Police Take No Action

Edit Published February 12, 2015 by sagarmedia

Police Take No Action on an Advertisement for –
Athena Ashton’s topical new play – The Missionary Position

There clearly seems to be an all out war on Indian Christians and the State is duty bound to protect this micro-minority from extermination. You need to forward this email to the Mumbai Police Commissioner and Chief Minister at: chiefminister@maharashtra.gov.incp.mumbai@mahapolice.gov.in, csfpost@gmail.com for action.

Register an FIR, Investigate and stop the above play / movie – Hurting Religious Sentiments

The CSF immediately took strong exception to the announcement of a reported play / movie called “The Missionary Position” as per an advertisement released in the media (Bombay Times of India, 31 December 2014) coming soon to theatres in Indian metros. According to the CSF the same is highly objectionable and hurts our religious sentiments. The title itself is commonly understood as the sexual act with the man-on-top and is used as a pun here to refer to Christian missionaries.

A complaint was sent to the police commissioner immediately, but we are yet Who is responsible for the following which was mentioned in the advertisement:

1. The cast includes Christopher Pemberton as Father Joseph, Caroline Egerton as the ravished nun Sister Abigail, Shyamala Shankaran as the murdered nun Abhaya and accompanied by a large British, Indian and African cast.

2. Objectionable “rave international reviews” quoted include:

A) A powerful expose of the cancer of Christian missionaries and their conversion and sexual predatory activities that has decimated most African and Latin American cultures and is now threatening the Chinese state, after contaminating India – Theatre Review

B) The playwright Athena Ashton who has investigated the phenomenon of fake Christian conversions has written a play with huge political and cultural implications for several indigenous cultures that are now vanishing under the onslaught of a religion (Christianity) now almost defunct in Europe – Buddhist World

C) A tragic exploration of the Missionary’s position in the third world and of the financial muscle of a highly questionable and historically dubious faith (Christianity), still at the root of post-colonial exploitation of natural resources and cultural destruction of ancient civilizations – London Stage

In view of the above, and the fact that the advertisement contains no contact information, we were compelled to approach the police, but are yet to hear from them. Action must be taken against those responsible for putting out such hate material, which hurt the religious sentiments of Christians and all secular minded citizens.

Your brother in Christ,
Joseph Dias
General Secretary, The CSF +91 9769555657
CC: Hon’ble Shri Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra

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