Czech Trade Minister Mr. Jan Mládek arrive on an official visit to New Delhi and Mumbai

29 01 2015

Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic H.E. Mr. Jan Mládek  arrive on an official visit to New Delhi and Mumbai between January 28 and January 30, 2015. Minister Jan Mládek, who will first land in New Delhi on January 28, 2015, arrives with a business delegation consisting of 30 representatives of various Czech companies and members of the Czech Chamber of Commerce, Czech Export Bank and Czech Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation. After New Delhi the Minister will depart for one-day visit in Mumbai on January 30, 2015.
In New Delhi, H.E. Mr. Jan Mládek will be received by several Honorable Ministers of the Government of India. On January 28, 2015, H.E. Mr. Jan Mládek has planned a meeting with Hon´ble Minister of State for Commerce & Industry Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman followed by meeting of the Czech-Indian Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation.
During the meeting both sides will pursue the enhancement of bilateral trade relations and try to identify new specific projects to be implemented on business, governmental or PPP level. The official meetings with Indian counterparts will beyond all doubt immensely contribute to identify further scopes for deepening the bilateral economic cooperation and provide the most effective ground for detailed discussion on broad topics of mutual interest.
On January 28, 2015, H.E. Mr. Jan Mládek will also inaugurate the “The Czech Republic – India Business Forum” organized by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), represented at the Czech side by numerous Czech business delegation comprising of companies active in the fields of transportation, aircraft industry, infrastructure, engineering and heavy engineering, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, real estate developing and investment, arms industry etc. The interactive business meeting followed by lunch is estimated to be attended by more than 100 companies.
H.E. Jan Mládek will as well hold extensive talks with Hon´ble Minister of Heavy Industry Mr. Anant Gangaram Geet, Hon´ble Minister of Defence Manohar Pirrikar, Hon´ble Minister of Power and Energy Piyush Goyal, Hon´ble Minister of Civil Aviation Ashok Pusapati, Hon´ble Minister of Railways Mr. Suresh Prabhu and Hon´ble Minister for Steel and Mines Mr.Narendra Singh Tomar.
On January 30, 2015, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic Mr. Jan Mládek will arrive to Mumbai in order to inaugurate the second round of “The Czech Republic – India Business Forum” followed by lunch with Hon´ble Minister of Industry of Maharashtra H.E. Subhash Desai. Furthermore, H.E. Mr. Jan Mládek will be received by Hon´ble Governor of Maharashtra Ch.V. Rao, Hon´ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra D. Fadnavis and other senior officials and representatives of the Government of Maharashtra.
Velvyslanectví České republiky Embassy of the Czech Republic
50-M, Niti Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
tel.: +91-11-2415 5200, fax: +91-11-2415 5270
The visiting delegation from the Czech Republic presents an outstanding business opportunities for their Indian counterparts in many areas, such as supply of machinery and equipment for transport infrastructure, aircraft industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, steel and metallurgy. Moreover, Czech companies will introduce scope of potential business in real estate development and in the field of financing and investment.
Economic ties between the Czech Republic and India have been historically very active. However, trade cooperation started to experience a new dynamic growth from the mid 1990’s when from nearly USD 100 million of mutual turnover in 1993 the bilateral trade exchange reached 1.6 billion USD of turnover in 2011. The current mutual goal of both countries is to reach USD 2 billion of turnover by 2015.
The Czech Republic is highly keen on investing in India. The largest and most well-known is the SKODA AUTO INDIA Pvt. Ltd. passenger car assembly plant. Czech investment flows to India in rising figures, among others to be mentioned Vítkovice Machinery Group, Home Credit, FANS or Škoda Power which have already invested considerably in India. On the other hand, the Czech Republic is also proud to welcome Indian investment whether it’s Infosys or Tata Group.
Both countries try hard to create safe and transparent environment for their business entities through agreements and proactive enhancement of mutual contacts on every-day basis. Therefore they have concluded an investment agreement, tax agreement as well as an Agreement on Economic Cooperation, with the latter also being the basis for the Czech-Indian Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation which meets every year on the ministerial level. The Czech Republic, as the EU member country, also supports the rapid conclusion of the Free Trade Agreement (FDI), which is currently under discussion.
Czech-India bilateral relations are also reflected in the frequency of high-level visits. In September 2012 the Czech Republic was visited by Hon´ble Minister of Commerce and Industry Mr. Anand Sharma and in March 2013 Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic H.E. Mr. Martin Kuba visited India in return. Both sides work hard on deepening political and economic cooperation and support further boost of exchange of bilateral visits.

RBI asks banks to ease norms for individual borrowers

29 01 2015

Jan 28

In order to ensure hassle free credit to small borrowers, RBI has directed banks to do away with the practice of obtaining ‘No Due Certificate’ from individual loan takers. In a notification issued from Mumbai, RBI said that lenders must dispense with obtaining ‘No Due Certificate’ in view of the technological developments and the different ways available with banks to avoid multiple financing. RBI said it received complaints from borrowers as banks were refusing to grant loans without ‘No Due Certificate’, especially in rural and semi-urban areas.

RBI has clarified that this dispensation will be valid for Self Help Groups as well as Joint Liability Groups in rural and semi-urban areas for all types of loans. The notification adds that it will also cover loans under government sponsored schemes, irrespective of amount involved. This announcement follows RBI’s earlier directive on relaxing service area norms and simple procedures for farm loans of up to Rs 50,000 to small and marginal farmers. For sanctioning such loans, bank can use alternative ways like loan history from credit information companies, self-declaration from borrower, peer monitoring, etc other than the No Due Certificate.

Packaging of foodgrains & sugar in jute material to be mandatory

29 01 2015

Jan 28

Packaging of food grains and sugar in jute material will be mandatory. It will be minimum of 90 per cent of production in case of food grains and 20 per cent for sugar. The decision was taken by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, CCEA. The decision will help the jute sector which generates a lot of livelihoods for farmers and workers.

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, CCEA, has approved providing financial support to the Jute Corporation of India, JCI. The subsidy will be provided subsidy to JCI on a continuous basis to off-set the losses on account of Minimum Support Price (MSP) operations . The quantum of subsidy will include the difference between the Purchase and Sale Price of MSP Raw Jute.

Besides, the CCEA also cleared a proposal of HDFC Bank Limited for maintaining the permissible foreign holding in the bank up to 74 per cent of the total paid up capital. The bank has also been permitted for issuance of equity shares aggregating to an amount of 10,000 crore rupees.

The CCEA also cleared a proposal of Lupin Limited for increase in aggregate limit of investment from 33 percent to 49 percent by Foreign Institutional Investors and their sub-accounts registered with SEBI. The move will result in foreign investment of around 6099 crore rupees in the country.

Anna Hazare to launch fresh agitation on Lokpal

29 01 2015


Jan 29

Social activist Anna Hazare has said that he will launch a fresh stir against the Narendra Modi government as it has failed to fulfill the promises on bringing back black money and appointing a Lokpal. He was talking to reporters at his native Ralegan Siddhi village in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra last evening. Criticising the Narendra Modi government, Hazare said, people will teach it a lesson. He said, the government is not serious on the issue of corruption which is why an agitation will be launched once again on Lokpal, Land Acquisition Act and black money.

Hazare, however, refused to be drawn into the ongoing political slug-fest between Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal and BJP’s Kiran Bedi. Asked about his views on Kejriwal and Bedi, who are Chief Ministerial candidates for the Delhi Assembly elections, Hazare said he would not talk about politics.

Kejriwal Winning – Public Services Decline Under BJP Rule

29 01 2015

Kejriwal Winning – Public Services Decline Under BJP Rule
January29, 2015 (C) Ravinder Singh

When Delhi required BEST Engineer to find solutions to mostly
Engineering Problems BJP has fatally projected Kiran Bedi as its
Leader. One Survey gave 50 Seats, other 34 but BSP and Congress shall
Cut BJP Votes – Kejriwal Winning By Huge Margin may get 50 seats.

    Mobile Call Drop Rates are ‘Unbearably High & Tariff Highest’

    Broadband in national capital Delhi is Slowest in the world.

    70% to 80% population get Untreated, Hard and Contaminated Water at
Zero Pressure – Consumers have to Install Complete Water Supply System
in their homes and Pay Exhorbitant bills.

    Electricity supply to under 200 unit per month consumers is
Costliest yet supply erratic. Most consumers need Invertors &

    LPG Rs.800 Pay in cash for LPG Cylinder which should cost no more
than Rs.300.

    Streets are not cleaned on daily basis, there is no homes Garbage Collection.

    Sewage Flows in Open Storm Water Drains. Highest Air Pollution as Well.

    Roads are Full Of Traffic Congestions.

    Shops remain open for 10-12 hours a day against 6 hours in developed

    Consumers Courts are MOST Corrupt & Even Slower.

    SolarPV Rooftop Policy is a SCAM.

    Old Ordinary Homes are charged more ‘House Tax’ than Newly Built
Ultra Luxury Homes.

    Fruits and Vegetable Prices TRIPLE from Markets to Retail.

    Very low FOOD PROCESSING – Highest Delivery of Unhygienic Raw Fruits
& Vegetable Supply in the World – Highest Garbage Production.

    BUS Public Transport Capacity not added since 2000.

    Poor Quality of Education, Highest Fees and Corrupt Admission Process.

    Very Costly Healthcare. Almost absent Ambulance Service.

    No Play Grounds and Community Centers for 80% population.

    Highest STRAY DOG Concentration in the World – 500 Dog Bite Cases/day.

    ‘Rent Laws’ Worst in the World – same area One Shop Pay Rs.100 per
month other Rs.10,00,000 per month.

    Maximum Generation of BLACK MONEY in Delhi.

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, India. Ph; 091- 9718280435, 9650421857

News newone

29 01 2015

5.7 magnitude earthquake strikes off California coast

A 5.7 magnitude earthquake was reported off the coast of Northern California on Wednesday, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said. No injures or damages have been reported. The quake struck about 25 miles away from Ferndale, California, and some 40 miles away from Sacramento. There is no tsunami expected at this time, though the USGS said there is a 40 percent chance of a “strong and possibly damaging aftershock” – either magnitude 5 or higher – in the next week.

Iran names new UN ambassador after first choice banned by US

Iran has appointed career diplomat Gholamali Khoshroo as its envoy to the UN, state-run Tasnim news agency said. Ten months ago the US barred the initial candidate for his role in the 1979-81 hostage crisis in Tehran, Reuters said. Khoshroo was a deputy foreign minister from 2002 to 2005 during the presidency of reformist Mohammad Khatami. Iran still objects the rejection of Hamid Abutalebi, and the issue will be pursued legally through the UN.

PACE Committee backs amendment to strip Russia of right to vote in 2015 – MP

The Monitoring Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has supported an amendment on stripping Russian’s delegation of the right to vote and its exclusion from PACE’s governing bodies in 2015, Tass quoted the deputy head of the Russian delegation, Leonid Slutsky, as saying Wednesday. “This amendment was passed by only one vote. The rapporteur on Russia’s credentials, Stefan Shennah, recognized it as destructive and destroying the entire architecture of the resolution,” Slutsky said.


Bahraini opposition leader Salman goes on trial

Bahrain’s most senior opposition leader went on trial on Wednesday on charges of promoting the violent overthrow of the political system, Reuters said. Sheikh Ali Salman’s detention after a protest rally in December sparked violent demonstrations in the Sunni-ruled Gulf Arab state. Salman denied all the charges and said he had been calling for reforms in Bahrain through legal and peaceful means. The prosecution has accused Salman of promoting the overthrow of the political regime by force, inciting violence and supporting attacks that caused the deaths of 14 policemen. He faces up to 10 years in jail if convicted.

13 airstrikes hit ISIS targets near Kobani, Syria – US military

US and its allies launched 13 airstrikes near Kobani, Syria, in the last 24 hours, Reuters reported. The strikes around the city hit 12 Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) tactical units and destroyed nine fighting positions, according to the Combined Joint Task Force. The US military said this week the militants had been driven out of 90 percent of Kobani, a city near the border with Turkey, after four months of fierce fighting.

Sudanese rebels capture 6 Bulgarians working for UN World Food Program

A Sudanese rebel group has taken six Bulgarians working with the UN’s World Food Program captive, Reuters said. Their helicopter was forced to land in war-torn South Kordofan province in southern Sudan, the Bulgarian diplomats said on Wednesday. Fighting between the government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North, which reportedly captured the Bulgarians, has increased in the provinces of South Kordofan and Blue Nile since peace talks collapsed in December.

Parents of missing Mexican students reject official explanation of their deaths

Parents of 43 college students missing since last year have rejected the Mexican attorney general’s declaration that the youths were killed and incinerated after being seized by police in the southern state of Guerrero, AP said. The parents accused the government on Tuesday night of seeking to wrap up the investigation and hold out hope of finding their children alive. Lawyer Vidulfo Rosales, who is representing the families of the students, presented a 10-point argument explaining why they believe the investigation must continue. It included, in particular, a lack of conclusive forensic results.

Thailand warns US against meddling in its affairs after martial law remarks

Thailand warned the US against meddling in its political affairs on Wednesday, Reuters said. Assistant US Secretary of State for East Asia and the Pacific Daniel Russel, visiting a Bangkok university on Monday, called for more inclusive politics and the end of martial law. The remarks “hurt many Thais,” Deputy Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai said after summoning the US Charge d’Affaires Patrick Murphy. “If we… lift martial law and it leads to problems, how will those people who are asking for the lifting of martial law take responsibility?” he said, adding that “in reality, Thais don’t even know there is martial law.”

Murdered Mexico students ‘mistaken for rival gang’ – officials

The 43 Mexican students who disappeared four months ago were murdered on the orders of a drug cartel which mistook them for members of a rival gang, Reuters reported, citing officials. The government earlier said only that the students were almost certainly murdered after clashing in the southwestern city of Iguala with corrupt police officers, who handed them over to members of local drug gang Guerreros Unidos. Their disappearance on the night of September 26 led to massive street protests in Mexico.

Indonesia’s search for AirAsia victims could end ‘within days’

Indonesia’s search for dozens of victims still unaccounted for from last month’s crash of an AirAsia passenger jet could end within days if no more bodies are found, Reuters reported. The Civilian National Search and Rescue Agency said it would scour the sea for bodies for at least another week. “If we can find one or two more bodies, that means we have the opportunity to prolong the operation,” agency chief Fransiskus Bambang Soelistyo said. The military withdrew from the search on Tuesday, apologizing to the victims’ families for not being able to do more.

Mother of Japanese hostage appeals to PM

Junko Ishido, the mother of a Japanese hostage held by Islamic State militants appealed publicly Wednesday to Japan’s prime minister to save her son. Kenji Goto’s captors had purportedly issued what they said was a final death threat to the journalist. Ishido read to reporters her plea to Shinzo Abe, which she said she sent after both Abe and the main government spokesmen declined to meet with her, AP said. “Please save Kenji’s life,” Ishido said, begging Abe to work with the Jordanian government to try to save Goto. The Islamic State group announced an apparent ultimatum over Goto and Jordanian pilot Lt. Mu’ath al-Kaseasbeh late Tuesday.

​Mexico threatens to sanction Google over data protection

Mexico has initiated proceedings to impose sanctions on Google’s Mexican unit for an alleged breach of the data protection law of the country, the Federal Institute for Information Access and Data Protection (IFAI) said in a statement. The legal proceedings were initiated following a failed Google request from an unidentified person asking the internet giant to erase his personal data from the search engine. IFAI ordered Google to follow up on the request and erase the personal data.

Media agencies

Uttarakhand riding on motorsport to take tourism into top gear

29 01 2015

Dehradun, January 28

Uttarakhand is riding on motorsport to take tourism in the state into top

For the second consecutive year, Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board is
co-organizing the Uttarakhand Adventure Car Rally. With the rally, the
mountain state has brought motorsport firmly back on its tourism calendar.
The Second Uttarakhand Adventure Car Rally will run from February 1 to
February 4.

Uttarakhand relies on tourism as its economic mainstay, and the focus of
the rally is on getting tourists back to its green vales after the
devastating floods in June 2013. Secretary Tourism Mr Uma Kant Panwar said
motorsport is a valuable addition to Uttarakhand’s adventure portfolio,
targeted at mid and high-end tourists.

“The rally, which is organized on international standards, showcases to
the world that the roads in the state are great. The rally will pass by
some of our most loved tourism hotspots like the world-class ski resort at
Auli, and Ramnagar, which flanks the Jim Corbett National Wildflife
Park,” said Mr Panwar.

The Uttarakhand Adventure Car Rally will have 35 teams driving cars and
SUVs, going across about 1,000 kilometers in the state. Each team will
comprise a driver and a navigator.

In order to ensure that there are no traffic disruptions, Uttarakhand
Adventure Car Rally will follow the Time- Speed-Distance (TSD) format. This
is the sober form of motorsport that allows competitors to go slow in
thickly populated areas, and stick to specified speed limits at all times.

The Uttarakhand Adventure Car Rally will touch some of the most beautiful
tourist hotspots of the state. It will begin from Dehradun on February 2
and move via Dev Prayag, Karan Prayag, Rudra Prayag and Nand Prayag to the
ski resort at Auli. With newly-laid out, smooth roads, the picturesque
drive leads to the celebrated snow-tops, a delight for skiers and
sight-seeing. On the way is Shivpuri, which draws huge domestic and foreign
tourism for white water rafting.

On Day Two, the rally will come down from Auli to Ramnagar, which flanks
the Jim Corbett National Wildlife Park, again a tourist hotspot. The rally
will end at Dehradun on Day Three.

Mr Uma Kant Panwar said that the rally marks the resurgence of tourism in
the state. “Uttarakhand has world-class holiday destinations for families
and youth alike. The roads are good again, and we invite all tourists to
enjoy the unique holiday experience here,” he said. Uttarakhand Adventure
Car Rally adds to the state’s adventure tourism calendar, along with
skiing, mountaineering, white water rafting and mesmerizing encounters in
the wildlife parks.

The rally is being organized by Himalayan Motorsport. This is the premier
Shimla-based motorsport club which organizes the Raid De Himalaya, one of
the top-ten toughest rallies of the world. Uttarakhand Adventure Car Rally
is being supported by Maruti Suzuki and JK Tyres.

Mr Vijay Parmar, the president of Himalayan Motorsport, said that after the
internationally popular Himalayan Rally, motorsport has been re-started in
Uttarakhand on a small scale. “Motorsport has great potential to grow in
Uttarakhand, and will showcase its excellent tourism destinations
nationally and internationally. The state has a super network of roads, and
more roads are being constructed in highly picturesque locales,” he said.

The Himalayan Rally, which used to go through Uttarakhand, was last
organized almost 25 years ago.

For more details please call

Rajni Shaleen Chopra, 98156-02917
for Second Uttarakhand Adventure Car Rally
or mail


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