Gutter MEDIA DAMAGING India – The Economist On RIL LOOT
November21, 2014 (C) Ravinder Singh

On the one hand Corporate owned MEDIA is silent on Corporate LOOT, how
is that RIL has taken Rs.1,40,000 crore Loans more than the Debt of
Many Large states individually on the other Run Day Long Gutter Grade
show of raid on some Baba damaging Indian Religions & Culture and Run
Down CBI Director in all channels.
Market Borrowings of [UP+Chhattisgarh+Bihar+Jharkhand States =
Rs.143,000 cr] serving 400m Indians match ‘Personal Bank Loans’ of
Rs.1,40,000 crores to RIL Family – a company that has practically no
Pubic Holding. Bank Loan of Rs.75,000 Cr + Rs.6,200 Cr to ADANI is
more than Market Borrowings of UP+Jharkhand states.

‘About 90% of receipts from the D-6 were booked as expenditure and of
the remaining 10%, only 1% was paid to the government and rest 9% went
to the operator as its profit.’ CAG Report to tabled on Monday.

India Rank very low in Everything but would always TOP on Gutter
Journalism – some top Media was reporting ‘Stockpile of Arms &
Ammunition’ but nothing was found in Satlok Ashram with over 30,000

Guards wearing Black Kurta Pyjama were reported as Black Commandos.
There are over 6m security guards and their demand is projected to
grow to 10m for 1250m population which is 6-8 guards per thousand
population. Five member Ambani family has over 600 staff including
security to serve them – Annexed at the end in pdf.

One large size bedroom was termed ‘Ultra Luxory’ and one 40 inch TV
and one Bed was taken as Super Luxury Living. Wardrobe of Sant had
just 10 sets of white garments. There was not even a Cap or Crown. A
Rs.10,000 Chair was termed Luxury Throne.

No Liquor or Meat or such food was found in ashram but TV Channels
assumed Devotees who had been IMPRISONED there for 15 days and sleepy
were said to be given DRUGS without any evidence.

A 3m x 10m x 2m Swimming Pool of Ashram was described as Super Luxury
in 50,000 sqmt complex. This 10 times in Plot Size of Mukesh Ambani
residence. ‘The “Antilla” home is equipped with a health spa, a salon,
a ballroom, a 50-seat movie theater and multiple swimming pools, yoga
and dance studios and ice cream room Phew! If anyone really wants to
beat Mumbai heat, they can head off to the snow room that spits out
man-made snow flakes. It’s like you name it and they have it!’ all for
five members.

A watch of Saif Ali Khan, one of many cost Rs.25,00,000, is many times
in worth than LCD TV, Music System, All The Garments, Beds and Chairs
or Exercising Machines together.

Every Guru is MODERN today – even Naga Babas travel in BMWs and Mercedes.

Common Between Ambanis & Babas

What is common between Ambani and Babas is that GoI has not made any
Rules & Regulations for them and if at all there are like SEBI or
Municipal Rules – they bribe officials.
Ravinder Singh, National General Secretary.
Sabka Bharat Mission 2019
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi -110016
Ph: 9650421857, 9718280435

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