“Make Railways Better”.

27 12 2014

Ministry Of Railways
Ministry Of Railways shared a new resource in “Make Railways Better”.
Subject: Your Circle Inputs and their Incorporation.
Dear Railways Circle Members:Minister of Railways Mr. Suresh Prabhu is greatly appreciative of the whitepapers coming from the Make Railways Better community.

He is reviewing each whitepaper himself. This week’s submission to him have included the Revenue Opportunities and Improving Safety in Railways.

Railways will be incorporating as more…

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Chipko Andolan Within CONGRESS

27 12 2014


Saturday, 27 December, 2014
Chipko Andolan Within CONGRESS
December27, 2014 (C) Ravinder Singh ravinderinvent@gmail.comPolitically Congress was reduced to JUNK grade four years ago when it
couldn’t stand up to Arvind Kejriwal and Anna Hazare and defend over a
100 years old party that ruled and won elections with clean majority
most of the time.I don’t subscribe to the idea of First Post – replacements of Rahul
Gandhi in Congress are even worse many inducted through Rajya Sabha,
are not even state level leaders, don’t have any fighting quality and
caliber otherwise Congress wouldn’t have gone in to electoral battles
only to lose. All these Secondary Leaders had CAPITALIST Mindset
contrary to Traditional Ideology.

Every one in Congress knew Rahul is not in tune with ground reality –
even after camping in poorest and backward villages off and on –
substitutes have no idea of India or were simply ‘Timid and
Incompetent With No Political Base.’

Congress top level two Leaders can’t even think of SPLIT – unlike pre
1980 when there were Factions within who were opposed to Socialistic

Einstein in the party Jairam Ramesh was extreme dullard –

–    as Industry Minister he didn’t support MSMEs and didn’t Protect
Indian Intellectual Property, every one knows MSMEs contributes max

–    as Power Minister didn’t support Multi-Purpose Hydro Power, Energy
Efficiency, Load Management, Correct Meters & Billing and neglected
Rural Electrification.

–    as Environment Minister sabotaged Bt Trials – even trials were put
on hold when Bt Cotton was 100% success, every Cotton farmer was ready
to pay many times more for a packet of seeds than MRP. Instead of
Promoting ‘SUSTAINABLE MINING’ he stopped mining activity completely.

–    as Rural Development Minister was preoccupied with Land Bill only
after letting Corporate Acquire Thousands of acres of land for SEZs or
Bogus Programs like MNREGA than ensuring Full Time Jobs promoting Food
Processing & MSMEs in rural India as an example.

–    UPA completed two five year terms due to Manmohan Singh honestly
Transferring Central Taxes to states.

–    Bogus INVENTOR Sam Pitroda MISLED GOI for 25 years is shown the door
by BJP but Congress relied on him for Total Stupidity. When India was
to introduce Indigenous Optic Fiber Based Networks, 3G & 4G for mobile
applications 2G auctions harmed India and landed Government in

–    Son of former CM, Shashidhar Reddy was TOTAL DISASTER as CEO of NDMA
– from 2006 Surat Floods to Kosi, Floods in Punjab, Uttarkhand and
Kashmir Floods.

–    Defense Minister couldn’t handle ‘Date of Birth Issue’ such was his
INCOMPETENCE and ordered CBI investigations on false complaints,
failed to procure Defense Hardware.

Secondary Congress leaders operated as Office Babus only concerned
with pushing files Up & Down without taking any decisions
without Correcting Mistakes without Innovating & Addressing Problems.

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, India. Ph; 091- 9718280435, 9650421857
Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power,
Transportation, Water,
Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Project

Please support Worldwatch

27 12 2014

Dear Naresh,

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The best part is that you are not alone.
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Thank you for your support.
Best wishes,

Delhi LG must clarify his role in Rs 100 crore CNG fitness scam

27 12 2014


From: mediacellaap <mediacellaap@gmail.com> Sat, 27 Dec ’14 5:55p

To: undisclosed-recipients:;

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Saturday, December 27

  • Delhi LG must clarify his role in the CNG fitness scam
  • Unless Mr Najeeb Jung can deny the facts, he must immediately resign
  • EC must note the fact that current chief secretary has been named by the CBI in its probe

The Aam Aadmi Party demands that the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Mr Najeeb Jung should immediately clarify whether he tried to hush up the Rs 100 crore CNG fitness scam, in which chief secretary Mr DS Spolia is allegedly involved.

The LG can no longer remain silent following news reports that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in its preliminary investigation has found that Mr Jung had asked the Anti Corruption Branch of Delhi to close the probe involving top bureaucrats of the state government.

Mr Jung should come clean on his role and unless he can prove to the contrary, he should resign given the seriousness of the case and his role in protecting the blatant act of corruption.  

Given the role of the LG in protecting the top officers and the involvement of the chief secretary himself in the scam, the Election Commission of India should immediately take note and decide whether free and fair elections would be possible in Delhi with such individuals at the helm of administration.  

The continuing silence of the BJP’s central government and the LG on the indictment of top city bureaucrats by the CBI in what is commonly known as the 2002 CNG fitness scam gives rise to reasonable apprehensions that people of Delhi are being cheated by an unaccountable administration and taxpayers money is being looted without any fear.

The Aam Aadmi Party government had directed the Delhi’s Anti Corruption Wing (ACB) in January this year to provide all the relevant documents to the CBI, when the investigating agency had registered a preliminary enquiry and sought all such documents from the ACB.

It is shocking that indicted bureaucrats are continuing in top administrative positions and the BJP’s central government, which is indirectly controlling Delhi, appears to be turning a blind eye towards the multi-crore scams committed during the Sheila Dikshit government’s tenure.

The AAP challenges the union home ministry and Delhi administration break their silence on following questions :

1)      Is it not a fact that the CBI has sent a report to the union home ministry and Delhi’s department of vigilance asking for departmental action and further inquiries against three top bureaucrats, including the present chief secretary ?

2)      Is it not a fact that the former Sheila Dikshit government had tried to scuttle a probe into this scam by the Anti-Corruption Branch citing an order from the LG that no inquiry was required ?

3)      Is it not a fact that official documents were forged to conceal facts about this scam ?

4)      Is it not a fact that the contract for giving CNG fitness certificates to commercial vehicles was fraudulently awarded to a company despite it losing in the tendering process ?

5)      Is it not a fact that the LG gave a clean chit to officers against whom the Delhi ACB had registered an FIR in 2012 ?

6)      Did the LG send any report to the union home ministry on the status of the case against the officers named in the FIR ?

7)      Is it not a fact that the LG ignored the ACB opinion that a case under Prevention of Corruption was made out against these officers and chose to close the probe ?

8)      Was the union home ministry aware of the fact that the current chief secretary’s name figured in this scam when it cleared his reappointment to the post on August 27 ?

BJP central govt’s shameful politics with 1984 riots victims

27 12 2014


From: Media Cell AAP  Fri, 26 Dec ’14 7:01p

To: undisclosed-recipients:;

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Friday, December 26


The shocking insensitivity of the union home ministry in providing compensation to the families of 1984 anti-Sikh riots victims has exposed the worst kind of opportunism in which the BJP’s central government has indulged.

After a series of u-turns and lies on the issue, the manner in which the home minister selectively implemented the decision of providing enchanced compensation to merely 17 families at a political function is a matter of shame.

It is a matter of official records that atleast 2733 people had lost their lives in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in Delhi alone. (As per Ahuja committee report mentioned in the Justice Nanavati Commission report tabled in Parliament in 2005)

Can the home ministry tell on what basis it decided to provide cheques of enhanced compensation of Rs five lakh to only 17 families ?

If it was an official function, then how was the Delhi BJP president who has never been elected either an MLA or an MP was present on the stage ?

Was it an official or a political function ? In which capacity did the union home minister and the Delhi Lieutenant Governor allow the Delhi BJP chief to attend the function ?

The lack of preparation of the union home ministry on the entire issue is clear from the fact that Mr Rajnath Singh has written to chief ministers of all states for immediate disbursement of the enhanced compensation, whereas the fact is that 90% of the families of 1984 riots victims reside in Delhi itself.

When the administration of the national capital is under the supervision of his own ministry, who will ensure that the families of riots victims residing in Delhi will get the enhanced compensation ?

The home ministry has already displayed its non-seriousness in ensuring justice for the riots victims by setting up a committee to decide whether a Special Investigation Team (SIT) is required to probe the riots cases.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) warns the central government that if it does not disburse the enhanced compensation in a definite time period and if it does not set-up the SIT soon, the party will launch an agitation. (ENDS)


Four Good News, Piyush Goyal & Suresh Prabhu Both CAs Favor PSUs

27 12 2014

Ravi Shankar Prasad is yet realize the Opportunities Ahead –
‘Inexpensive Broadband Services At Par With Singapore Can Be Provided
in Cities With Months Indigenous and 4G can be rolled out in months
Covering Rural Areas.‘UTILITY MODEL PATENT’ to Be Introduced shall empower Millions MSMEs &
Indians to ‘Inexpensively Protect Their Inventions’ and Compete Globally.

Manufacturing FOCUS – $4000b by 2025

Large, MSMEs shall FOCUS $100Trillion Avg World Market Size between 2015-25.

This Christmas & New Year brought Four Biggest News of Lifetime –
Piyush Goyal and Suresh Prabhu both realized Power Sector and Railways
should stay with PSUs.

There was also news that RIL shall exit Oil Blocks and obviously ONGC
shall takeover and develop Oil & Gas wells – for 16 years Ambani
Brothers together Hoarding Rs.2,30,000 crores of Bank Credit were NOT
HONESTLY developing Oil & Gas blocks – charged over $10b as
Capitalization when Petrobras of Brazil capitalized just $1b for much
more Complex and Deeper wells. Airport Line in Delhi was not operated
by Anil Ambani and DMRC is operating it, who wants Rs.40 for Mumbai
Metro for 11 Km ride – we in Delhi pay Rs.15. Anil Ambani introduced
own specifications so Airport Line is not Compatible with DMRC. Fast
Meters Inflated Bills, Capitalization Delhi was tragic.

GoI can’t accept a situation when Corporate sitting on Rs.50,00,000
crores of Bank Credit doesn’t create Jobs, No IPR, No Exports of
High-Tech products.

It is unacceptable when Corporate is Hording Over Rs.50,00,000 crores
– Manufacturing is Negative and 65% employees want to SWITCH job – its
Double Tragedy Corporate don’t Engage Employees and don’t Retain Them

Rangoon goes to the polls

27 12 2014

Election officials have set up 1,086 polling stations across Rangoon’s 33 townships. Polls close at 4 pm, and ballots will be tallied at each individual polling station, with the results then forwarded to City Hall. YCDC Election Commission chairman Tin Aye told The Irrawaddy last week that final results could be expected within 48 hours of the vote cut-off.
While Saturday’s polls mark a measure of democratization for a municipal body that has been appointed since 1949, critics say the election falls short of allowing for a fully representative city government. Only one member of each registered household in Rangoon, a city of some 5 million people, has been allowed to vote, and the post-election Central Committee will remain majority-appointed by Rangoon Division’s unelected chief minister.

  Rangoon residents went to the polls on Saturday to elect a portion of their municipal government for the first time in more than 60 years, though initial reports indicated the landmark vote was under attended by an ill-informed electorate.
A total of 293 candidates are vying for 115 seats at the central, district and township levels of the Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC), which oversees management of Burma’s biggest city.
Early indications were of an underwhelming voter turnout. Polls opened at 6:00 am and by midday, three polling stations in Insein Township—each of which had registered 500 households as eligible to vote—had seen 148, 36 and 41 voters cast ballots, respectively.
Win Cho, a former political prisoner and rights activist, is running for one of four seats on the YCDC Central Committee, the municipal government’s highest representative body. The nine-member Central Committee is also comprised of five appointed members, including its chairman, Rangoon Mayor Hla Myint.
The 57-year-old Win Cho, who is not eligible to vote due to his criminal record, told The Irrawaddy on Saturday that his wife had run into problems at their local polling station.
“I have found that some officials at the polling station had no idea about the procedures,” he said. “My name appeared on the voting list. That’s not what is supposed to happen. After my complaints, they fixed it and let my wife cast the vote.”Ms Suu Kyi is the daughter of Myanmar’s iconic General Aung San   was assassinated in 1947.
Suu Kyi wants reforms in Myanmar to continue and constitutional amend to come for her to stand for presidency.Her call for the constitution to be amended to allow her to stand for the presidency was said in her appearance in BBC today.

Suu Kyi was born in Myanmar but lived in the UK after studying at Oxford University where she met her husband Michael Aris. Back to Myanmar in 1988 as the country was experiencing a period of political upheaval. She took part and eventually led the revolt against then-dictator, General Ne Win.
The protests were brutally suppressed by the army who seized power in a coup that year, calling elections in May 1990.But the junta refused to hand over control after the NLD won a majority vote despite the fact that Ms Suu Kyi was under house arrest and disqualified from standing.

A process of reform has been under way in Myanmar since November 2010, when military rule was replaced by a new military-backed civilian government.

Yangon went to the polls today for the first municipal elections in six decades, with voters hoping for change as the city booms, despite knowing little about the candidates or their policies.

The election will be closely watched as a test of the country’s democratic credentials ahead of a landmark nationwide poll slated for November next year.

For many the ballot for the Yangon City Development Committee is the first chance to vote under the country’s quasi-civilian government, which replaced outright military rule in 2011.

It is also a rare opportunity to have a say over the future of Myanmar’s biggest city, where residents grumble about runaway construction and soaring rents, worsening traffic, poor sanitation and weak pollution control.

“It’s very difficult to have big expectations as this is the first YCDC election for 60 years,” Khin Maung Tun, 50, a resident in Thaketa township told AFP. “But we came here to vote and show our spirit.”


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