10 Shiv Sena ministers to join BJP govt in Maharashtra Government

Dec 5,

After over two months of negotiations, Shiv Sena will finally join the Maharashtra Government with 10 of its nominees taking oath as ministers in the first Cabinet expansion this evening. In regard with other smaller allies of BJP, it has now become almost clear that they would not be a part of this expansion.

Meanwhile, Shiv Sena leader and leader of Opposition Eknath Shinde has tendered his resignation from the post as he is expected to take oath today as minister in Maharashtra Government. In the swearing-in ceremony to be held at Vidhan Sabha premises today, besides the 10 Shiv Sena leaders, 10 BJP leaders would also take oath.

The 10 nominees from both sides include 5 cabinet rank ministers and 5 of the ministers of state for each party. The reunion of the two parties, after they broke the 25 year-old alliance ahead of Assembly Polls in Maharashtra, was announced yesterday by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis in presence of senior Shiv Sena leaders.

In a joint press conference held in Mumbai, the chief minister said that people wanted Shiv Sena and BJP to run the government together and respecting the mandate of people and sentiments of party workers both the parties decided to form an alliance government.

Senior Sena leader Subhash Desai, who was present along with Fadnavis at the press conference said both the parties have decided to provide a strong and stable government to Maharashtra and they came together.

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