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Nehru ‘Leader and Architect’ of India – Modi ‘Just Arrived’


November14, 2014 (C) Ravinder Singh

On 125th birth anniversary its time recall contribution of Architect
of India, Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru. His greatest Contribution was Free &
Compulsory Education, Free Healthcare, Secularism & Socialistic
Economic Policy, Rights to Women and to lessen Social Inequalities.
His is Dream of India has been Compromised like Free & Compulsory
Education, Socialist Wealth Distribution. Nehru led India from 1929 to
1964 continuously.

Indian National Congress ruled India for latest ten years didn’t
seriously implement Nehru’s ideas. Gulf between Rich & Poor had
widened in last two decades. When price of wheat is $540-$860 in
international market Indian farmers are paid just $200. Average adult
wealth in India is $4645 but Median wealth is $1006 only. With better
income distribution majority of Indians Would Have Been Thrice Richer
than today. Industry workers are paid just 1% of GDP as wages and
Employers earn 4.5 Times than wages to Workers which was 59% in

Chacha Nehru ‘Nehru also outlined a commitment in his five-year plans
to guarantee free and compulsory primary education to all of India’s
children. For this purpose, Nehru oversaw the creation of mass village
enrolment programmes and the construction of thousands of schools.
Nehru also launched initiatives such as the provision of free milk and
meals to children to fight malnutrition. Adult education centres,
vocational and technical schools were also organised for adults,
especially in the rural areas.’

‘He declared that the aims of the congress were freedom of religion,
right to form associations, freedom of expression of thought, equality
before law for every individual without distinction of caste, colour,
creed or religion, protection to regional languages and cultures,
safeguarding the interests of the peasants and labour, abolition of
untouchability, introduction of adult franchise, imposition of
prohibition, nationalisation of industries, socialism, and
establishment of a secular India.’ – 1929

“The spectacle of what is called religion, or at any rate organised
religion, in India and elsewhere, has filled me with horror and I have
frequently condemned it and wished to make a clean sweep of it. Almost
always it seemed to stand for blind belief and reaction, dogma and
bigotry, superstition, exploitation and the preservation of vested

GDP growth was slow during Nehru’s rule because of Very Low Tax
Collection and No Control over Banks, Zero INVENTING, Black Money
Generation etc which hurt India even today. In last 14 years wealth
contribution of India was up from 1% to 1.4% to the world GDP in per
capita terms is just 20% growth over world average in 14 years or just
1.5% above world average.

Modi has just arrived – His Main IDEA of ‘Unearthing Black Money’ is
going nowhere.

Hungarian Vadocz replaces John Goossens at FC Pune City


Guwahati, 14 November 2014: FC Pune City, the Pune franchise of the Indian Super League has signed Hungarian midfielder Krisztian Vadocz as an injury replacement to Dutch John Goossens. The 29-year-old centre midfielder Vadocz who joined the team here in Guwahati ahead of their match against NEUFC, has plied his trade for Odense Boldklub (in Denish Superliga) and CA Osasuna (in La Liga).

Born in Budapest, Vadocz made his professional debut aged 17, with hometown’s Budapest Honvéd FC, and caught the eye of Ligue 1 outfit AJ Auxerre in the 2005 summer. In June 2007 AJ Auxerre released Vadócz and he joined NEC Nijmegen.

Later he went on to represent La Liga outfit CA Osasuna. In his first season, he did score some important goals for Osasuna, against UD Almeria and at Atlético de Madrid (4–2).  In his three years with the Spanish outfit, Vadocz scored 9 goals in his 71 appearances.

He made his debut for both Hungary’s under-21 and the full side in 2004. He netted his first goal for the latter a year later, in a 3–2 friendly win over Antigua and Barbuda in Miami, Florida.

On this development, FC Pune City CEO Gaurav Modwel said, “John Goossens’ presence will be sorely missed in the camp as well as on the field. But I have full confidence in Krizstian Vadocz’s ability to fit into our setup.”

Head coach Franco Colomba too sounded optimistic. “Goossens has been a remarkable player, but then we have the season to look forward to and Vadocz’s vast experience as a midfielder across various international leagues and at the international level shall bring the right balance to the FC Pune City team.”

Dutch national Goossens has been ruled out for the rest of Indian Super League season, suffering injury to his ribs during Match 24 on November 7th, 2014 match against Atletico de Kolkata at Salk Lake Stadium, Kolkata.

SONY SIX set to redefine tennis viewership in India with Champions Tennis League’s (CTL) novel format


New Delhi, November 14, 2014: SONY SIX, India’s premier sports and entertainment channel has acquired the broadcasting rights for Champions Tennis League, a pan-India city-based tennis championship league set to take place from November 17 to November 26, 2014.

The television-friendly format of CTL lends itself to the taste and sensibilities of the Indian audience, who have been generally seen to enjoy watching fast-paced sports like the T20 cricket. The ‘each set is a match’ structure is already being talked about amongst national and international tennis fraternities alike. Also renowned names like Mark Woodforde, Louise Pleming, Luke Jensen and Prakash Amritraj will be seen keeping the viewers engaged with their quick witted and insightful commentary on the game. Apart from the pacey and competitive tennis, the tournament will feature after-match parties, fashion shows and interactions with the fans on the rest days; thereby acting as a ‘carnival of tennis’ for both tennis fans and the general match-goers.

Commenting on the development, Mr. Prasana Krishnan, Business Head, SONY SIX said, “The format for CTL is tailor made for television. The short and exciting structure of the matches will ensure that audiences are entertained and engaged throughout the course of the tournament. Also, with the entry of CTL, the viewership for tennis in our country should finally extend beyond the Grand Slams and select ATP and WTA tournaments.”

With CTL, SONY SIX will further add to its exciting mix of entertainment-based sports programming led by global phenomena such as the NBA, the FIFA, the Pepsi IPL and the Ultimate Fighting Championship among others. The inaugural CTL not only boasts of a first-of-its kind format but will also be the first international tennis tournament to be held in cities like Pune and Chandigarh, which have traditionally not been the bastions for the sport in the country.


Match Schedule

Format in-fographic

NEW MATCH-SCHEDULE---CTL-2014---media.jpg



Square2 (4) (2)

Summer Games/ Giochi d’estate


  October 2014 WPI inflation declines to 1.7%






The WPI inflation for the month of Oct 2014 declined to 1.7% from 2.4% in Sep 2014, 3.8% in Aug 2014, 5.4% in July 2014, 5.6% in June 2014 and 6.2% in May 2014. The decline in WPI inflation in the month of Oct 2014 is attributed to decline in the prices of primary articles (1.4%), food articles (2.7%) and fuel and power (0.4%).  


Driven by the decrease in the prices of cereals, rice, pulses, vegetables, potato, fruits, milk, fuel and power, the WPI inflation declined to 1.77% (Y-O-Y) for the month of October 2014 as compared to 2.38% (Y-O-Y) for the month of September 2014. The Index for Wholesale Prices for the month of October 2014 declined by 0.6% to 183.9 from 185 for the previous month.


  Trend in WPI inflation since April 2011                                                                                                       (Y-O-Y %)


Source: PHD Research Bureau, compiled from the office of the economic advisor to the Govt. of India


   WPI inflation in select commodities


WPI Inflation Y-o-Y % growth





All Commodities





Primary Articles





Food Articles











(-) 5.99

(-) 14.98



Non-food Articles





Fuel & Power






(-) 0.15

(-) 9.42

(-) 7.03


Manufactured Products










Edible oils

(-) 0.21

(-) 1.57



Cement & Lime

(-) 0.48



Source: PHD Research Bureau, compiled from the office of the Economic Advisor to the Govt. of India

The build up in inflation in the financial year so far (October 2014) stands at 2% as compared to a build up of 6.2% in the corresponding period of the previous year. Buildup in WPI inflation has declined due to fall in the prices of cereals, rice, vegetables, onion, fuel and power etc.


   Build up in inflation from March in select food commodities                                (%)

 Source: PHD Research Bureau, compiled from the office of the Economic Advisor, Govt. of India


Manufacturing inflation stands at 2.43% (weight 64.97%)

The WPI inflation for manufactured products stands at 2.43% for the month of October 2014 as against 2.84% in September 2014. The index for this major group remained unchanged at its previous month’s level of 155.8.


    Trend in WPI inflation in manufactured products   (in %)

Source: PHD Research Bureau, compiled from the office of the Economic Advisor


Food inflation declines to 2.7% (Weight 14.34%)


Food inflation for the month of October 2014 has declined to 2.7% from 3.52% for the month of September 2014, mainly on account of decrease in the prices of cereals,rice, pulses, potato, fruits and milk.


  Pattern of food inflation                                                             (Y-o-Y %)                Food articles Index since Apr 2011  


Source: PHD Research Bureau, compiled from the office of the Economic Advisor, Govt. of India


The index for Food Articles group declined by 1.3% to 258.5 from 261.8 for the previous month due to lower price of fruits & vegetables (6%), urad (3%), bajra, maize and gram (2% each) and jowar, ragi, condiments & spices and fish-marine (1% each). However, the price of fish-inland (12%), tea (3%), egg and barley (2%each) and mutton, pork and poultry chicken (1% each) have moved up.


Non-food articles inflation at (-) 1.41% (weight 4.26%)


The rate of inflation for non-food articles for the month of October 2014 stands at (-) 1.41% as compared to 0.52% for the previous month.  The index for Non-Food Articles group declined by 2% to 210 from 214.3 for the previous month due to lower price of soyabean (11%), raw cotton (9%), copra (coconut) (7%), guar seed (6%), raw silk and groundnut seed (2% each) and coir fibre, cotton seed and safflower (kardi seed) (1% each). However, the price of flowers (18%), raw jute and castor seed (3% each), linseed and fodder (2% each) and mesta and rape & mustard seed (1% each) have moved up.

Fuel & power inflation declines to 0.43% (weight 14.91%)

The rate of inflation for fuel and power for the month of October 2014 stands at 0.43% as compared to 1.33% for the previous month. The index for this major group declined by 1.3% to 210.7 from 213.4 for the previous month due to lower price of furnace oil (4%), aviation turbine fuel (3%), petrol and bitumen (2% each) and kerosene and high speed diesel oil (1% each). However, the price of lubricants (1%) moved up.

Punjab & Sind Bank declares Quarterly/Half yearly Financial Results


Punjab & Sind Bank declares Quarterly/Half yearly Financial Results of the Bank for the period ended30.9.2014


Sh. Jatinderbir Singh, IAS, CMD, Punjab & Sind Bank today announced the  financial results for the second quarter ended on 30.9.2014 showing a Net Profit of Rs.112.21 crore as against Rs.42.97 crore in the second quarter of 2013. Thus, the Bank has posted a 161.14% growth in second quarter of current year in comparison to  the corresponding period of last year.


In comparison to the first quarter (30.6.2014) and the second quarter (30.9.2014) of the current financial year, the Bank has reduced the cost of Deposits from 8.23% to 8.16%.  shown improvement in yield on advances from 11.07% to 11.48%; net interest margin improved from 1.7% to 2.0%; return on assets improved from 0.09% to 0.49% and return on equity improved from 2.15% to 10.14%.  The net worth stands at Rs.4853.28 crore as at the end of 2nd quarter as against Rs.4201.85 crore in the first quarter of this year.

Gross NPAs of the bank reduced from 5.22% as on 30.6.2014 to 5.08% as on 30.9.2014.

New initiative

Sh. Jatinderbir Singh, CMD, of the bank stated   we must reach the vast unbanked areas to ensure the economic upliftment of the weaker sections of the society. The bank is making all out efforts for deepening & broadening the  financial inclusion  for  economy

Deputy General Manage

October 2014 CPI inflation at 5.5%





(Rural India inflation stands at 5.52% in October 2014 as compared to 6.68% in September 2014 and Urban India inflation stands at 5.55% in October 2014 as against 6.34% in September 2014)

The all India general CPI (Combined) for October 2014 stands at 5.5% as compared to 6.5% in September 2014. The inflation rates for rural and urban areas for October 2014 are 5.52% and 5.55% as compared to 6.68% and 6.34% respectively, for September2014.


        Consumer Price Index (combined)                                                                                                      CPI Inflation (combined)                                                                       (in %)


   Source: PHD Research Bureau, compiled from MOSPI                                                                             Source: PHD Research Bureau, compiled from MOSPI

Rate of inflation during October 2014 is high in fruits at 17.49%, Milk and products at 10.79%, Condiments and spices at 8.85%, Pulses and products at 7.51% and Prepared meals at 7.15%.

      All India annual inflation rates (%) for October 2014 and September 2014


Annual inflation rate (October  2014)

Annual inflation rate (September 2014)







Milk and products







Clothing, bedding and footwear







Oils and fats







Fuel and light







Condiments and spices







Non-alcoholic beverages














Egg, fish and meat







Prepared meals etc







Pulses and products







Food and beverages







Cereals and products







Sugar etc














General Index (All Groups)







      Source: PHD Research Bureau, compiled from MOSPI

Consumer Price Index for the month of October 2014 for rural, urban and combined stood at 147.2, 142.6 and 145.2, respectively.

     Index rural area vis-à-vis urban area

    Source: PHD Research Bureau, compiled from MOSPI.


In addition to this, Consumer Food Price Indices (CFPI) of October 2014 for rural, urban and combined stands at 152.1, 149.2 and 151.2 respectively. Provisional annual inflation rate based on all India CFPI (Combined) for the month of October 2014 stands at 5.59% as compared to 7.67% in the previous month. The corresponding provisional inflation rates for rural and urban areas for October 2014 are 5.77% and 5.14% respectively as against 7.71% and 7.45% respectively in September 2014.



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Dear N.K,

What we’re talking about this week:

  • Rome’s new metro line takes a turn for the worse
  • London underground sets new passenger record
  • Top Five: Game-Changers In High Speed Rail
Rome's new metro line takes a turn for the worse

Rome’s new metro line takes a turn for the worse

The official opening of the first section of Line C, the Italian’s capital’s third metro line,  took place on Sunday. Mr Ignazio Marino, the mayor of Rome, carried out the unveiling of the new line, which will connect Parco Centocelle east to Monte Compatri-Pantano. However, although it had taken 20 years to construct, and cost them £3bn, passengers were met

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Challenges in Signalling Technology to enable driver-less systems?

London underground sets new passenger record

For anyone who travels on the London Underground during rush hour, the news that it is continuing to break passenger records, might not come as any great surprise, but what does that mean for the rail industry? Transport for London announced that it carried 1, 236. 6 million people last year, which averages at 24.3 million passengers each week.

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Top Five: Game-Changers In High Speed Rail

Top Five: Game-Changers In High Speed Rail

In just a matter of months, the high-speed model has dominated the rail industry, and not within just one nation, but on a global level. High-Speed rail is frequently becoming one of the most important agendas in moving forward a nation. And whilst China, as discussed last week, have certainly become the most prominent country in this…

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Tips for Finding Work/Life Balance

By Eric Spell, President

One of the things I feel most fortunate about in my life is having grown up on a family farm which has greatly impacted my work ethic today. Both my parents worked a public job in addition to our family farm operation. I’m indebted to my parents for instilling in me characteristics such as pride of work, finishing assigned tasks, and owning my responsibilities. While I would not change much about my childhood, my father has often said he wished he’d spent more time watching me in various sporting events. He still encourages me today to make sure I don’t find a convenient “work” excuse to miss one of my kids’ school or athletic events.

In the early 2000’s, was being born. While there were many “bumps” along the early days, we began to see the fruits of our efforts by 2005. We began to add to our team the original vision was unfolding before our eyes. As leader of the business, I felt like I had to work exceptionally hard and long days to help shape our culture. While I did many things very well, my work/life balance needed some improvement. My travel schedule, after-hours meetings, working at home late at night, and obsession with the business were making it next to difficult to have a proper work-life balance.

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Legacy Equipment – Southeastern Equipment Dealers Association
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Ag Service Technician
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US Sugar Corporation
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Blue Barn Land & Cattle
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La Coop fédérée
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U.S. and India Reach Understanding on Specific Food Security Programs


All Members,



U.S. and India Reach Understanding on Specific Food Security Programs

India has reached an agreement with the United States on public stockpiling of food.It has been agreed between the two countries that the ‘peace clause’, crucial for uninterrupted implementation of India ‘s food security programme, will continue indefinitely till a permanent solution is found by the WTO. 

The United States and India reached agreement today on a set of measures intended to break the impasse in the work of the World Trade Organization (WTO) to implement the agreements reached last December at the WTO Ministerial in Bali .

The agreement, which will be presented for consideration by the full WTO membership in the near future, consists of two key elements:

  • U.S. and India Move WTO’s Landmark Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) Forward– The first multilateral agreement to be concluded since the WTO’s inception 20 years ago  should be implemented without conditions, on the basis of a standard legal instrument for implementing new WTO agreements. If accepted by the full WTO Membership, this approach will enable fully multilateral implementation of the TFA, unlocking immense commercial opportunities for all WTO Members, including especially developing country Members, by reducing costs and administrative burdens associated with moving goods across borders.
  • U.S. and India Reach Understanding on Specific Food Security Programs – Both countries have reached an understanding on implementation of a December 2013 WTO decision regarding specific food security programs maintained by some developing countries.  The bilateral agreement makes clear that a mechanism under which WTO Members will not challenge such food security programs under WTO dispute settlement procedures will remain in place until a permanent solution regarding this issue has been agreed and adopted.  It also sets out elements for an intensified program of work and negotiations to arrive at such a permanent solution.

The TFA and the decision regarding food security programs were among a package of important trade agreements and other measures agreed at the WTO’s 9th Ministerial Conference, held in Bali , Indonesia in December 2013.  Conclusion of the “Bali Package” injected important confidence and momentum into the work of the WTO.  That momentum was disrupted in July 2014, as a key deadline related to implementation of the TFA was missed due to linkages being drawn to other elements of the Bali Package.  This bilateral agreement represents an important step towards restoring the momentum of Bali and enabling a restoration of confidence in the WTO’s negotiating function.

As decision-making in the WTO is based on consensus among all Members, the elements agreed between the United States and India will now be discussed with the full WTO membership in the interest at arriving at final and simultaneously-agreed decisions in the very near future.








India, Nov 2014 – The Japanese star chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa – better known as Nobu – is changing his restaurant concept after almost ten years in the legendary luxury hotel of St. Moritz, from ›Nobu@Badrutt’s Palace‹ to his premium brand Matsuhisa. One of only five Matsuhisa Restaurants worldwide, it will be unveiled on 20th December 2014 with its Grand Opening in the former first tennis hall in Europe. The celebrity chef will be present in the kitchen for the first few days, answering guests’ questions and signing his book »Nobu: The Cookbook« on request.


In his Matshuhisa restaurants Nobu underlines the creation of a myriad of special gourmet dishes consistently of the highest quality and in an intimate atmosphere. Regular guests such as Madonna, David und Victoria Beckham and Kate Winslet have already been dining on unforgettable Sushi and Sashimi plus a wide selection of vegetarian, Japanese and South American dishes at the original Matsuhisa-Orignal in Beverly Hills for years.


›Matsuhisa@Badrutt’s Palace‹ opens in December 2014 just in time for the festive season, skilfully fusing the art of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. »Black cod«, »Yellow Tail Jalapeno« and »Rock Shrimp Tempura« are among the specialities. “I always put something special in my food – my heart, or “kokoro” as we say in Japanese,” Nobuyuki Matsuhisa comments on his success.


The new Gourmet Hotspot seating a total of 108 is fascinating not only for its passionately prepared menu but also for its unique interior design. The Martin Brudnizki Design Studio from London was adamant that it should not seem out of place in the hotel. Moreover classic elements should mix with modern to lend it a certain stylish twist. One example being the original riveted steel girders of the tennis hall which cross the glass dome. The dome itself offers guests a view of the St. Moritz landmark, the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel tower, as well as being the restaurant’s focal point and its namesake in one. “›La Coupole‹ should also be used for private occasions and events. My personal favourite will be our »Magic Table«,” says Hotel Director Hans Wiedemann, letting us into a secret.


This is a private dining room for about 10 people, which goes hand in hand with the aspect of privacy, a cornerstone of Matsuhisa’s philosophy. While guests take part in a wine tasting in the private lounge, separated by barely visible doors, the table is laid in the neighbouring room. This means that it is even possible to change the table decoration between courses – as if by magic. Further interesting features of the former first European tennis hall, where the International Tennis Federation’s world championships were played in 1922 on its wooden parquet floors, are the Sushi Bar and the open showcase kitchen behind it. An interesting mix of historical photos, which are cleverly arranged on the restaurant walls, provide guests with a look back into the hotel’s rich history. A cocktail bar with comfortable lounge chairs invites guests to sample Nobu’s signature cocktails in a relaxed ambience.

About Nobuyuki Matsuhisa

At the age of 24 Nobuyuki Matsuhisa moved to Lima, Peru, where he opened his first restaurant. This period had a lasting influence on Nobu. From that moment on he began incorporating Peruvian influences into his cooking and laid the foundations for his individual specialities. After furthering his career with stints in Argentina, Japan and Alaska he moved to Los Angeles where after nine years Nobuyuki opened the first Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills in 1987. There are five Matsuhisa restaurants worldwide in Beverly Hills, Aspen, Mykonos, Athens and Vail. Characteristic of the pared down Matsuhisa philosophy there is a highly controlled expansion in only a select few destinations.

›La Coupole/Matsuhisa@Badrutt’s Palace‹

Open from 19th December 2014 to 14th March 2015 (only in winter, daily from 7.30pm to 11.30pm).

In summer the location can be booked for events (price on request).

For more information and reservations contact or call +41 (0)81 837 2661.


Press Accreditation for the Grand Opening on 20th December 2014 (Matsuhisa Sake Ceremony for the new opening at 5.30pm; Dinner from 7.30pm);

Interview requests with Nobuyuki Matsuhisa on 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd December 2014 can be made to

Invitation for National Children’s Assembly & Integration Camp ’2014


National Bal Bhavan : Invitation for National Children’s Assembly & Integration Camp ’2014

Nishita Jain

Nov 13 at 7:37 PM


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