cid:image004.jpg@01D04482.4A959A60Gurgaon Centre cordially invites you to join us on the occasion of the celebration of its 5thAnniversary.




Friday, 13th February 2015, 7 pm onwards


MILLENNIUM DREAMSA Photo Exhibition in collaboration with India Photo Archive Foundation


A collaborative photography project under the aegis of Neel Dongre Awards/Grants for Excellence in Photography (2013) curated by Aditya Arya, leading practitioner, historian and archivist. The Foundation presents eleven photographers portraying different interpretations of Gurgaon through distinctive artistic styles.

Excerpt – Concept note

“Like a chrysalis, Gurgaon, the Millenium city is both phenomenon and enigma, and its continuing dilemmas and complexities are explored in this exhibition. Eleven photographers, who vary in age and outlook, bring different, sometimes irreverent, perspectives to their images. Don’t look for prettily constructed narratives here; these interpretations silently pose uncomfortable questions about identity and development or unwrap layers where “everything conceals something else” (quote – Calvino). But throughout the exhibition you are aware of the power of the image to evoke response, almost forcing the viewer into the frame as a participant and not just an observer.”

Participating artists :

Vaibhav Bhardwaj       Chandan Gomes               Vicky Roy             Arvind Hoon      Natisha Mallick         Ajay

Monica Tiwari                Saumya Khandelwal         Manoj Bharti Gupta     Aparna Mohindra        Vinit Gupta                    


Preview / Vernissage: Friday, 13 February, 2015


Venue: S-24/8 DLF phase III, Gurgaon, Alliance française de Delhi, Gurgaon Centre Gallery.

The Show will be on view: 14 February – 6 March 2015


Saturday, 14th February 2015, 8:30 pm- 10 pm

French Jazz and Funk by Vasundhara VEE and her quintet in Collaboration with DLF Cyber Hub


Saturday, 14th February 2015


 Public Art – Photography Exhibition

in collaboration with India Photo Archive Foundation, DLF Cyber Hub, and Rapid Metro     

14 February – 6 March, 2015 at

DLF CyberHub

Rapid Metro: Phase 3 Cyber City stations and IndusInd Bank


The exhibition aims to showcase the Changing relations between the Public and “a City in the making” with its challenges, but also its pleasures, through a photographic exhibition. 

The DLF CyberHub and some of the Rapid metro stations of this millennium city will display for the next few weeks, Interpretations and portrayals of an ever evolving city by French and Indian artists, forcing City’s Dweller, Maker and the User – “the co-conspirators” not only to look but also to reflect.

The photographic exhibits include

·       a selection of works from “Millenium Dreams”  A collaborative photography project by 11 young Indian photographers under the aegis of Neel Dongre Awards/Grants for Excellence in Photography (2013), by India Photo Archive Foundation (Curated by Aditya Arya, leading practitioner, Historian and Archivist)


·       And works of two French photographers recording their stories of an evolving city. If one is looking at the social and “aspirational” story of women Boxers of Gurgaon the other is capturing the “Man on the Run” of evolving cities of the world – case in study Berlin/ Gurgaon


Please find attached invite for the same.


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