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AAP Office Geeta Colony , Krishna Nagar / 4th February 2015


The AAP KI SHAKTI mega-rally at Krishnagar on 4th February 2015 at 11 am is a celebration of the women of substance, the Aam Aurat – our candidates, leaders, volunteers and supporters, who are an integral part of the AAP movement.


The BJP is hoodwinking the public in presenting a woman leader as their CM candidate. This is an attempt to dupe the people of Delhi. They talk about “women safety” and schemes for the girl child, but in reality their cabinet ministers and chief ministers make comments saying “women should produce 4 children, not wear jeans, not carry mobiles. Some ministers even have cases of rape against them!


We would like to “expose” the true face of the BJP. It is unimaginable to think that the Prime Minister has never condemned such comments. Does that not amount to “silent approval “? You don’t need a 56 inch chest to provide opportunity & security to women. You need real leaders.


It is just not enough for the BJP to para-drop a woman CM candidate to prop-up their campaign when they have not shown any sustained committed to women empowerment.


In AAP women are “equal partners”.  We are bringing more and more women into active mainstream politics.  Every ward, assembly, district Committee across Delhi and India will have at least one “Convenor” as a woman through our Mission Vistaar effort.


Women’s safety is a major concern in Delhi – now unfortunately better known as the Rape capital of the world. On average, 40 cases of crimes against women are registered daily by Delhi police, including at least four cases of rape.


Through the Delhi Dialogue, AAP engaged with women across the city, to understand their fears and to table concrete and practical solutions to ensure women’s safety. These solutions are enshrined in our Manifesto. We will prioritise the implementation of all our commitments once we form Government.


But our vision for Women is broader than just security – we wish to ensure that every woman across Delhi is empowered to realize her potential, to fulfill her dreams and to become a woman of substance. AAP proposes Shakti , Suraksha and Samman is AAP’s promise to the Women of Delhi


AAP is backed by thousands of empowered women. Thus for us the word – ‘’top leadership’’ is clichéd. We don’t believe in hero worship or selective leadership.


Our movement in Delhi and across India is propelled by strong women and they are all HERE in Delhi and will be at Krishna Nagar on the 4th of February 2015 to celebrate the dawn of a new day for women of Delhi.


AAP has fielded empowered women of substance for the Delhi election including; Bandana Kumari from Shalimar Bagh, Rakhi Birla from Mangolpuri, Sarita Singh from Rohtash Nagar, Alka Lamba from Chandini Chowk, Pramila Tokas from R.K.Puram and Bhavana Gaur from Palam.


Our Delhi campaign is being supported by AAP Women leaders from across the country; to mention just a few:


Kanchan Chaudhary Bhattacharya:  First woman Director General of Police in India and the second woman IPS officer in the country. She fights for women’s rights across the country.  She was the AAP lok sabha candidate from Dehradun.


Anjali Damania:  who took on the might of Nitin Gadkari, Ajit Pawar & Chhagan Bhubal as an anti corruption crusader and withstood severe intimidation to pursue her fight for transparency. She was the AAP lok sabha candidate against Gadkari from Nagpur.


Meera Sanyal: Corporate leader and Banker who left a career as India’s most promising banker and CEO of RBS, entrepreneur and mentor for thousands of women. She was the AAP lok sabha candidate from South Mumbai.


Gul Panang, model, actress and activist and face to hundreds of films and serials. Mentor and role model to millions of young women. She was the AAP lok sabha candidate from Chandigarh.


Shefali Misra a civil servant with the United Nations left her career to take on the might of the Samajwadi party in UP. She leads campaigns against women’s atrocities and recently challenged anomalies in the Badaun twin murders. She was the AAP lok sabha candidate from Sitapur.


Lubna Sarwath a leading well-being economist, eminent academician and thought leader of Muslim women. She was the AAP lok sabha candidate from Hyderabad.


Saraswati Namba an educationalist cum social worker and passionate defender of farm and tribal rights. She was the AAP lok sabha candidate from Bolangir.


We are also proud to have the support of women of substance such as Entrepreneur Preeti Sharma Menon who runs a women’s taxi service, Doctors Dr Mala Sibal leading fetal medicine specialist and gynecologist from Bangalore, Prathima Radhakrishan India’s first fetal surgeon, teacher and eminent doctor from Bangalore. Archana Agnihotri, software engineer specializing in financial services industry, Krishna Guha entrepreneur and Industrist from Sambhalpur and Madhur Panjwani corporate lawyer from Delhi.


These are just a few of thousands of AAP’s women of substance – the AAM AURAT who hold up the sky. We celebrate AAP Shakti and the women and girls of Delhi at the mega-rally on the 4th of February at 11 am at Krishna Nagar.  JAI HIND !!

(Pls find attached Hindi Press Release also)


AAP Media Cell

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