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Modi Ministers Fail To Deliver On Promises – Delhi & Gujarat

12 01 2015

January11, 2015 (C) Ravinder Singh

This is biggest TRAGEDY of BJP it has no Skills to implement promises
made to people even Piyush Goyal or Suresh Prabhu are fatally
attracted to Weird Projects. Big Promises Need BIG BRAINS – INVENTORS

BJP has bungled up on – Power, Water, Sewage, Floods, Transport, Food
Supply, Education, Healthcare, Industry, Services, Rent Act, Consumer
Courts, Agriculture, Irrigation etc in BJP ruled states.

When Petroleum Imports bill is expected to come down by $100b or
Rs.6,00,000 crores there is marginal reduction in Petrol and Diesel
prices for the benefit of Car Lobby but no reduction in LPG price – in
fact Poor Consumers currently have to pay Twice the retail price and
then get refund of Excess amount in Bank Account. Rich mainly use
Electric Gadgets for Cooking as Electricity is cheaper than LPG.

It is horrific when Delhi may have 100m Light Points – earlier it
planned to cover just 7m increased to 10m soon but announced Rs.7791
crores on additional Capitalization to already Wastefully and
Corruptly Capitalized around Rs.10,000 crore. Nearly doubling the
Capitalization would double Fixed Cost of power supply. Cost of LED
Lamps at Rs.130 to be charged to consumers is loot. For Street Lights
it is Better for every home to have 5W Lamp in Front & Back Lanes that
Street Lights.

Against sale of 8000 MW average power in Gujarat installed capacity
exceed 24,000 MW and Transmission capacity over 56,000 MW.

Delhi residents get Sewage & Drainage of Haryana – Renuka, Lakhwar and
Vyasi Dams are not yet taken up even after 1954 agreement allocating
Yamuna Waters to partner states. So Delhi and partner states are
deprived of 7 BCM of water, don’t get flood protection. Dams in
Gujarat had failed to come up and most run dry mid way through annual
water cycle.

New Delhi Metro Projects are not Progressing. GOI could have expedited
these CRITICAL projects. It cost less to SPEED UP some new lines
already dug up.

Recently BJP government introduced Mini Buses in New Delhi to connect
Metro Stations but many run along DTC, Orange Lines instead of RWA
Interior Roads.

Fruits and Vegetables Supply is MOST Corrupted. There is 400% Mark Up
in Foods to Farm Gate prices to Consumers. There is huge Loss of
Weight and Nutrients in Corrupted Supply chain.

Logistics Cost of AMUL MILK from Farm Pickup to Processing Plants and
Supply to Retail Outlets is Rs.2 per kg – how is that Logistics Cost
of Vegetables is Rs.40 per kg.?

Education, Healthcare, Industry, Services, Housing are in poor
condition. Poor and Senior Citizens are not admitted to Hospitals and
also don’t Social Security.

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, India. Ph; 091- 9718280435, 9650421857

विहिप दिल्ली की अर्द्ध वार्षिक बैठक संपन्न,

12 01 2015

विहिप दिल्ली की अर्द्ध वार्षिक बैठक संपन्न, मार्च में विराट हिन्दू सम्मेलन का शंखनाद

नई दिल्ली जनवरी 11, 2015. विश्व हिन्दू परिषद (विहिप) दिल्ली प्रांत की एक दिवसीय बैठक उत्तरी दिल्ली के जहांगीर पुरी स्थित एक सामुदायिक केंद्र में आज प्रात: 10 बजे प्रारम्भ हुई। राजधानी के लगभग 400 पदाधिकारियों के साथ उदघाटन सत्र को विहिप के अंतर्राष्ट्रीय महा मंत्री श्री चंपत राय ने संबोधित किया। बैठक सायंकाल तक चलेगी।

विस्तृत जानकारी देते हुए विहिप प्रवक्ता श्री विनोद बंसल ने बताया कि बैठक में धर्मांतरण, घर-वापिसी, गौ रक्षा, महिला सुरक्षा सहित अनेक सामाजिक व धार्मिक विषयों पर चर्चा तो हुई किन्तु मुख्य मुद्दा आगामी एक मार्च को दिल्ली के जवाहर लाल नेहरू स्टेडियम में होने वाले विराट हिन्दू सम्मलेन रहा। दिल्ली के कोने कोने से आए 150 प्रखंडों में रहने वाले विहिप, बजरंग दल, दुर्गा वाहिनी व मातृ शक्ति सहित विहिप परिवार के अनेक घटकों के  पदाधिकारी उपस्थित थे।

बैठक को विहिप के अंतर्राष्ट्रीय उपाध्यक्ष श्री ओउम् प्रकाश सिंहल, क्षेत्रीय संगठन मंत्री श्री करुणा प्रकाश, महा मंत्री श्री राम कृष्ण श्रीवास्तव सहित अनेक वक्ताओं ने संबोधित किया।

बैठक में बजरंग दल के अखिल भारतीय प्रशिक्षण प्रमुख श्री मनोज वर्मा, विहिप के प्रांत मंत्री श्री विजय प्रकाश गुप्ता, प्रवक्ता श्री विनोद बंसल, प्रांत बजरंग दल संयोजक श्री नीरज दोनेरिया, दुर्गा वाहिनी संयोजिका श्रीमती संजना चौधरी, मातृ शक्ति संयोजिका श्रीमती संध्या शर्मा सहित अनेक वरिष्ठ पदाधिकारी उपस्थित थे।

विनोद बंसल

News Enveloped

12 01 2015

Global security meeting to be held in February in US

US Attorney General Eric Holder, who is attending international terror talks in Paris, announced on Sunday that a global high-level anti-terrorism meeting will be held in Washington on February 18. According to Holder, President Obama will invite US allies to take part. The talks in Paris follow a series of attacks in France this week in which 17 people were killed.

​German suspected ISIS militant arrested returning from Syria

A German citizen, who is suspected of ties with Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) extremists, was arrested on Saturday, German federal prosecutors said in a statement. He returned from Syria some months ago, where he spent almost a year. He will go before a judge on Sunday. At least 550 German citizens have joined IS militants in Iraq and Syria, officials say.

​Shanghai cancels Lunar New Year lantern festival after deadly stampede

Shanghai authorities said they were canceling their famous Lunar New Year lantern festival after a deadly stampede during a New Year’s celebration left 36 people dead. The festival is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunisolar year and marks the last day of the lunar New Year festivities.

Chinese ‘air rage’ passengers open emergency exits amid flight delay

Two Chinese passengers, upset over a lengthy flight delay, opened emergency exit doors as the plane was taxiing, forcing the pilots to abort takeoff, AP reported. The incident occurred on Saturday morning in the southwestern city of Chengdu, after the China Eastern flight was delayed by a snow storm. After irritated passengers complained about the delay, a man surnamed Zhou opened two emergency exits, forcing the aircraft back to the gate. A total of 25 passengers were temporarily detained for questioning while the others continued on to Beijing on a separate flight. Kunming police said in an online statement that Zhou and a tour guide named Li were placed on a 15-day “administrative detention” for the violation of air safety rules.

​Strong signals detected from AirAsia black boxes

Strong signals have been detected from the AirAsia flight QZ8501 black box recorders, Indonesian authorities said. “The ping was detected about 1km east of the tail,” Mr S.B Supriyadi, director with the National Search and Rescue Agency, told AFP, adding that on the sea floor a sonar scan found an object measuring 10m by 4m by 2.5m. “They suspect it is the body of the plane. There is a big possibility that the black box is near the body of the plane,” Supriyadi told Reuters. A diving operation has started to retrieve the data.

More than 20 killed as bus veers off cliff in Peru

More than 20 people died as a result of a bus swerving off a cliff in Peru. The driver struggled to make a sharp turn at an altitude of 3,500 meters (11,500 feet) above sea level and the bus plunged into a 100-meter-deep ravine, killing 23 and injuring a further 30 people. The incident took place at 14:00 local time in the south-east of the country, on a road connecting the Santa Barbara and Sicuani districts. According to AFP, local law enforcement says that weather conditions could have contributed to the accident, as well as the poor state of the country roads.


12 01 2015

AS PER 11 JANUARY 2015 21:00 HRS LT (GMT+7)
SURABAYA, 11TH JANUARY 2015 – AirAsia Indonesia wishes to inform the latest development on the SAR operation of flight QZ 8501 lead by The National Search and Rescue Agency (BASARNAS) Republic of Indonesia.
Good weather and clear visibility have allowed for SAR operations to continue with the focus remaining on the search and recovery of the passengers in the primary search area.
SAR vessels and sea divers also approached the area where the pings were detected, suspected to be the location of the aircraft’s black box. No additional remain recoveries were reported today.
In Surabaya, the Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) Police Department of Republic of Indonesia (DVI POLRI) today announced that they were able to identify three more remains, 1 Indonesian known as Vera Chandra Kho (female) and 2 South Koreans, identified as Kyung Hwa Lee (female) and Seongbeom Park (male).
To date, BASARNAS has confirmed to have recovered a total of 48 remains of which 32 remains have been identified by DVI POLRI and 16 remains are still being identified.
AirAsia Indonesia would like to take this opportunity to urge the public seeking progress on the search and evacuation and identification process of QZ 8501 passengers to refer solely to official information from BASARNAS and DVI POLRI.
You may also obtain substantiated information only from authorised AirAsia social media accounts: Facebook ( and Twitter (
Our thoughts and prayers remain with the families and friends of our passengers and colleagues on board QZ 8501.
Note to Editors: We ask that members of the news media do not call the AirAsia Emergency Call Centre, as this line is reserved for family members seeking information about those who may have been on board.
AS PER 10 JANUARY 2015 21:00 HRS LT (GMT+7)
SURABAYA, 10TH JANUARY 2015 – The National Search and Rescue Agency (BASARNAS) Republic of Indonesia today confirmed that they successfully lifted the tail piece of QZ 8501’s aircraft from the Java Sea. The tail piece has been transported to Pangkalan Bun and will be handed over to Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) for further investigation.
The sonar equipments continued to detect more objects which are suspected to be the plane’s front section and detected pings suspected to be from the plane’s black box flight recorders near the location where the tail was found. Sea divers, vessels and helicopters were deployed to observe the focused searched area.
This morning, the seven remains which were recovered by BASARNAS yesterday (09/01) arrived in Surabaya and were transferred to Bhayangkara Hospital for identification.
Earlier today, the Minister of Transportation, Ignasius Jonan also visited the crisis center at East Java Region Police Headquarter to have a direct dialogue with the families of QZ 8501’s passengers. During the dialogue, several family members asked the Government to optimise SAR operations. Jonan assured the families that according to Indonesia’s President – Joko Widodo’s orders – SAR operations will not stop until all passengers are recovered and sent back to their families.
The Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) Police Department of Republic of Indonesia (DVI POLRI) today announced that they were able to identify two more remains known as: Susandhini Liman (female) and Justin Geovanni (male).
To date, BASARNAS has confirmed to have recovered a total of 48 remains of which 29 remains have been identified by DVI POLRI and 19 remains are still being identified.
AirAsia Indonesia would like to take this opportunity to urge the public seeking progress on the search and evacuation and identification process of QZ 8501 passengers to refer solely to official information from BASARNAS and DVI POLRI.
You may also obtain substantiated information only from authorised AirAsia social media accounts: Facebook ( and Twitter (
Our thoughts and prayers remain with the families and friends of our passengers and colleagues on board QZ 8501.

The Lunchbox Gets Nominated at BAFTAS

12 01 2015

The Lunchbox Gets Nominated at BAFTAS

The Lunchbox directed by Ritesh Batra becomes the first Indian film since 1990 to be nominated at the BAFTA awards since ‘Salaam Bombay’.
The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) announced the nominations earlier today. The Lunchbox is nominated in the ‘Best film not in the English language category.
Producer Guneet Monga is ecstatic at this nomination. “We are so happy that our faith in Ritesh and The Lunchbox is paying off so beautifully. It’s a film we are very proud of and earning a Foreign Film nomination is yet another reassurance that great content will always go a long way. I would like to say a big thank you to the HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Press Association) and the BAFTA jury.”
The award ceremony will be held on Sunday the 8th of February 2015 in London.

Car bombs kill 10 in central Iraq

11 01 2015

Several car bombs have exploded on the outskirts of Iraq’s holy city of Samarra, killing ten people and injuring a further 41, a security official and eyewitnesses told journalists on Thursday. The three bombs killed a civilian and two police officers, and were followed by a rocket and mortar fire battle, according to the official. This lasted for several hours, as gunmen escaped the security forces and fighter jets targeting them. The city where the incidents occurred is 125km (80 miles) north of Baghdad, and is a place of great religious significance to the country’s Shiite population. It contains an important shrine. Samarra, however, is itself is a Sunni-majority city. The Islamic State’s hardline Islamist version of faith does not believe in tombs or shrines. Ever since the destruction of one in 2006, tit-for-tat violence has been happening around the city.

US assistant secretary of state to go to Cuba for talks

11 01 2015

US Assistant Secretary of State Roberta Jacobson will travel to Cuba on January 21-22 to discuss migration and normalization, the Department of State said on Thursday. US President Barack Obama announced in December that the US is seeking to establish diplomatic relations following some 50 years of a US-imposed embargo. The last time a similarly highly-ranked US official visited was in 2011
Cuba has freed six more detainees on Thursday, dissidents say, bringing the total to nine people from the list of 53 people considered by the US to be political prisoners. Cuba agreed to free the prisoners as part of the renewal of diplomatic relations between the two countries. However, details of those set to be released are being kept secret by both countries. The next negotiations between Cuba and the US will be later this month in Havana.

Mali PM Moussa Mara & government resign

11 01 2015

The Prime Minister of Mali, Moussa Mara, has resigned, according to the office of the president. He is the second politician to step down from the position in less than a year, with Oumar Ly Tatam resigning in April 2014. Mara lasted one month longer in office than his predecessor, who was in office a mere eight months. Both resigned serving under President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta – also known as IBK. Former head of government Modibo Keita has been appointed as a replacement. With Mara’s resignation, the whole government also resigns.

Farmers across Gujarat being Detained :

11 01 2015

Black Sunday for People’;s Rights
Red carpet for National and International Corporate Honchos, iron fist at Farmers
January 11 : While the Government of Gujarat is splurging on the jamboree called Vibrant Gujarat it is a crime to raise the issue of farmers’; suicides and low cotton prices. A presentation of the issues was planned by the non-party platformSanyukta Khedut Sangharsh Samiti to be handed over to the Gujarat Government. Farmers have been preparing and heading for their action spot in Ahmedabad in thousands since morning. However, in a wanton display of its paranoia as well as dictatorial tendencies the Government first tried to scare away bus and other transporters and attempted to force them to cancel farmers’; bookings. Farmers demonstrated their resolve by finding other means to reach the appointed spot. Thousands of farmers are being detained in tens of places across Gujarat.
First, Mr Shivlal Vekaria (ex-MP) and Chandulal Shingala were detained in Rajkot and then has followed the detention of hundreds of farmers in various districts. In the dead of the night – around 12.30 am – Sagar Rabari and Lakhan Musafir were arrested on January 10th. Other prominent farmers being detained include Mansukhbhai (Rajkot), Pradyumansinh and Ramdevsinh Chudasma (Dholera), Mahendrasinh Karmariya, Nipul Patel, Yakub Gurji (Bharuch), Lalji Desai (Becharaji-Mandal). The Mansa MLA Mr. Amitbhai, Dehgam MLA Kaminiben and Jashubhai Rana of Gandhinagar have also been arrested. Persis Ginwala (JAAG), Krishnakant & Swati Desai (NAPM) have also been detained since morning.
The farmers’; demands were simple and basic :
1) Support Price for Cotton at 1200 / 20 kg, and Rs. 1000 / 20 kg for groundnut
2) No de-commanding of Narmada waters and diversion for industries
3) Repeal of draconian anti-farmer laws such as Special Investment Region (SIR) Act, and Irrigation Act
4) Immediate withdrawal of the Ordinance making the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition Act meaningless.
It has become the standard practice for the Government of Gujarat to clamp down on demands of the poor and toiling people of Gujarat rather than addressing. This Government believes in ruling via Ordinances on the one hand, and organising meaning public relations jamboorees – all at Tax Payers’; expense.
We condemn this wanton attack on the rights of the people and suppression of our democratic rights to assemble and protest. We will continue to protest this loot being promoted by the government in name of investors summit and development of Gujarat and Nation.
Anand Mazgaonkar, Rajni Dave

Modi meeting with Mr. Janusz Piechocinski

11 01 2015

PM Shri meeting with Mr. Janusz Piechocinski, Deputy PM of Poland at New Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar

Obama to France: ´The United States stands with you´

11 01 2015

Obama to France: ´The United States stands with you´

“I want the people of France to know that the United States stands with you today, stands with you tomorrow,” Obama said at a speaking engagement in Tennessee, describing France as America´s “oldest ally.”
“The moment that the outrageous attack took place, we directed all of our law enforcement and counterintelligence operations to provide whatever support that our ally needs in confronting this challenge,” Obama added.
Obama was speaking hours after the crisis that began with the massacre of 12 people at satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo reached a dramatic climax, with French police storming two hostage sites, killing two brothers wanted for the magazine attack and a jihadist ally.
“We´re hopeful the immediate threat is now resolved. The French government continues to face the threat of terrorism and has to remain vigilant. The situation is fluid,” Obama added.
“President Hollande made it clear they´ll do whatever is necessary to protect their people and I think it´s important for us to understand France is our oldest ally.”
US Secretary of State John Kerry honored the victims and congratulated French security forces Friday evening at the French embassy in Washington, where he signed a book of condolences.
In a surprise visit to the embassy one day earlier, Obama signed the book with “Vive la France!”

Blast Rawalpindi in Imambargah

11 01 2015

Five killed, 17 injured as blast targets Rawalpindi Imambargah
At least five people were killed and 17 others injured in a blast targeting an Imambargah in Chitian Hatian area on Friday.
Police said that a suicide attacker blew himself up after his attempt to enter the worship place was foiled.
The police said the suicide bomber reached the spot at around 9:20 PM riding a bike. They said that the bomber parked his bike and tried to enter the Imambargah.
Eyewitnesses said the explosion that took place outside the Imambargah was so intense that windowpanes of nearby buildings were shattered.
They said a Mehfil-e-Milad was being held in the Imambargah when the attack took place.
The injured were taken to the District Heaquaters Hospital where some of them were in critical condition.

A faction of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) on Saturday claimed responsibility for the the imambargah blast in Chitian Hatian area of Rawalpindi, which killed five people and wounded 17 others.
The powerful explosion on Friday night triggered chaos as dozens gathered in the Imambargah to distribute alms to mark the birthday of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).
“We claim responsibility of the attack on the Imambargah and vow to continue such attacks against enemies of Islam,” spokesman of Jamat-ul-Ahrar faction of TTP, Ehsanullah Ehsan, said in an email.

US issues worldwide alert for its citizens post France attacks

11 01 2015

US issues worldwide alert for its citizens post France attacks
In view of the horrific terrorist attacks in France, the US has issued a caution for its citizens worldwide, including in India, saying attacks against Americans are becoming increasingly prevalent.
“Recent terrorist attacks, whether by those affiliated with terrorist entities, copycats, or individual perpetrators, serve as a reminder that US citizens need to maintain a high level of vigilance and take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness,” the State Department said.Giving details of the threats that the US assets and Americans face worldwide, State Department said India continues to experience terrorist and insurgent activities which may affect US citizens directly or indirectly.“Anti-Western terrorist groups active in India include Islamist extremist groups such as Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, Indian Mujahideen, Jaish-e-Mohammed, and Lashkar-e-Tayyiba,” it said, adding that it remains concerned about the continued threat of terror attacks, demonstrations, and other violence against US citizens and interests overseas.

“Past attacks have targeted public places, including some frequented by Westerners, such as luxury and other hotels, trains, train stations, markets, cinemas, mosques, and restaurants in large urban areas. Attacks have taken place during the busy evening hours in markets and other crowded places, but could occur at any time,” the statement said.

The US government continues to receive information that terrorist groups in South Asia may be planning attacks in the region, possibly against US government facilities, its citizens, or US interests, it said.

The presence of Al-Qaeda, Taliban elements, LeT, indigenous sectarian groups, and other terror organisations, many of which are on the US government’s list of designated Foreign Terrorist Organisations, poses a potential danger to US citizens in the region.

Terrorists and their sympathisers have demonstrated their willingness and ability to attack locations where US citizens or Westerners are known to congregate or visit. It said the presence of several foreign and indigenous terrorist groups poses a danger to US citizens throughout Pakistan.

No province in Afghanistan should be considered immune from violence and crime, and a strong possibility exists throughout the country for hostile acts, either targeted or random, against US and other foreign nationals at any time, it added.

Elements of the former Taliban regime and members of other terrorist organisations hostile to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and foreign nationals remain active in every province of the country.

The threat situation in Afghanistan is still considered critical and is expected to remain so through the current political and military transition, it said.

The State Department further said current information suggests that ISIL, Al-Qaeda, its affiliated organisations, and other terrorist groups continue to plan terrorist attacks against US and Western interests in Europe.

Authorities believe the likelihood of a terror attack in Europe is increased as European members of ISIL return from Syria and Iraq, it said.

Additionally, there is a continuing threat in Europe from unaffiliated persons planning attacks inspired by major terrorist organisations but conducted on an individual basis.

In the past several years, organised extremist attacks have been planned or carried out in various European countries. European governments have taken action to guard against terrorist attacks, and some have made official declarations regarding heightened threat conditions, it added.

On Friday, three terrorists who seized hostages at separate locations and ignited fear across Paris were killed along with three of their hostages as the gunmen clashed with thousands of French security forces.

France has been on high alert since the country’s worst terror attack in decades the massacre on Wednesday in Paris at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo that left 12 people dead.

Make Railways BetterInvite to Circle

11 01 2015

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Ministry Of Railways posted a Resource
You inputs for Rail Budget 2015-2016
Dear Railways Circle Members:With this post, we would like to seek specific inputs from you on Rail Budget 2015-16.These are things that you would like Railways to immediately attend to. We will prioritize based on the number of responses for each area unless it is an exceptional suggestion.
… More>>

Dear Minister,
All long route trains at least more than 200 kms to be considered express trains so as to… More>>
I have often observed the First Class compartment of MMTS in Hyderabad is being occupied by ordinary passengers ( I am snot sure whether they have tickets also!). I… More>>
Like airports passengers luggage carriers may be provided freely in stations.
Rail Budget , Must be poor man friendly, Must be provision for PP model for Rly Crossing without gates, must go for Signals automation

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