G20 summit in Brisbane end with Jibe

US, Australia, Japan slam Russia over Ukraine

Two day summit in Brisbane, leaders of the world’s most powerful economies, was focused on economic growth later it was  overshadowed by the tension over Ukraine. US President Barack Obama and his Chinese  counterpart Xi Jinping, committed to reform measures aimed at lifting their collective growth by an extra 2.1 percent by 2018.”This will add more than $2 trillion to the global economy and create millions of jobs,” the leaders said in the summit communique.”This will add more than $2 trillion to the global economy and create millions of jobs,” the leaders said in the summit communique.

Russian President left before the official communique announcement could be seen as a snub, “But it has been the case that he himself was snubbed by Western leaders,” media reports. Frank language between two leaders, Stephen Harper, the Canadian prime minister, was reported to have told Putin as they shook hands to “get out of Ukraine”. According to Jason MacDonald, Harper’s spokesman, the prime minister told the Russian leader: “I guess I will shake your hand but I have only one thing to say to you: You need to get out of Ukraine.”

British Prime Minister David Cameron, who publicly criticised Russia, accusing it of “bullying a smaller state in Europe” and warning that Moscow would face further sanctions if it continues “destabilising Ukraine”.

“I think what has been good about this G20 is that a very clear message has  been delivered by the countries of the European Union and America to Russia about how we’re going to approach this in the months and years ahead,” Cameron told a news conference after the summit.

G20 summit in Brisbane, ended after issuing a declaration calling for sustainable and balanced economic growth through flexible monetary and fiscal policies.The leaders of 20 developed countries and emerging economies discussed the efficient use of energy and measures against climate change on the second day of the summit on Sunday.Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Japan is helping to enhance global energy efficiency with its advanced clean-energy technology.He promised that Japan will work hard to create a fair and effective framework involving all countries to tackle global warming at next year’s COP21 conference.The G20 declaration says the global recovery is slow and uneven, and is being held back by a shortfall in demand.

Putin, in opening remarks before he left, thanked Tony Abbott for hosting the event, despite the Australian prime minister threatening to confront him over the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over Ukraine in July.

The West says the Malaysia Airlines plane was downed by pro-Russian rebels, using a missile supplied by Russia. Moscow denies the charges. The plane was carrying 298 people, including 38 Australian citizens and residents.

Obama on Sunday thanked Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the people of Australia for being extraordinary hosts, calling the G20 summit in Brisbane a productive one. At a press conference at the end of the summit, Obama said the world leaders had many fruitful discussions during the course of the G20 in Brisbane.

All the G20 economies in Brisbane announced strategies to increase growth and create jobs, including new initiatives, such as building more infrastructure. The G20 leaders also made commitments that could bring another 100 million women into their collective workforce, according to Obama.

Meanwhile, Obama said G20 members took steps to fight climate change, and highlighted the recent emissions reduction pact between the United States and China.

On Ebola, Obama said the G20 members committed to helping nations in west Africa build more capacity to prevent the virus from spreading and respond to future outbreaks before they become epidemics.

The U.S. president said Sunday was the final day of a very productive tour that has taken him to three countries across the Asia-Pacific.

“It’s been a good week for American leadership and for American workers. We made important progress,” he said.

China to play next host to the Group of Twenty (G20) Summit in 2016, the 20-member group said here on Sunday.

Chinese President Xi Jinping said during Sunday’s summit that China is confident to fulfill its role as the chair of the 2016 G20 summit and a member of the three-member management troika of the year 2015 and 2017.

Unlike some other international organizations, the G20 has no permanent staff of its own. The G20 chair rotates between members, and is selected from a different regional grouping of countries each year.

The chair is part of a revolving three-member management troika of past, present and future chairs. The incumbent chair establishes a temporary secretariat for the duration of its term, which coordinates the group’s operations and organizes its meetings.
Modi on Saturday carried on with his hectic international diplomacy holding parleys with world leaders, including US President Barack Obama, over bilateral meetings and informal discussions on the fifth day of his whirlwind three-nation 10-day tour.More meetings are on the anvil during the remaining days in Australia and Fiji, where he will be making a day-long visit.It was a warm hug for Australian Premier Tony Abbott by Modi -described by the Australian media as a “standout shake” so far at the G20 summit that was distinct from the formal handshakes with the host by other world leaders.

Dressed in a black bandhgala suit, Modi narrated an anecdote to President Obama and Abbott during the G20 retreat, sharing with them the story of Chicago-based Walter Burley Griffin, the well known American architect who designed the new Australian capital Canberra and who was buried in Lucknow.

“The life of Walter Burley Griffin is a common link among USA-Australia-India which the leaders appreciated,” External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin tweeted.

Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin were also seen having a chat with Modi at the summit of the Group of 20 industrialised and major emerging economies.

“Focus on global issues,” External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin tweeted about this interaction.

On the fifth day of his foreign visit, Modi met French President Francois Hollande, Canadian Premier Stephen Harper and Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Spokesperson, while giving details of these meetings, said Modi had informal interactions with several world leaders, including Abbott, Obama and Prince Saud, during the course of the summit.

The informal meeting of the five-nation BRICS also saw Modi having interactions with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, Putin and South African President Jacob Zuma.

Modi is due to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Spain’s Premier Mariano Rajoy tomorrow.

Australian daily The Age while referring to Abbott-Modi hug: said, “The stand out shake so far has been India’s Prime Minister Modi, who gave Abbott a hug. An ‘awww’ could be heard across the media centre. There were no hugs from Abbott besties David Cameron and Stephen Harper. We repeat, no hugs.

G20 summit in Brisbane, Australia, have issued a declaration calling for sustainable and balanced economic growth through flexible financial and fiscal policies.The statement says the global economic recovery has been slow and uneven and that lack of demand is holding back growth.The declaration calls on central banks to implement monetary policies that support economic recovery and to deal with deflationary pressures as needed to achieve sustainable and balanced growth.It also calls on governments to use fiscal policies flexibly while paying due attention to fiscal conditions.The declaration also says that if each country carries out a growth strategy, the G20 nations can collectively achieve GDP growth higher than the target of 2% by 2018.

Member states also agreed to set up a new organization to share the knowhow of governments, the private sector and financial institutions to boost investment in infrastructure.They also agreed on a plan for using energy efficiently. They said they will work together to set up an effective framework involving all countries to tackle global warming at the COP21 conference next year in Paris. Media agencies

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