The demand for transparency for all Political donations

Edit Published February 13, 2015 by sagarmedia

Dear friends across India,

We have a rare opportunity to turn off the tap of black money corrupting Indian democracy. Reeling from the massive defeat in Delhi, the government knows it has to respond to demands for transparency. Let’s push them to make it mandatory for all political parties to publicly record every single donation they receive. Sign now:


Delhi has just given a smashing victory to an anti-corruption party opening up a rare opportunity to turn off the tap of dirty money corrupting Indian democracy. Let’s use the moment to make it happen!

Nearly 75% of all major political parties’ income is from undeclared sources — a major funnel for black money. These parties claim most of their donations are under 20,000 rupees which doesn’t require them to maintain any records.

That’s no longer good enough.

The BJP government, still shaken by the Delhi election rout, recognises that the voters’ mood has changed and transparency is non-negotiable. Let’s push for all contributions big or small to be publicly reported by ALL parties.

This could be a game changer for Indian democracy. When we reach 500,000 signatures, we’ll work with Indian citizen volunteers to deliver the call to the government and heads of all parties. Act now and tell everyone to join:

Political parties exploit a legal loophole that requires them to only disclose contributions over 20,000 rupees, but any amount can be broken down to Rs. 19,999 chunks — which then disappear into their coffers — untaxed, unaccounted. Enormous sums are vanishing this way — the last parliamentary and state assembly elections cost over 30,000 crore rupees — making it the second-most expensive in world history!

Income tax authorities want to investigate AAP, Congress and 50 other entities for allegedly taking money from “dubious” sources.  AAP lists all its donations on its website but irrational act andnovice game in one of the transactio put them in spot.  Between 2004-2011 the Congress had a staggering 1,950 crores from unknown sources and the BJP over 950 crores! None is investigating the BJP.

Major parties do not want their skeletons tumbling out — but they’re feeling the heat after the Delhi elections. This is why we must act now. Let’s make black money in Indian politics an issue no party can run away from and demand transparency for all donations are recorded and available publicly.

Sign and share this widely:

Our community has challenged government and corporate corruption across the world — from fraud in the banking sector in the UK to pushing for greater transparency in legislation in Brazil. Election financing lies at the core of corruption in all major democracies like India, UK, US and elsewhere. People-power can change that.

With hope and determination,
Ricken, Luis, Emma, Alex, Risalat and the entire Avaaz team

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