Arvind response to the notice by the Election Commission

23 01 2015

My response to the notice by the Election Commission on a complaint by the BJP Delhi unit.



In respect of the matter referred to above the following is submitted for the Commission’s kind perusal:
1. It is respectfully submitted that the allegations levelled against me in the complaint are malafide and motivated. It is apparently a counter blast by the Complainant and/or his Party to distract the people by diverting attention.
2. I deny the allegations of the Complainant in toto. The information disseminated during the press conference was based on cogent and reliable material available in public domain and ground perception among the local public at large.
3. I draw the attention of this Commission to the following documents:
a. Copy of the press release dated 14.01.2015;
b. Download from the website showing list of the companies in which Mr. Satish Upadhay is a director;
c. Download from / showing the Complainant’s company in the list of approved electricity services vendor at serial no. 97 having vendor code 232306;
d. Download from containing proclamation of the Complainant’s company about being the blue eyed chip of BSES which is a prominent electricity services company in Delhi at loggerheads with public over fast electricity metres;
e. Download from election watch showing acknowledgement by the Complainant that he owns substantial interest in the company named therein;
f. Copy of letter no. 610 dated 09.10.2014 with copy of letter dated 25.09.2014 regarding the two TIN nos. of the same company in question;
g. Copy of form no. 26AS of the company in question; (dim on print)
h. Copy of allottees of shares in New Delhi Communication Network ltd.
Perusal of above shows up the falsehood and malafide of the allegations levelled by Sh. Satish Upadhay against me. These are self explanatory.

The press conference only raised these questions to bring the actual situation to the knowledge of the general public. The conflict of interest of the Complainant is patently obvious. The brouhaha by the Complainant is a vain attempt to save face.
I submit that the Model Code of Conduct is brought into force to ensure that the public is not misled. This includes the responsibility of every political party or its worker to disclose upfront all information in respect of issue where the same is in conflict with electorate’s collective interest. Unfortunately, this was not done by the Complainant both personally or in his capacity as the Pradesh President of his Party.
Electricity is one such domain.
The Complainant ought to have disclosed the position on his own. In fact the Complainant has failed the people of Delhi. Even his own party has not fielded him at this election. Unfortunately, till date the moot question asked from them awaits their answer i.e. The Complainant and his Party make it clear as to what will be their stand in respect of the matters when our government after the instant election would be expected to critically examine and audit the functioning of DISCOMS to insulate public interest from poaching by vested interest?
It is intriguing that Sh. Ashish Sood has not signed the complaint and nor Sh. Satish Upadhay has provided any authority from Ashish Sood authorizing Sh. Satish Upadhay to make any allegation on his behalf.
The allegation tacitly suggesting as if I have invented the information contained in these public documents and documents in public domain is untrue to the knowledge of the Complainant. I deny each and every innuendo, allegation, imputation and attribution to me therein.
It is the duty of every citizen to place in public domain any information showing such conflict. The Model Code of Conduct does not work against such information. Disclosure of such information as can show up such conflict of interest with public interest only goes to promote the Model Code regardless of anybody’s discomfort with the same.
In my view People and Public good alone matters. Any conflict of interest with Public good cannot be kept out of public eye especially when Public is in process of electing its representatives.
In fact the complaint seeks to make light of this cardinal principle as well as the Model Code which cannot be allowed. The crocodile tears of the complainant are self serving.
Further the information provided by the NCNL Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. to the belies the assertions made by Shri Satish Upadhyay in his complaint including his claim that his company does not do business with BSES anymore. The complaint is liable to be dismissed as the Complainant has not come to this Commission with clean hands. It is pertinent to mention that I have not learnt that the Complainant has taken any action against
The essence was that a person and a Party that encourages any person to lead the election campaign seeking votes for a right to Govern, whereby such person having vested business interests with companies having billions of rupee stake annually in enterprise falling in domain of such Governance (Delhi Government has 49% partnership with BSES 51%), ought to disclose such interests to the electorate when such public offices are sought by it. I honestly believe that the Model Code of Conduct certainly does not work against such a premise.
It is now a fact that BJP now has a new campaign leader for the forthcoming elections after revelation of the above information and even the Complainant is now not given a ticket to contest the forthcoming elections. Obviously, there is no substance in the complaint. The same is liable to be dismissed.
In Para 8 of the notice the Commission has expressed that it is prima facie of the view that by making the statement as mentioned in Para 6 of the complaint I have violated sub-para (1) of Para 1 of the Model Code of Conduct and have called for my explanation.
At the outset I respectfully submit that the malafide and false content, purpose and intent of the Complaint has been shown. I urge that the prima-facie view formed may be reconsidered. I hold the Model Code in highest esteem and cannot fathom to violate it. I have not violated the code at all leave alone wilfully, seriously or blatantly. The Complainant is venting his frustration. It is the Complainant who has violated the model code by wilfully, falsely and blatantly making frivolous allegations in the garb of instant complaint with oblique motive to save face at expense of the public spirited process of this Commission. It is an abuse of the process of this Commission which ought to be viewed seriously.
I draw the kind attention of this Commission to the press reports dated 28.10.2014 and 3.11.2014 published in the Indian Express.
Perusal of the press report dated 28.10.2014 above shows that a mob left the premises of Mr. Sunil Vaid, a Party worker of the Complainant’s Party, just before the abhorable incident.
A further perusal of these press reports informing the general public about the police reports demonstrate that the remarks during the press conference were based upon information available in public domain. The comments were made in respect of past events and not to give rise to any fresh event. These were in nature of an opinion which I feel every citizen has a right to hold and express based on bonafide impressions drawn from information in circulation in public domain. The complainant has magnified the remarks. The remarks made at a press conference to media and not to a congregation of persons from a particular community about past events and inferences drawn therefrom are liable to be understood as an expression of a view and are understood as such. These remarks contain no potency to aggravate any existing differences or strength to create any mutual hatred or cause tension between different castes and communities, religious or linguistic. People are wiser and their sensitivity tolerance has to be viewed in light of the fact that they do not form mass view based on such expression of views on past events. Moreover it was not an address to a congregation of people rather it was a press conference as mentioned above.
It is further submitted that the there is no proof or material disclosed by the Complainant to show that any mutual hatred, discord or tension got created between different communities and people of Delhi as a consequence of the such remarks at the press conference.
Recently one MP of BJP, Ms Sadhawi Niranjan was seen calling all those who don’t vote for BJP as “HARAMJADA” in a public meeting and those who vote for BJP as “RAMJAADA”. It is well known that this proclamation was fully detested and there was a political and public outcry. The attack on the church close to this statement gives rise to the possibility of linkage between the two which has not been ruled out as yet. Inference from these developments as a common man is at the root of the impression voiced by me. Further, there is no evidence anywhere to indicate any fall out thereof as alleged. The Complainant is making a mountain out of mole hill. Incidentally, the said MP still continues to hold her Ministerial office.
My innocent and honest bonafide opinion expressed about past incidents especially when cogent and reliable information in that regard was already in circulation in public domain cannot be appreciated with a narrow outlook. The Complainant who has been shown to have approached this Commission with unclean hands is magnifying the same with ulterior motive to mislead this Commission. In my humble submission the honest and well meaning process of this commission cannot be allowed to be abused as endeavored by the Complainant.
It is therefore respectfully requested that in view of my comments and explanation above this Commission may graciously be pleased to dismiss the complaint and withdraw the Notice under response.

New Delhi (Arvind Kejriwal)
Dated: January 22,2015 National Convener, AAP

Shanti Bhushan: Kiran Bedi will make a very good CM

23 01 2015

Old stalwart who was guiding the Anna movement, but now  Shanti Bhushan, a founding member of the Aam Aadmi Party, did watch Kiran Bedi from close quarters ,who did initiate the Anna movement to weed out corruption.Anna was imported from village in Maharashtra to give movement a Gandhian touch. With more group like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Yog Guru Ramdevfollwed suit.

Shanti has expressed Arvind to leave post of convener, as per constitution of AAP the convener has immense power which was suggested by daughter of Shanti based in US to have strong and different constitution to Arvind for his AAP.

Arvind’s fastidious, imbalance and irrational approach  nature is known to his friends, media but Arvind to knows but he  uses to get the instant fame for himself at the cost of naive & poor quality of media all in the ambit of comforts of money.

Shanti praising,  Kiran Bedi, declaring that the Bharatiya Janata Party’s chief ministerial candidate would give Delhi a very clean and efficient government.

The senior AAP leader came out in Kiran Bedi’s support and called the move by BJP to project Kiran Bedi as Delhi chief ministerial candidate as a masterstroke.

Shanti Bhushan told ANI: ‘It is a master stroke by the BJP to bring Kiran Bediji and declare her party’s CM candidate. Kiranji made a huge contribution to ‘India Against Corruption’, She would provide a very clean and efficient administration.’

He added that all was not well within the AAP and even stated that the party should be happy if the former IPS officer becomes the chief minister of Delhi.

“AAP was born out of a crusade against corruption, so they should be happy if a member (Kiran Bedi) of the same crusade becomes chief minister. I think everything is not right in AAP, the party is not being run on lines it was expected to run or what it was established for,” said Bhushan.

The senior leader also called for a reorientation within AAP stating they must stress on “reforming political system and improving political standards”.

While Kiran Bedi thanked Bhushan for his support, the AAP was quick to defend itself.

“Ours is a democratic party, he has every right to express his opinion. But party does not subscribe to his opinion, Kiranji has shown political opportunism and somersault on her part,” said party spokesperson Ashutosh.

Press Conference of Oriental Bank of Commerce Q3 Financial Results,

23 01 2015

Oriental Bank of Commerce Q3 Financial Results, 29th January 2015 @ 12.45 pm at Corporate Office, Plot No 5 , Sector 32 Institutional Area , Gurgaon

From: “Andalib.Andy Subzwari”  Fri, 23 Jan ’15 12:03p

To: “Andalib.Andy Subzwari”

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1 attachment

Invite_Oriental_Bank_of_Commerce_Q3_Financial_Results_29th_January_2015.jpg62.00 KBDownload
Request for Coverage :
                                 Shri Animesh Chauhan

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Oriental Bank of Commerce

Cordially invite you to a


on the occasion of the announcement of

Q-3 Financial Results 2014-15


on Thursday, 29th January, 2015


Oriental Bank of Commerce,

Corporate Office

Plot No 5 , Sector 32

Institutional Area , Gurgoan – 122001

at 12.45 PM


Press Meet will be followed by Lunch


Andy : 9999573707

Chaos in Nepal Parliament

23 01 2015


Jan 23,

Nepal, the Constituent Assembly has failed to deliver the new Constitution. The political parties missed a deadline to draft a new Constitution that expired last night.

The Parliament session in Kathmandu ended, without agreeing on a draft, amid chaotic scenes. The Chairman of the Constituent Assembly, Subhash Nembang, adjourned the Parliament at 11.45 p.m., after two-and-half hour long obstruction by the opposition parties. Before announcing adjournment of the session, Nembang said he wishes to begin the process of drafting the Constitution and sought cooperation from all parties to forge agreement to promulgate the constitution.

The Parliament is scheduled to meet again at 1 p.m. today.

Yemen government resigns

23 01 2015

Jan 23

Yemen, President Mansour Hadi, Prime Minister Khaled Bahah and his cabinet have resigned. The development comes a day after the President agreed to demands of Shia Houthi rebels, who stormed his palace and private home in Sana’a earlier this week. Yemeni Presidential adviser Sultan al-Atwani said Mansour Haadi submitted his resignation just hours after receiving the resignations of Prime Minister Khalid Bahah and his cabinet. However parliament speaker Yahia al-Rai refused to accept the President’s resignation. He has called an extraordinary session of parliament on Friday morning. Yemeni Prime Minister Bahah posted on his Facebook page that he doesn’t want to be a part of what is happening or will happen.

Meanwhile Houthi rebels continued to stand guard President Haadi’s home and palace despite having promised to withdraw militia and siege of both buildings. They have also not released the chief of Presidential staff, Ahmad Awad Bin Omar. Supporters of Haadi protested outside his residency in Sana’a on Thursday, demanding to know where the president was. Houthi leaders said he would come out after implementing the power sharing agreement.

Dubai unveils World’s largest vertical maze

23 01 2015

Jan 23

Dubai has set yet another world record for the largest vertical maze. The 55 story Maze tower in Dubai’s financial district has been now confirmed by the records tally-keeper Guinness World Records as the world’s largest vertical maze.The design on the façade of the building is actually a puzzle made from intricate lines of balconies on the front and rear, and there is another garden maze on the roof top. The design uses natural stones and lights up in different colours making it appear light and reflective. It looks like as if it has been carved out of one single massive piece of rock; with the constant play of light and shadow to render it alive. The tower has four other unique features – the Maze Eye which is an eight-meter circular video wall at the top of the building to beam images. It has LED lights built into the exterior of the maze pattern that can display colours and patterns. Plus it has a garden floor in the middle of the building; and a maze garden at the rooftop. Even the pool is maze-shaped. The maze tower has 25 floors of office space and 24 floors of living space. With its latest acquisition, Dubai now holds more than 100 Guinness World Records.

Delhi Polls 693 candidates in fray after scrutiny

23 01 2015

Jan 23

A total of 693 nomination papers have been accepted for the 70-member Delhi Assembly elections. 230 nominations have been rejected in the scrutiny held yesterday. After scrutiny, the highest number of valid nominations was 18 from the Burari Assembly seat and the lowest number of valid nomination papers was four in Ambedkar Nagar constituency.

923 candidates from the BJP, Aam Aadmi Party, Congress, BSP, NCP, Left Parties and Independents had filed their nomination papers. The candidates can withdraw their nomination by tomorrow. Polling will take place on 7th of next month. Counting will be held on 10th February.

A total of one hundred and twenty one FIR’s have been lodged against various political parties in connection with the violation of the Model Code of Conduct in Delhi till now. According to the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Delhi, out of these violations, 54 FIR’s have been lodged against Aam Aadmi Party, 24 against BJP, 26 against Congress and 10 cases of violation have been registered against BSP. Besides, around 1600 hoardings have also removed from Public Property and 116 FIR’s have been lodged in this regard.


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