Delhi Entitled to 2 MCM Yamuna Waters Everyday

Delhi Entitled to 2 MCM Yamuna Waters Everyday Not Khattar’s Gift

February11, 2015 (C) Ravinder Singh

When there is Huge Amount of Water going waste to sea every year there is WATER CRISIS in Upper Yamuna Basin states particularly Haryana & Delhi.

Clearly Haryana [Punjab] was entitled to 9 BCM of water in Yamuna River in 1954 – 2/3rd of 13 BCM in Yamuna River but in absence of Storage Dams couldn’t Optimally Utilize Monsoon Flows and Store Surplus in Dams.

In 1994 agreement Haryana Entitlement due to lesser USAGE was cut down to 5.73 BCM, well over 3.3 BCM Less Allocation of Yamuna Water. Hathnikund Barrage to Partially Augment Supplies to Haryana was built in 2000. 

Haryana Got 9 BCM Water 1954, 5.730 BCM in 1994 Use 4 BCM

Haryana Was Entitled to 9 BCM of Yamuna Waters in 1954, 5.730 BCM as per 1994 agreement, but actual withdrawal is not even 4 BCM in absence of Renuka, Kishau, Lakhwar and Vyasi and many more Storage Dams to be built on Yamuna.

 [When the supplies are in excess of 10900 cusecs the Punjab & U.P. to

utilise the excess over 10900 cusecs in the ratio of 2:1. Haryana Share in 10900 cusecs is 6780 cusecs.

1. Whereas the 75% dependable notional virgin flow in the Yamuna river upto Okhla has been assessed as 11.70 Billion Cubic Metres (BCM) and the mean year availability has been assessed as 13.00 BCM. —-

Provided also that in a year when the availability is less than the assessed quantity, first the drinking water allocation of Delhi will be met and the balance will be distributed amongst Haryana, U.P., Rajasthan and H.P. in Proportion to their allocations.]

2. Raw water is being made available to Delhi from Ganga River (240 MGD), Yamuna River (310 MGD), Bhakhra Beas Management Board (140 MGD). About 115 MGD of ground water is being explored through Ranney Wells and Tube Wells of Delhi Jal Board.

Delhi is entitled to 0.724 BCM of Yamuna Water – which is 2 BCM per day or 125 liters per capita – Unallocated water is around 1.3 BCM – So availability could be well over 250 liters per capita considering Delhi Draws 1.5 BCM of water and Discharges 776 BCM Treated Sewage Water in to Yamuna – Net Use 0.724 BCM.

‘Haryana alone can’t fulfil city’s water need’

IANS February09, 2015

Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Sunday said his water-deficit state alone should not be banked upon for meeting the water needs of Delhi.

“Other states too should also come forward and pitch in with their contribution in this regard,” he said at a meeting of the governing council of Niti Aayog on Sunday. “Waters of the interstate rivers should be declared national property and we should aim to achieve the national goals by putting aside interstate disputes.” Delhi has been seeking more water from Haryana for the last few years.

Storage Dams in Yamuna Basin Ought to Be Built FAST No Water Shortage. States To Utilize Their Own Potential Than Demanding Water of Other Rivers.


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