national and international researchers, subject matter experts, and most important the aam aadmi of Delhi, to come together to draw a blueprint for Delhi’s future.

Through these series of dialogues with AAP aims to draw up a 50 point blueprint for a five year government, that will deliver the actionables for all sections of Delhi – youth, women, traders, businesses, entrepreneurs, villages, unauthorized colonies, JJ clusters, RWAs, housing cooperatives & group housing societies and others. Health, education, housing, sanitation, employment, transport, social justice, women’s rights and safety all these issues will be addressed with ongoing participation from the citizens of Delhi.

What kind of city does a citizen of Delhi want? What kind of Delhi does a youth, a student want? What kind of Delhi does a homemaker want? What kind of Delhi does a working woman want? What kind of Delhi does a middle class family want? What kind of Delhi do the villagers of Delhi want? What kind of Delhi does a farmer want? What kind of Delhi does a businessman want? What kind of Delhi does a senior citizen want? What kind of Delhi does a labourer want?

The aim of Delhi Dialogue is to create a blueprint that will deliver the aspirations of all these people of Delhi. A Delhi that has employment for all. A Delhi that has high quality education for all. A Delhi that gives best in class health services to all. A Delhi that is safe for women. A Delhi where roads, transport and traffic systems match the burgeoning population’s needs. A Delhi that provides affordable electricity and water in each and every home.  A Delhi where the Yamuna is clean and has beautiful riverbanks. A Delhi where all communities live together in security and social fabric is not broken down into ghettos.

Aam Aadmi Party will form a government that is transparent, participative and interactive in order to deliver this 50 point blueprint. Over the next few weeks the emerging blueprint will be shared in different events. The launch event of Delhi Dialogue is on 15th November 2014 , 2 PM onwards where we will focus on issues of the youth, their problems, their needs and their aspirations.

This initiative is being spearheaded by party leaders – reputed banker Meera Sanyal, investigative journalist Ashish Khetan, and former Apple Sales Head Adarsh Shastri. Party’s lead researcher Roshan Shankar (from Stanford University) is coordinating the project.

(Please find attached the Hindi press release)


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