Hollande ask corporate leaders to join global fight against terror

24 01 2015

Hollande ask corporate leaders to join global fight against terror

Jan 24

Calling for a shared response against extremism, French President Francois Hollande on Friday asked corporate leaders to join the global fight against terror. He also urged the international community to resolve existing conflicts.

Addressing participants at the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meet, weeks after his country witnessed one of the worst terror attacks, Hollande said there should be a shared response by both governments and businesses to terrorism. Hollande said, corporate leaders are the lifeblood of the economic world. He asked the biggest bosses of companies around the world, not only to be watchful but to also get involved. Hollande called on the financial system to ensure that the sources of financing for terrorists are dried up.

The French leader also urged “major digital corporations to play their role, to identify illegal content and to make them inaccessible and to establish clear rules, because they are also stakeholders”. The corporate world cannot have prosperity without security. According to him, the international community needs to do more to resolve existing conflicts and stabilise simmering global hotspots.

“Every time the world lets a conflict linger, terrorism flourishes. France will always be present. Whenever it can act, it will,” Hollande said.

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